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  1. Thank you. This is why we stay and play. A lot of good QOL in this patch. I must blunt a earlier criticism I made about the power of the Artillery. It’s still weak but because of how overbearingly powerful plasma status is, it’s usable. That’s what happens when cryos are nerfed into the curve. We try new things. I think there is still room for adjustment because any weapon without plasma status ends up not meeting expectations. If it becomes indispensable, it becomes a problem.
  2. And yet this nerf to powers went in without any adjustment to the main gun. It is now unsatisfying, underpowered and ineffective. We need a way to destroy crew ships without boarding them. They are boring and risky due to bugs. Continue to “iterate” on this. Repair drones I do not agree with this argument. The entire experience is ramming through missions as fast as possible to roll Vidar reactors and engines. It’s not a fun experience and it is unaffected by repair drones.
  3. I have noticed this as a client whenever the pilot host gets off the helm. They are not sure why but I'm relatively sure it has something to do with the pilot recently or consistently "drifting" and then dropping the helm.
  4. No. They gave themselves 6 days and a devstream to react to the issues and its the current state I intend to give feedback on so it may improve in 2020.
  5. I delayed trying to post this to give DE time to fix what was basically an alpha release. At least I don’t fear crashing out of missions with no way to rejoin the squad now. This was over a week of here and there writing, and while I’m no longer livid enough to rewrite some of this if I had to do it over: It remains needed to be said, especially in lieu of the lich release. I hope it doesn’t get lost in the dumpster of Holiday break feedback/mail. TL;DR It's fun, foundational, the avionics system is good, and the damage system is good but the enemies we are fighting ruin it. Archwing meshes poorly, resulting it only one kit being viable, again because of what we are fighting. The forge is awkward and the economy is already shot. MK I and MK II gear are a waste of space. Avionics capacity rolling between 10 and 100 is no fun and doesn’t register as a choice. Managing wreckage capacity with no tools or UI is no fun. There is way too much RNG. Both in acquisition of avionics and equipment stat rolls. The release was rushed, AGAIN. Lets exposition dump: The good: The avionics system is a deep and refreshing take on the mod system we currently have. This a way to do variable stats correctly. Fixed values and meaningful trade offs so the better one isn’t always better. I can’t ask anything more of it. More of this please. Sometimes the UI confusing and occasionally bugged stats. The only real problem is avionics capacity, specifically how it’s “earned.” It’s fun. At least it is when its not crashing, deleting rewards, not sharing XP, or hitching. Other then that its fun, until Skirmish gets boring. As contrived as the skybox replacement system is, its working. I wish enemies were actually bouncing off my windscreen rather than being repelled by the invisible avatar of the ship. Looking forward to ramming speed, assuming it even does damage when I get it. You guys should honestly consider pipelining in some event missions to help with these… learches of a release schedule. Damage 3.0 Congratulations! A damage system has been implemented that has finally gotten me to build status. It only took enemies with the armor value of gods, but it's something. I’m sure it will fall into the same ruts we have in damage 2.0, if it hasn’t already. I’m not sure if this belongs in the good category now. Foundational: Gameplay wise, this is probably the only real update to the dynamic level gameplay in Warframe since Sanctuary Onslaught, if you can count that. Technically, a lot of work went into streaming and large tiles (open world) but the gameplay in the procedural levels never really took advantage of it. It will still require creativity on par with Gas City and Second Dream to get full use of this. It’s just a mini-archwing-map with smaller maps loaded elsewhere. I have noticed the base interiors are all very similar so there is room for improvement. I wonder how big DE can make these zones. I for one want to see 8 players on screen again. Having the ground team be 1 person is so boring. Make it happen. Repair Drone: I thought it was fine, provided that the effort skipped was closer to the cost. I actually was playing up until the 21rd thinking that scraping repaired components didn’t refund resources because no resources went into them, destroying the plat for rushing a speculatively rolled part. I