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  1. If you won't/can't invest the already minimal time required you don't deserve the rewards. The game shouldn't give you umbral formas just because you logged on.
  2. Before TWW we had the kamehameha chest laser. I suppose that stripped sentients from their adaptations.
  3. Except the New War trailer doesn't. If you're referring to the Duviri Paradox, a lot of things point to it being a void open world. Void kept the tenno young, void can make them old. Moreover I don't think the aging was gradual since our adult tenno was surprised that he can't use void powers and I don't think it'll make a good literary plotpoint to have the adult tenno lose its powers on a whim.
  4. Pretty much throughout the game. Plus, they've never aged past teenagers for the whole old war plus the time we've been awakened
  5. Why do you think they age normally? It's been established that they don't.
  6. Two things. 1)All fan concepts go to the fan concepts subforum, not in general. 2)DE doesn't look in general so they'll never respond in any way to this thread.
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