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  1. Fascinating. The heat changes and ground health/ground damage normalization are all good progress. RJ should be about space, not about equipping meta that is overkill for the rest of the game to simply survive the super space marines. Halving health and armor of all fliers seem like a short term solution to the problem of how RJ weapons scale and do damage. RJ damage doesn't really ramp in the way a modded weapon will and that is going to plague RJ enemy design when we get into ludicrous scaling and RJ endless missions, unless you plan for it. Maybe the heat, and avionics changes will help balance that out. We won't really know until people start playing hard RJ missions that are not Murex5. (I cannot wait for more/better integrated RJ missions.) I am concerned that having fewer breaches/fries is going to effect RJ durability, especially with the changes to boost cost. A piloted RJ in the current game should simply not die because of its ability to dodge and run away from everything. I think that boost nerf is overkill because of the cost increase. Remember this is WF and fast is fun. Boost should be 50% now so top speed is not changed, unless you want to nerf bat it. Curiously absent is changing Boost Drift to Launch in the direction it started and not just forward. It always has to lurch forward uncontrollably and there is no way to cancel it, even when its drifting in reverse. New Intrinsic? Wait. Stop. Slow down. The Avionics system is perhaps the best part of RJ and this is a proposal for gutting it. The selection of different Avionics to get 50, 70, 100% of the best available effect for 20% 50% 100% of the cost of the best available effect was interesting. The decision making along the efficiency curve was fun as it allows the tuning of the vehicle to preference. "do I need a full Polar Coil or should I transfer some of that power to speed?" Did it need to be better communicated? Yes Did it cause a lot of salt because of acquisition rates of the variants? Yes. Did it need to have all the higher cost for lower performance Avionics removed/rebalenced? Yes. Those existed in the weapon mods for years! Did it need to be redone to be just like mods? I don't think so but your show. What really bothers me is losing what the lower cost Avionics enabled in terms of performance. Will my ship stats tank because the rank 0 versions of the new avionics are more expensive/less powerful then the Rank 1/1 versions of the current avionics? (necessitating a re-balance of stats when the ship is inevitably rebuilt?) Load-out slots? TL:DR; Yay, no more super space marines and better turret experience New boost fuel economy, but not sure about overall speed nerf thou. Tuning Avionics by their make was fun. Sad to see it go. Am worried what the new generic base costs are going to be since partially ranking Avionics is going to be the new normal.
  2. Why doesn't Scarlet Spear Ground Assault drop Neo or Axi relics? Murex Raid drops lith meso and neo. I'll bet changing that would influence the mission disparity slightly.
  3. This pattern of only finding “problems” when an aspect of the game is under stress and scrutiny is distressing. How many things will Scarlet Spear nerf before it costs more players than it sated in the long run? While I'm happy to see more abilities being allowed to affect inanimate mission critical stationary objects, supposedly pacifying the diversity argument, the limits keep these abilities as impractical options because of what they are competing with. I echo and support the POV that the Varazan nerf will do little more than reinforce the Meta of defensive abilities preventing all damage to POIs. Actually, only two tools actually lost power in this post, and that was Splinter Storm and Varazan. Varazan is not a WF power so its inclusion in this list is insensitive to its independence from other loadout choices. Indeed I think our time would be better spent making focus schools more interesting to vary in regular gameplay but that's another thread. Varazan is still absurdly powerful with Void Aegis and its ability to crash heal npcs and PC allies. The real discussion we need to have here is what are acceptable grounds for failure. “FAILURE!” -Vey Hek This is a game of PVE grind and failure causes players to reevaluate their choices, all of their choices, including ones that break the loop. In Scarlet Spear, failure has a very real cost in terms of scarlet credits, disproportionately so. Therefore I am only allowed to, by incentive, play frost and limbo. Not doing so disrespects my perceived entitlement, my time, and the time of anyone in my squad who might care about the mission outcome and difficulty. Yes, I care about their experience a non zero amount. Let me be clear: the only thing this change does is force me to say out of my frame to hold the dome up while a Def Obj is receiving 