was using that as a reason NOT to use repair drones. (Scraping built refunds resources not half a repair drone.) Imagine my surprise when I found out exactly how bad they were as far as the platinum value curve. Merry Christmas I guess. So much for DE’s conservative economy. Since repair drones are only as good as the things they repair, I still think they are fine compared to the rest of the equipment experience. The Bad: Archwing I like Archwing. It just has not been playable. I miss old Grineer interception. I miss Archwing defense. I miss having more than 4 missions. But seriously: if Railjack included an attempt to make specifically Archwing popular/fun again, it was borderline unsuccessful. The weapons shoot particles at the speed of vomit. The enemies swat them from the sky like the naked Manned Maneuvering Units they are! The enemies are so fast, blinking can barely keep them in effective weapons range. At first I thought this was 100% intentional as a way to encourage the use of the Railjack, which is underpowered and time consuming to sustain at the beginning of progression. I’m now of the opinion that it simply wasn’t playtested enough. Archwing is about smashing through enemies with space swords and flying through levels at speeds that are uncontrollable for all but the most skilled tenno. None of that flies or even works in Railjack. The new non-Newtonian inertia-less flight does not respect the old feel and you spend most of your time blinking to a POI or target anyway. Not a priority though and we can probably let it be cause there are larger problems to deal with. The range of the Winged series of avionics needs to be increased so they are attractive. Game design had amnesia The solution to the above is to play Trinity and Equinox and Revinent in space, at the same time: Play Amesha. King of JV, this archwing has the perfect skillset to deal with the situation: Self sustaining energy, invulnerability charges, anti projectile bubbles, and a slow field so powerful, it's laughable. I originally didn’t want to spend time on this but since the real threat of impending changes cast from the dev stream, I will offer these suggestions. Amesha is necessary to effectively participate in combat outside of the Railjack because it has the following tools. Only address/nerf one at a time, please. Practically invulnerable: The only way to change this is to add threats that burn off charges (beams?) or rework the ability to not be full and complete damage ignore. Damage avoidance in the Archwing gamemode is also in need of attention. AOE slow: Archguns have little effective range against fighter enemies in railjack requiring the player to close with an extremely fast enemy in order to inflict damage. The enemies probably don’t need to slow down across the board but the Archguns could stand to be easier to hit with. At the same time, making fighters ignore the aura might as well disable it in RailJack missions. Now that we are over the hump with RJ weapons, this only affects people who enjoy “being outside.” Give them something else to play with if this is removed. Energy: Amesha can generate energy with Vengeful Rush and is therefore the only archwing with a sustainable playstyle notwithstanding its other advantages. I would not add energy to enemies as it aesthetically looks silly to have blue balls in space. I would add an Avionic to top off all archwing energy. Make sure it hits wings that are “stowed” or lingers long enough for the person triggering the ability to benefit should they go outside. There could also be avionics or interactables that provide energy within “the belt”, within the ship, or near the ship. Middle tier gear exists. Before the end of mission reward changes (which don’t include asterite?), I couldn’t afford equipment for the Proxima I was in. It was also unnecessary to invest in it. Before, the MKIII sigma research finished in our dojo, I ran an anomaly with my RJ with just upgraded guns I got the first mission in the Veil and base level models. Only “breached” once. All you need is a pilot and someone to kill crew ships and the RailJack is fine. Had the release been paced so we couldn’t grind to the Veil on the first day, non endgame parts had tiny price tags, or MK III parts had a MK II as a crafting requirement, then this would not be an issue. But with resource income being quadrupled in recent hotfixes, not only has the cost to build these become more trivial, but the reason to build them has also sorta fallen by the wayside. Now all I do is accuse them of taking up my precious slots because they don’t auto melt for the crime of being low tier while I unwittingly pick them up while grinding avionics I don’t have. The Forge The UI should come up