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  1. The Archwing mission bugs when you're landing after making it through the shipping lane. The slightest movement backwards sends you into Archwing mode again, but, it gets stuck. Using /unstuck will send you into one of the little security rooms above the console you have to protect.


  2. 20 hours ago, Grimlar said:

    I cant attend, (different continent etc,) but would be willing to purchase a digital only ticket for the syandana and sigil to help out the charity.

    It's been explained that a code will be given to ticketholders as they enter the Centre which they can then redeem on PC, PS4, or XB1 to acquire their digital swag.

    On 24/5/2016 at 2:20 AM, rodineijr said:

    Nos estavamos jogando normalmente e a conta do meu amigo foi suspensa nao sei porque. Quero que me ajudem aqui como eu faço pra ele recuperar a conta dele

    Este não é a lugar para postar isso.

  3. 49 minutes ago, DE_Adam said:


    • Various visual adjustments were made to the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset’s underwater portions.

    Just to confirm, does this mean that Tenno running Warframe on AMD systems that have been unable to play any mission involving a Submersible tileset can now run these missions again?

  4. I'm almost always able to log in, but, any action that changes my client's status in any way will cause the game to log me out. Open Navigation and close it: log out. Open Navigation and attempt to do a mission to be faced with host migration and loss of connection to host: log out. Go to Clan Dojo: log out. Visit Operator: log out. Open the Market on my Liset: log out. Attempt to change Landing Craft: log out.

    I will now just patiently wait for these issues to be resolved, I recommend other Tenno do the same. After all, patience is a virtue.

  5. Might as well throw my question into the mix:

    It was mentioned way back during Devstream 25 that Clans would have the ability to create missions and/or tilesets for their members to do with Clan-specific rewards. The question is: when will clans be improved? And is there anything currently in the works for them that's not still in the freezer-on the backburner?

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  6. Why isn't escaping the exploding ship via Archwing a thing?

    You guys have the perfect opportunity to tie it into regular gameplay without it being shoehorned, especially since it was in a quest. 

    So why isn't it a thing?


    Actually, it was tied into two quests: The Archwing and The Jordas Precept.


    I'd make a joke about how many there are, but, that probably wouldn't-THERE ARE SO MANY MORE.....

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  7. The only thing I can think to ask is "when are localised voice-overs are coming to the game?"


    Localisers do a wonderful job translating the game for over 16 million Tenno the world over, it would be nice to have voice-overs localised too, though. Just my own personal wish.


    Any new prime weapons with saryn prime?


    Syndicate Melee weapons?


    With the exception of Volt's Prime Access (which featured Odonata Prime), to my knowledge, every Prime Access has always come with new prime weapons.


    We technically do have Syndicate Melee weapons in the form of Skana and the Jaw Sword having augment mods. I do agree that it would be great to have Syndicate Melee weapons with integrated procs. It would probably require a lot of power creep though...



    Raise back to life thread.




    DE does an incredible job with the ~170 members they have, most players should be thankful to have such a game that they play and/or enjoy playing for free. But, I digress.


    My personal wishlist for the game would probably go along the lines of:


    A) Increase translations of the gamepreferably with voice-over*. Yes, voice-overs are expensive, I know, and you have languages like French for example, where French in Europe is much different than that in Québec (and the rest of franco-canada) without even touching the subject of accents.


    * Small anecdote, I'd love for players to have control over their chat settings. Currently, if player A has client in English and player B has it in German, the two players will not load into the same relays, region chat, recruiting chat, and trading chat. Obviously, it makes sense for them to be segregated, but there could either be a Global chat or maybe being able to give the client the ability to change what 'channels' their player can use (of course, restricted by system limitations). Also, additional language support for different inputs would be nice. The latter is the principle reason I change my client's language depending on which friends I'm playing with.


    B) Elimination of places such as Ceres (Draco) that make levelling and "capping" daily Focus 'a joke'. While a certain part of the community exploits it (even after a nerf), not every player has that ability. One thing DE has always prided itself on is about catering to casual players as well as dedicated players, so making the reward system more balanced is something I'd like to see. 


    C) Expansion of Archwing into regular missions (similar to how the Jordas Verdict raid) to have activity for Warframes and Archwings being dependant on each other completing objectives during a mission. The easiest example would be in a survival when the Lotus says 'distract the enemy while a lone Tenno operative...does something' (I can't remember the exact wording :P ).


    An additional "wish" I'm justifying by saying there are 3 ports (PC, PS4, and XB1) but there's also the Nexus App...


    D) I'd personally love the Nexus App more integrated into the game. It's currently on soft launch and v4,1,0,3 and has its limitations (as well as bugs, but those will naturally be fixed over time), but I'd love to be able to go on my Alliance or Clan chat from the app.


    Anyway, happy Christmas to all the players and elves at the North Pole-I mean in London at DE, and to all a good night :)

  9. U18,1,2 update enabled a bug probably related to the reset of Sortie rewards from Season 1 reward pool to Season 2 reward pool, where the UI shows an active (Infested) invasion details instead of the (Grineer) Sortie details on the same sector node. It's not the first time I've seen it crop up, 

    though this one seems to be more directly related to the reset that came with U18,1,2 to coincide with Nezha's release in U18,1,0.


    I'm including links of screenshots of the bug at the various points it's noticeable:


    Picture of Sortie information in system status bar on navigation main screen:



    Picture of mission select demonstrating choice between regular mission, Invasion, or Sortie:



    Picture of Sortie sector node displaying Invasion faction and level range, but Sortie mission type, expiry timer, and conditions:



    Happy holidays all!

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