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Hallo all!


I'm Xochild, though I usually go by the moniker "XO" in-game (it's just easier to type and say). I'm an avid fake gamer that grew up playing on an NES, SNES, Commodore-64, Dreamcast, and arcades (I pretty much grew up in arcades).


I play several games besides Warframe, such as:


Innocent World Online (Fantasy Frontier)/Aura Kingdom (depends on the day)

Star Trek Online


League of Legends (EUNE, EUW, OCE, NA, LAN, LAS)

Sirius Online


Civ V


Guild Wars 2


Navy Field 2 (when I feel like doing something strategy based)

and my favourite series, Final Fantasy (preferably XIII, XIII-II, and XIII-III)


Proud Mentor (we're too cool for Warlords) of OTOK: the Order of the Orokin Knights (no, that's not a SAO reference at all...).


You'll find me on the forums in various languages, and you can find me changing game language and region when it suits me, though I mostly go back and forth between Asia and Europe.



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