before the animation. I hate waiting on it and moving between consoles. The forge could stand to have all 4 consoles available from one UI. Maybe lock it behind an intrinsic. If resources weren’t a joke now (end of mission reward buffs), I’d also ask for increased forge capacity. Avionics The system is great but the active abilities are too hard to get and too hit and miss in terms of power for something you have to craft energy for. The drop rates still need to have a once over because some are set to very rare on NPCs that spawn very rarely. They are then further diluted by house. These things are so rare, they make vaulted parts before prime vault seem common. The Ugly: Reactors Avionics capacity, like mod capacity, is a preeminent statistic that drastically affects the RailJack can do. It is too important and should not ultimately come down to luck or be traded for energy capacity. All of the other randomized Statistics in Railjack are nice to have but ultimately unnecessary. +50 avionics capacity is barely enough for a partial build with with abilities. I’m not opposed to having limits in the system so captains have to choose between avionics to make it fit, but I am opposed to the avionics capacity being RNG dependent variable with something as innocuous as flux capacity. I only just my first Vidar III reactor today after nearly 2 weeks of grinding. Because it happens to be over +70, I don’t see myself taking another brand, especially Zetki. Avionics Capacity should be on a separate component. This component should be upgradable to the maximum value possible without relying on mission drops or RNG. See Elite Dangerous Engineering system or let us mix and match specific rolls on separate gear. “It drops or it doesn’t” is boring and discouraging. I have Drac I can’t spend. Maybe use that. I don’t want to see everything fixed exclusively through trading. I want a reasonable expectation of kitting out my ship. Everything in railjack drops too rarely to provide that expectation and there are no loot frames to mitigate it, not that (good) reactors drop from mobs anyway, which is why I argue avionics capacity should be standardized. Wreckage capacity limit of 30 reached. So DE releases a loot system, which is unnecessarily random, not mitigated by pacing limits, and not well compressed enough so that it requires a maximum inventory and there is no UI for it. There is no way to increase it or manage it from the RailJack or Orbiter. The loot has secondary “arcane” like affects that I may want to collect play with later and DE is telling me I have to carefully manage my inventory less my precious new roles get automatically melted? This is not ok! My idea to resolve this is simply not include randomized statistics requiring limited inventory in the first release of a new system. Do it as a follow up. That way there is time to get the stat ranges right, the acquisition balance right, any secondary systems such as rerolling implemented, and finish basic UI. We need distilling systems so we can keep the effects without the (storage) expensive gear if it's going to be an RNG crapshoot. RNGesus The dev stream touched on how the game is trying to balance achievable and completion with renewable reasons to play. Railjack is a step too far and a pace out of tune. It's both too easy and too hard to get stuff. It's like we are done with curves and slopes and fully embracing logarithms. Curves that never reach their final value. It is cruel, it is stupid, and it diminishes what made Warframe so special in the free to play space. Yes, Warframe used to have randomized stats everywhere, but that is not the version that saw us into Sorites and up until Kuva Liches. Warframe is different from the other looter shooters and I like it for that achievability. Fortuna is great, even the parts I don’t like because I know where the finish lines are. It just needs the next content drop. I believe immutable random statistics on gear are a no win scenario. If you need/want good stats, you hate the RNG. If you have them, you’re overpowered and the game is too easy. Implement these sorts of things sparingly and with appropriate limits and infrastructure. Pay attention to the mitigating factors other games use to control variable quality drops: Transmutators, currencies, clamping and yes, trading. Don’t expect players to be excited about or forgive a progression system that isn’t complete. Bug frame There appears to have been no effort or mitigation for dealing with crashes, stuck conditions, or soft locks in railjack missions on release. If the host crashes, they don’t get loot. If the last npc bugs, The mission is uncompletable and no one gets loot. Loot we were all worried about to build overpriced