100 hp/s. This does not sound fun, but it is better than failing or being forced onto a meta defense solution. I don’t feel this is a good design but I’m about to make the argument for it. I believe WF is a game of tool selection so the player can play the content either the way they want or at the difficulty they want. There must always be tools that trivialize aspects of the game or it simply won’t be fun. The more tools that do this in more unique ways, the better in my opinion, but this may not be true for other players who don’t have such an absolute perspective on the matter. I do not believe this is that hard for everyone to appreciate because the mission Sortie: MD Rad hazard or Rad enhancement shows you must adapt or fail. “Fire discipline” is not practical because our companions are so powerful now, they can drop the console before you can get a 4-letter word out. Either the squad university takes steps to avoid LOS with the objective, disable their companions, or the encounter is “trivialized” by using abilities which make tenno IMMUNE to status or make the Obj UNABLE to take damage. And in any high level or endurance run, these are the only options and DE sees fit to remove the one that is not attached to a frame. Probably deserves it, but there aren't enough frames/solutions to replace it. Disclaimer: I use Varazan on only my primary load out for this reason. We also need to take the time to evaluate how these changes interact with the various game modes and I’m not confident DE has done that because of the lack of commentary. Scarlet Spear: no in mission healing ever, period. It's part of the design right? MD: Doesn’t need healing because the Obj health resets several times mid mission. See Radiation exception. Def: Def heals itself if well defended. These changes have little effect and defense is not actually a game mode of defense, but of speed exterminating to keep hostiles off the Obj and to get though the waves at a par rate. I don’t like defense. Defection: Healing bypasses some of the difficulty in this game mode but because NPC derpiness is the true challenge, this is fine. Excavation: Even with the health buff, excavators need direct support because of their exposed position on map and incentive to go to high level. This is probably the mode most directly affected by these changes. Hijack: this game mode is the most trivialized by healing. But with lack of an endless mode, there was never difficulty here to begin with. Rescue, VIP Defense: Do these changes reflect interactions with NPC allies in any way? Arbitration: I don't play enough arb to comment but I know this hurts them. Feedback: These trivial sustaining heal numbers are trivial. It's nice these abilities have gained utility but to be realistic, they are either unnecessary or insufficient. With the exception of Renew and Vitality Mote (because those scale with frame power str and don’t need to be refreshed), these new interactions are not interesting especially compared with current tools and provide a thin security blanket to be shattered by the first high threat target the tenno fails to instantly dispatch. While appreciated, they must all scale somehow including scaling down! 100hp/s is too much for low level missions. 1-2% hp/s or something. 50% damage reduction is difficult to detect on the player during game play. How much less so on a detached def target which is immobile. Doubling remaining health is nice but will not influence my decision making when meta defence options are available. Let's do 75%. Varazan should have lost its ability to heal Def Obj. It was kind of silly! Varazan should have only retained its very temporary invulnerability. This keeps the ability unique while retaining the consequence of a damaged Def target because it cannot heal on its own or quickly. Maybe even make it stasis the Obj health so it cannot be healed until the invulnerability ends. That would be interesting. It’s much more fun as an “oh sh!t” button since its current state as a cure all is broken. Overall these are good changes because it adds more utility where there was none before for an arbitrary reason: Trinity was OP in the very distant past. More consideration and baking is needed.
  4. Too cheap. I just finished my collection.... I like playing the event though. Guess I'm going to sell off the extras to buy forma? (Could you put forma on the store?) So if I use it once per murex, it still holds for 45 seconds? I'm wondering where this DR is applied. They could become immune in seconds at the edge of a Cata. Edit: still too easy.
  5. This is fine. It was pretty clear the intention with the OP link game play: some other endurance factor independent of player power and stubbornness. BUT; if DE makes changes to "abilities that heal Defense Targets" that punish me for not playing frost and limbo every game that feature them, I'm going to be disappointed. Events are ok.
