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  1. So you tried to bypass filters and finally got caught. Good, hope your spamming ban is permanent.
  2. Personally, i think Margulius booby trapped the lotus helm to prevent anyone from harming the tenno i.e. having them kill one another.
  3. And yet you can post here. Damn, shame.
  4. When they rebuild another relay.
  5. Nonheavy weapon fluctus rifle from waaaaaay back when.
  6. Whatchu talkin' bout!? Thats my reload my damn weapon button.
  7. Nothing, dont gave the time for anything else anymore. There maybe times when there isn't any new"content", byt there is anyways something to do.
  8. They did it chineese founders. Yes, DE could re-release it and there is nothing to stop them. The founder program ended 1 month before console release. It ran for so long that forum members viewed it as nothing more then a cash grab.
  9. Rutger hauer the was an actor who recently passed. He played Batty in the og bladerunner .
  10. Do you know how many people whined about it being a vinyl release?
  11. Because the tenno ate inept at reloading the simplest firearm.
  12. Just killed profit taker whole goes to elevator screen loads ......host migration. Rest of the team ends up back in the elevator and the orb is back at full health.
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