equipment. Simply ensuring a player can reconnect to a mission in progress without losing progress should be an available and trusted tool before a build goes public. /Unstuck needs to be rewritten because it needs to correct corrupted avatar states that occur in Railjack, not just a basic teleport. We needed a command to reload the entire client session without quitting the game because of how broken Railjack can get. Allowing the ship to jump out of the mission and cash out without completing it would have gone an awful long way toward preventing pain of the game crashing or the character state glitching out. If DE is worried about abusive behavior enabled by such flexibility, then maybe they should not be releasing alpha content that would not pass muster at Cloud Imperium Games. I know not to take the game seriously during release week but I’m disadvantaged when loot bugs benefit early adopters, so I feel pressured to put up with it. Consider soft launches or a test environment if we are just alpha testing the console version. Incentivize test servers with a care package on live. At least it’s mostly stable over the holiday and I can get out of most script related cinematic script bugs by using tenno and various recall abilities, but wow, when are we going to rearchitect the P2P so that the “host” is just a separate process on one player’s system (or all of them for conflict resolution) and everyone is a client. DE pays interest on that technical debt every time I see a host vs client bug! I harbor a profound personal disappointment at the constant downward spiral of the quality and experience of the game. Especially on releases. I wish I knew who to blame for pushing these logarithmic reward curves and release deadlines so I didn’t have to blame the hard-working developers at Digital Extremes trying to just keep it from crashing. DE’s own marketing works against them when they do this. The game is too visible and too old to just ignore release quality. It has been for a while. Cut some stuff before its forced out unfinished; pipeline better; do something! I’d feel completely different about this if Liches were not in the game making a mockery of it and themselves. ____________________________ There you have it: My overbaked opinion on RailJack. The good had caveats and the bad inevitably contained venting. I would be satisfied if the only updates we got in 2020 were fleshing out the systems we got in 2019 because they are not done, but we’ll see if the investors and metrics will go for that. I’m burnt out. Let me know if you think I’m off base anywhere in the replies and have a Happy New Year.
  6. The codex probably lists it this way because it does doesn't show independent tables or expresses percentages. The Shedu part is a "common" tier drop in its own table. It drops one evenly weighted part every time, 4% of the time. Just like the intact core drops 100% of the time, 50% of the time. The table you listed is just the mods: which only show up 25% of the time anyway. The common, uncommon, rare labels are left over from an old way to indirectly control likelihood, I think. In UI, They are just labels that color the codex. There is some real math behind them that explain why the uncommon is 30.56 and Ultra Rare is 1.67, but the table does that for us. Its best to ignore the codex color if you want to know the real odds. In any case: the uncommon mods have no common company on the main table, so they drop commonly as represented by the listed derived percentage when the mod table is rolled. Its possible, however unlikely, to get 4 (mod, resource, part, core) things off a Symbolist because its all independent. The Codex looks like its only listing mods and parts.
  7. Im glad this is stable and we have something to have fun with over the holidays. A part of a longer thought I’ve been having is I do not want trading of components. I want the component progression curve to be fun. We need a way to upgrade or improve components without just one dimensional grinding and trading. I don’t want to do that and I don’t want to pay people to do it for me. I want to have some input through gameplay and have any sense of accomplishment when using a +99 reactor rather than just being handed it. In RailJack, every component of the vehicle has random stats. If we start trading components, then we will be firmly and completely over the line of buying power even though DE isn’t selling said power.
  8. Thank you. One less thing on the feedback post.* *assuming it happens before I post it
  9. Railjack mission rewards, QUELLOR, and PENNANT, should be added to this before end of year at the latest. Scripts should be fixed so that "impossible" failures like the carbides swap does not recur.