  6. Would you consider allowing the Impact caused parazon finisher without the required health threshold? I always appreciated impact but have never seen my parazon as a weapon because its damage potential is overshadowed by simply forgetting its there and hitting the target again. I'm not itching to use the "on kill" mods either. My argument is I think impact will need something more than a stagger lock to keep up with the other elements. I thought Lockdown was broken on release and the fact its been left in the game in the state until now is the real problem. Yea, I use it before I lose it. Don't remove the damage since only two mines can go off at a time anyway. OR am I going to find out that maybe on-command-%max health damage shouldn't be in anyone's tool kit? Cause it shouldn't, but it has been. Make it current health damage or something, although that is not going to silence the soloists who would assume they would always have the years old tool. Never mind. Maybe fix the event instead of changing the tool? My current opinion of daggers is that they are all bad, having no purpose without covert lethality since they are outclassed by other, heavier, weapons. Rakta Dark Dagger similarly had no purpose, and I built one for Ash before Melee 3. No, I don't think it should be cheesing the shield gate mechanic. No, You should not nerf it without throwing it a bone. Lets talk about Brief Respite. Balancing Scarlet Spear seems to be quite the preoccupation in the studio. Do you want to talk about it?
  7. And when Banshee is nerfed because her damage potential is out of control, no longer constrained by her fragility, I will remember this post. -A concerned Banshee main. Honestly though, she has been in this state since the melee rework. Hitting a sonar with melee is almost always lethal. Lichs are simply not a threat without a defense against sonar. Lichs losing their ability to one-hit-kill players, giving the Tenno time to eject, was a bigger change than we give it credit for, I feel. With the loss of Covert Lethality, she is the only one with that level of damage available and is being recognized for it. I wonder what "toughness" lichs will get in the next update: will it be health, damage gating, or nullification? I used to not like the Kohm, partially because I'm not as mobile as I should be, but mainly it's because the first shot in the spin up was not lethal. It simply wouldn't kill fast enough unspun and needed an ammo crutch to boot. With shield gating: there is time. With extremely high natural status, there is second order damage. With Banshee, there is 3rd order damage. I will still argue against changes to Sonar itself because I believe this is the kind of power the game should contain. You have to interact with the enemies for this ability to do anything, it just does an extreme amount of damage.
  8. Good job so far. With Viral and magnetic being powerful second order damage amps, while linear and capped, I think a blanket pass needs to be done on the weapons with particular weight attributed to status rate. I feel slow firing weapons will have a lot of trouble competing with high multi-shot/status/firerate weapons equipped with viral if they don't have some other crutch, like sniper combo multiplier. They already have issues with force projection, this just makes it worse when encountering hard targets. Viral could be toned down or slow weapons could be buffed. A lot of people have noticed the game got generally easier, but I don't think its that simple. Players using "coping" mechanics such as CP stacking have always been able to deal effective damage. At the level 300 range, tools still exist to dispatch these enemies, they are just different and not as absolute, offering those players a steady challenge, at least on paper. I won't speak for those players but I will speak for RJ marines. RJ infantry remain so durable that it is jarring when weapons that work fine in the rest of the game are completely ineffective in RJ. My problem is the difference is too great, not that there is a difference. I vote RJ enemies be only 50-75% tougher then their regular versions at most and that enemy health elsewhere in the game gets selective increases. Meet in the middle as it were: its simply not worth killing them atm. I realize these comments perpetuate numbers creep but everything unsettled right now and DE could bring numbers down to cause the same relative effects. I need to play with it more but this is what I think is needed to get stuff relatively in range of each other again.
  9. No one is ever careful what they wish for. This means weapons that inherently scatter their projectiles will still not do good damage outside of point blank ranges, which is now an option, ironically. I have never been a fan of harsh fall offs because its disappointing when the wrong number of digits appear in the combat text. I've always kept away from shotguns because of the cubic fall off, regardless of what people think the Kohm does. But the balance team will do what the balance team will does and I'll just pick load outs that work, healthy or not. Does radiation still cause the confusion effect? Arcanes should all be deranked so they can be mixed and matched freely. I don't know if thats been mentioned anywhere. Why do I believe Liches ruined everything? Forcing addressing of status, explosives, armor, progression, WF ehp. Oh well, cost of progress. (Keep up the good work DE but in the future, can we be more focused?)
  10. Thank you for having Dev stream 137. The following quote made my day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8LopxYNO0o&feature=youtu.be&t=3000 Humm Valence fusion on RJ RNG... stat progression with a reasonable expectation of progress! Now all we need is a way to buy wreckage slots. Thanks for adding progression depth to your game. I'll let you get back to it.
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