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  1. Ok, So I had this crash on startup on the test cluster but I couldn't find the forum at the time and my drivers were out of date so I thought nothing of it. WAR-2975492 This crash is on live. My drivers are up to date. The only thing that could be considered unusual is they are the Standard version and not the DCH version. PM me if you need more data. 457.30-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql
  2. It should never have been in the faction path, like Vallis. If there was a side seep from the other activities, it would be fine. Fact of the matter is Grandma will continue to punish you for ignoring it and if I could ignore it completely, I'd be willing to make that sacrifice because I dislike conservation that much. However, You cannot ignore it because of the rank up requirements. That was a mistake. (I'm overlooking the MR from the pets for sake of argument focus, but I'm not happy about that either.) I advocate for REMOVAL of son tokens from grandma (make them worth 750) and REM
  3. I should have made this post around Tennocon time. Better late than never I suppose. For months, my dojo has been having this issue that when I would invite someone to trade they might load into the drydock or the Railjack itself instead of downstairs next to the trading hub where the default spawn is set. Never happens to me personally. It's kinda annoying because most people don’t know I can’t trade them there and I can’t tell when they have loaded because it's not in minimap range. Then they say it: “How do I get off the RJ?” They don’t know. This cuts me. It has dawned
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