  10. I preemptively apologize for not being concise but I am trying to be defined and focused. The TLDR is only 10 sentences :). My other mode is laconic and isn’t very clear or constructive :(. This is getting warmer but I’m not sure we are there yet. Tapping down the RNG and any trading system is in the right direction but there is more to do to tackle pain points. The core sentence of this post was incepted before the OP but please take it for what it is. When Liches hit, I was annoyed. It was very bothersome, it affected my post’s focus, and I couldn’t put my finger on why for a while. It's almost as if the design intent was to create a system that completionists would take a very long time to finish so they wouldn’t cap out their mastery and flake. I should know, I am one. I thought rivens would be enough for everyone but they don’t drop often enough and they keep getting the nerfbat so maybe this is supposed to be the bigger carrot. I find something to do every day, content drought or not, so dropping untold hundreds of undetermined hours of work on me was not pleasant. DE will have to speak to that data. Here was the new thing that was bothering me…. Kuva weapon acquisition path is unprecedented in Warframe because it is SERIAL, RANDOM, and UNMITIGATED. Serial meaning the mechanism to get the material reward, the weapon (or ephemera, I’m focusing on weapons) is mutually exclusive. The lich has a specific weapon, and if you don’t like it, you have to acquire it anyway. Sure you can convert it but it is the same amount of effort to clear the stack. Because the next weapon is (now no longer entirely) independent of the previous weapon, the player makes absolutely zero progress on the acquisition of the desired weapon when the undesired weapon is being worked on. This feels terrible. Its sounding like this is being partially addressed by making the weapons more deterministic but 1/12 is only slightly better than 1/13. To truly help this, I hope for some sort of mechanism that allows the player to reroll the weapon on the lich with an amount of effort that is always less than that of fully killing/converting said lich. Example being a third option at the kill screen which destroys their weapon and they go off to craft another one but it does NOT set you back to square one on the requiem puzzle. It sounds like the convert & trade option is the best we are going to get at the moment. Could we bias the weapon class in the same way we bias the element with weapon choice? Random meaning nearly everything about them is random. The weapon itself is random because of the lich creation mechanism but the weapon damage roll means that it could be top tier or, under ordinary circumstances, not worth a potato due to other sidegrade weapons the player has. This limits desirability and is not something warframe weapons or items in general have ever had. Rivens don’t suffer from this because they are highly mitigated. What’s particularly brutal about the system was the lack of mitigation on release. Mitigation of the RNG. Other games will use mathematical tricks like pseudo-randomness but that leads to a lot of frustration if its not tuned perfectly or the player knows it's there. We don’t have that and I’m not advocating for it. (Someone tell me if DE snuck this in.) This game mostly mitigates RNG though trading. By spreading out the number of attempts, any duplicates of the desirable can be made available to anyone that doesn’t have it because of randomly not getting it, in the order of desire or willingness to pay for it. This means that after a time, there will be saturation of that desirable however that can take a long time depending on base chance and other limitations. Accessibility offered is important because there will always be a set in the population that will never get the desirable naturally and we don’t want them to give up before they reach their limit. Trading however does have its downsides of optics of buying power and fuels toxic behavior when rare and powerful items are involved. (Where is riven data stage 2?) It should not be used to solve everything. Mod acquisition RNG is mitigated through game mechanics such as loot buffs and boosters. Artificially scarce (invasion weapons) and Prime parts are mitigated through trading, teamwork and a currency. Rivens are mitigated in an additional way. Not only are they tradeable but they are reforgable through a currency, kuva. By making it currency based (with variable acquisition efficiency(you only get 1 flood/hr)) the effort/reward not only inversely scales with time (which is something every grind system should attempt) but is also entirely communicable and bankable. The player can choose to earn that currency as much or as little as they want, even if they don’t have a plan for it, and then spend it for speculative benefit as much or as little as they want or even trade it to others in the form of rolling traded rivens. The raw amount of freedom this gives the player cannot be understated. It turns what is really a quite time consuming and dubious prospect of improving a riven with a slot machine into a fun experience because of the freedom to grind, trade, or stop and be happy. Not having any mitigating factors in the kuva weapon/kuva lich system on release has made the entire experience extremely bitter. Please do not make this mistake with RailJack. There is so much more I don’t like about the system (lvl40 weapons, highly throttled 1-dimensional murmur grind in lieu of something more engaging, special missions exclusive to lich gameplay that are not all that special). Those issues are an expectation gap and not wanting to be so burdened to complete the available mastery. But combined with the above, this system has made me consider things about the game I have not thought possible in the almost 7000 hours I have played it and I don’t