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  1. Ah that specific mechanic, yeah.. I know, it totally kills stealth. I think it happens due to what I described. It really is stupid. THAT part, I do agree is probably a bug, but it could also be an outdated mechanic which at this point.. well is still a bug since it doesn't work with today's gameplay.
  2. No like.. lol literally as I said before, realistically... guns don't need to make noise to alert someone, if they hear a shot hit near them or hit a buddy of theirs next to them, they gonna realize that "I am in danger", this is common, basic knowledge. If you in danger, don't let the danger get you. In a world of invisible space assassins that are well known of, if something invisible shoots or hits a wall loudly, its gonna spook the enemy and they will be aware of you, but not necessarily know of you. They still gonna stay alert. This is normal gameplay. Stealth is broken in this game now as of.. 4? 5? years since there is so many enemies, stealth doesn't work anymore since things like this occur.
  3. Simply expressing my thanks for getting my hopes up and advertising it as if it would work, and making it have essential colors to what I coulda used for my looks and the only endgame in the game as a veteran, fashion. Never got it, watched about 4 or 5 hours worth of streams starting on the 2nd.. its just super cool. Thanks.
  4. This isn't a bug, this is how their AI reacts ~usually~ and always has. Realistically even when invisible, if they are alert, they are going to know where you are and track you, it is stupid and annoying cause they clump up next to you even though they can't see you, but this has been a thing for years, I think what it was supposed to be was enemies tracking you while invisible and staying near as if they ~could~ see a shimmer like the predator, but now that there are so many mobs and AI these days, they all push each other into you and clump, their AI is outdated since warframe used to be... hard... and not a one shot mass mob murder simulation. Also they shoot in your last known location to them, this is realistic, if you see and invisible person in a direction and have a gun, you gon' shoot over there boo. And also they are gonna keep their guns at the ready since there is a space assassin running around, it all can be explained. Now there actually IS a bug that has been around for years, killed invisibility for me. Basically due to lag and the latency in the network, your guy sometimes goes partially invisible rather than full, and the enemies can see you and fully attack you, its due to lag, I have tested, and it sucks that it is still around.
  5. I have watched hours of streams and know support is no help for this, so I am here, its almost the day I can't get it anymore, what is going on bruv? I base most of my color schemes around a purple tint or energy so this palette could be invaluable.
  6. Here ya go, these are just a pinch of some I have sitting around and as you can see in the pics, I messed around too much with riven'ing and am a broke @ss now so.. The prices vary, was gonna put them in here but eh forgot to now I don't feel like going back and doing it, PM me ingame or on here if interested in any, or multiple. Copy/Paste this in your chat for quick ingame msging me. /w --TheGoodDrSloth.exe -
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