believe its intended. End of main thought. Other suggestions: Building progress on Valence Transfers If DE is feeling particularly generous, update the kuva weapon transfusion system so that the receiving weapon always gets a little stronger, even if the donor weapon is weaker. That way if someone wants to get a top tier roll, they will always make progress on their goals even if they don’t actually get a higher roll. 1 in 13 are really long odds already. Knock down the max value if you need to, but having such a small chance to have a chance to get a better roll and make any progress is discouraging to the point of ignoring the system as a gameplay driver. Slow down, Slayer. We are allowed to roll a new lich and dive into killing it immediately after the last one with no governor outside of the sheer amount of mandated time required to kill a lich. I feel as if murmur could be quicker to get if there was any limit at all to the maximum speed a player could roll liches. Why isn’t there a one a day or five a week limit? Was this not intended to be a slow burn system like Focus? Consider it an option. Multiplayer forces The lich missions do not play right in multiplayer. Ever since the “parazon failure” murmur became unshared, someone else’s lich became completely uninteresting. There is no reason to keep them around because their thrall conversion was limited (nerfed), and I get nothing from participating other than maybe shot. If we had some way to engage with another player’s lich other than shooting it, I wouldn’t be mentioning this. They should award some murmur, less than the amount earned for failing one’s own lich obviously. We get full credit for being around when not-my-thralls are killed, so it should be at least that much when a lich appears. I also think it would be cool if allies could body check, melee combo,or somehow interrupt the lich on parazon attempt failure to save the other warframe. Anything to engage with it progression wise and make these one dimensional missions exciting. If the player wants to play with a preformed squad and the squad doesn’t have liches all on the same node, its disadvantageous to play together. You always want you lich to show up so you can get more murmur and try to see if you guessed anything correctly. Please allow all liches assigned to the squad to spawn even if the lich isn’t technically there. I would not like there to be a cost to playing with friends, however slight. TL;DR: Liches introduced the first mutually exclusive weapon acquisition path and its painful. 1/12 is only .64% more frequent then 1/13. Can we reroll the weapon on the lich with kuva or time? Could the weapon class be biased? The proposed trading will help but why was it not initially in the design? Please do not make the same mistakes of not having RNG mitigation in RailJack. Please. Progressive improvement with every Valence transfer would offer a mediation path to frustration surrounding the unprecedented variability of kuva weapon power. There should be some limit to the number of liches a player may kill per strategic time so murmur or other rates can be buffed without affecting overall content exhaustion rate to the benefit of players with less time to play. Unrealistically resolve issues with kuva liches spawning when the cell membership is not built by matchmaking. Make assisting with another’s kuva lich more interesting and rewarding for the 3rd party.
  11. So I had written down hours of stuff when I found out about this yesterday. But I have managed to compress it to these points as to not get bogged down in weapon balance theory. Update 22.12 outlined how weapons are balanced by tiers reflecting their mastery requirements. Variants of weapons are naturally in different tiers. Many weapons lost their niche in the update but my point here is that the better weapons are supposed to be better because of where they lay in the game’s progression spectrum. Giving them voice in the riven design makes little sense unless there is an ulterior motive…. Weapon quality is an overall outcome of soft stats and hard stats. Rivens selectively add stats. They fight an uphill battle when affecting usage: only adding hard stats, being rare and random, and needing to be slightly overpowered in order to stand out enough to be used. Weapon balance and riven balance are inexorably linked. It only makes sense that they be balanced per weapon on paper. But it only truly applies to the high end players and weapons. However they are treated both as reactive adjustment and as objects of value. This causes wildly different responses from players when they are changed. I don’t know why DE does this to themselves. I do not like this change because it seems like complexity for the sake of complexity. Adjusting rivens at all feels like playing chicken with expectations. It would just be simpler and easier to communicate to buff the underperforming weapons. Dispo reductions could be minimized by formulaically putting a cap on how good weapons can perform and sticking to it in house to minimize the power creep. There is nothing wrong with the change, it just increases the amount of work one must do to pick weapons and DE must do to balance them while ultimately changing nothing but enabling the creation of powerful new primes that can't use by being too week don't need riven mods. In this way it is a good thing but its just a bandage for the problems of over disposed rivens in the first place. It has to be nerfed somewhere to prevent the Gram issue from happening again. This single post is an announcement that all new weapons will have "balanced" dispositions, taking the wind out of the economy. The most significant change to Riven balancing since the quarterly dispo revisions is forgotten from the patch notes. Even justified, someone has got to admit the optics of this are absolutely devastating.
  12. Kuva Feedback 2 The Thematic failure is really beginning to set in for me. If we are going to make them optional, then let's make them impactful. Let them “borrow” everything. No really, ignore the whiners who complain about stuff being taken. Push the lich off the node before running it if it's going to be a problem, or just kill it. People who don’t do this should consider “paying the idiot tax.” Nothing a Lich takes is gone. They are borrowing it with the full intention of giving it back on their defeat. Allow Liches and thralls to show up everywhere. If its a influenced node, then let them show up. Reserve the special mission for pushing the influence back. Why do they have the ability to tax rewards if we are literally kicking them out of the sector? Not that I care: the special missions don’t have the normal reward tables anyway so they might as well take everything because there is nothing I get out of it. it's not like I’m going to get relics out of disruption or do fissures while killing thralls in the current system. Let us mute them before the Grinner retardation rubs off. The Queens know that the only way to truly threaten the tenno is to subvert the starchild, and yet the worm (and the lich dialog) has completely forgotten this truth. Warframes are disposable/replaceable and the liches getting off on brutalizing them is all for a higher purpose but it changes nothing. If I’m supposed to care, give me umbra. The liches need to spawn more often when they are being hunted. It takes so much effort to get them to show up, it feels like they are COWARDS when we are hunting them. Dialog notwithstanding it seems. Your lich should always be able to spawn in a controlled territory mission. Lich hunting is anti friend. Once all 3 requiems are identified every mission without a lich spawn is more of a waste then the farming of murmur’s itself. This can be minimized by selfishly abandoning your friends and hunting your lich in only its territory. I don’t want to do this. Removing Murmur progress from allied lich attempts further complicated this issue. There are more than enough governors on murmur progress.
  13. Lich feedback My initial impression of lich mechanics is disappointment because I don’t feel like there has been a “power inversion.” This is because the player has entirely too much control over the lich’s life cycle. In classic Grineer low-IQ blundering, it is we who farm them. My normal game play day does not go into “Normal Grinner non-sortie non-fissure non-kuva siphon missions” unless it is for nightwave. I have to go out of my way, for multiple missions, to even create them. Even if one is created by accident, you can isolate it to one node where it will be nothing more than an annoying taunt on login. Can we turn them off? Fluff wise, I wonder why the Grineer couldn’t just create immortals on their own without needing us to kill it the first time, or perhaps that's what thralls are. That they are dependent on our action to exist and grow (our actions being an interesting discussion in the context of the void) really undercuts the threat they should pose. I thought it was going to feel different. Gameplay wise, I’ve killed one and I’m already over it. Everyone loves kill animations but needing to go through over 50 of them, with the same weapon, per lich? The system to create them requires milking missions I have no other purpose to do. To make matters worse, even though you can farm thralls in a friend’s mission, if you aren't trying to drive up your Lich’s annoyance, you are wasting time and feel punished for playing with your friends unless they happen to be operating in the same place. I thought the thralls were going to be mini bosses that actually would require some attention to get the info out of. Instead, they require you to divert attention from the fact you’ll have to kill them 50thralls x 3murmors x 13liches = 1950 times. Although for most people, you’ll need to go through over 20 liches so it adds up fast. The vanilla starmap is just being used as a backdrop for a mob grind. I don’t like this because it is not only encouraging speedrunning, but also because we can’t even do endless versions of these nodes. Timed “alert mode” endless missions do not count. Heck, I want to have thralls and liches in my endless void fissures. Make them a credible threat. (I know there are likely some technical limitations here, but I have to make the suggestion.) The system to prepare to kill them (Requiem mod farm) requires resources I normally saved for Baro. The system to find out how to kill them requires grinding missions I have no other purpose to do. I already dislike grinding single purpose missions, now there is a map of them. It wasn’t enough to have 3 layers of RNG in lich destruction, DE had another one in lich creation with variable weapon statistics. I’m disappointed by this because it wasn’t enough to have the weapon be random, the weapon’s quality needed to be random. How many different permutations did we really need here? I suppose I should be thankful element isn’t random. Does DE really need this much time to finish railjack? What is the reasoning behind level 40 Kuva weapons? [Spoiler Sword] is special because of how it is acquired, crafted and has a unique passive. Kuva weapons were created by/for a special edition clone infused with kuva so it could survive a near death experience with a tenno. What is the rationale here? Prime weapons aren't even that special. Do we need to get umbra weapons now? I mean, I get it: DE must be pissed that a lot the weapons they release are put on a benchmark, found wanting and never absorb any forma. But, we went from 1 of these weapons to 14. It deserved better. I’m not mad, I’m disappointed. Fortuna was so well tuned with the amount of grind needed. I bought things I wouldn’t normally buy because I was happy with the way things were going. For this to require so much uncompelling grind while having open ended results is frustrating. Warframe was distinguishing itself just fine without randomized stats on randomized weapons. The game was completable. Having that mechanic on Rivens was safe. The fact they could not be chain farmed kept them special. The ability to trade them kept them accessible. The ability to roll them kept them relevant. The kuva weapon generation only fills me with discouragement, something I thought the game could never do. If you didn’t want us to blow through all the liches in two weeks, put a cool down on their creation, not make it take solid hours cause some people have that much time anyway. We have had bigger grinds in this game but not knowing where the end of the tunnel is has been more discouraging than I expected. TL;DR Requests Allow Ordis to filter out lich taunts we have heard before. Do not completely reset lich spawn chance on “rank up.” Do not use “normal” missions to generate the initiation event for future content (unless it's EVERY mission). Allow any mission to be invaded by a larvling. Allow everyone's lich to gain annoyance and possibly spawn in any thrall mission, assuming that system stays as is. We need new ways to grind murmurs. (I hear the lich spawning will help, but it's still the same Shoot and Shank procedure) Consider normalizing the elemental bonus to some nominal value to remove the variance in exchange for a cooldown on lich creation or some other governor on acquisition or restriction. The weapons were too many steps too fast. Or give us a mechanic to upgrade or reroll the weapon: maybe by taunting or interacting with the lich getting them to upgrade it, or destroying it so they have to craft another.
  14. What does this mean? Either this is very poorly worded or I'm expecting a dev workshop: "The way I expect" is the way it has worked since damage 2.0. How does this armor reduction work? Is it temporary, stacking, or permanent? Like corrosive or like viral? Like Shattering Impact? I sense that with the distracting amount of anti armor tools in the game, does this mean its finally time to rework or remove this system that makes enemy health so... dynamic? I'm going to cast an controversial opinion that I articulated to Friends the other day. Pulse wave attack weapons are identical to cone-beam weapons (ignis). They have similar hit box and use case. Its just that Pulse Wave attack weapons compress the damage of several seconds into a single instance. This increases accuracy and for me, enjoyment. They should either both be balanced like shotguns (up) because of the weapon's short effective range OR be balanced like beam weapons (down) because of the high accuracy/hit chance OR balanced like other multi target weapons(down) because its is a multi-target weapon. The weapon's hitbox is larger than an assault rifle with punch through. Just a perspective to consider, not a bullet proof argument to just hurry up and nerf these weapons because they do not require considerate aim. Speaking of beam weapons: Why were range increasing mods excluded from the Exilus category while projectile fight speed and accuracy included. Mistake? Over sight? difference of opinion? Problem with kitguns? Was the Catchmoon suppose to get its disposition reset?
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