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  1. Where was this discussed? I'd like to see it!
  2. Why are you getting offended from how I play the game?
  3. Making plat is not useless. You stock up on plat in preparation for a future update to buy whatever you need (deluxe packs, weapon bundles, warframes, etc). And yeah, if you'd like you can reroll rivens just to use yourself. That's fun too. I do that with Silva & Aegis.
  4. You already have max MR. You already have all weapons/warframes maxed. You don't need resources. You don't need to farm any mods. You don't need to head to fortuna or plains for anything. You have all the credits you need. What else is there to do? Make plat, or get a godly riven. You do that by kuva farming & rerolling rivens. Or you can just play the market the whole time.
  5. You'll come to realize once you're near max MR you don't have much left pushing you to play the game apart from stuff like the slot machine that is riven rerolling and trading.
  6. I'm confused. Didn't they state this was a bug, and not an intentional change? What says they're going to go through with this?
  7. We have escalated to the point where being able to log on 5 times a week to complete a sortie means you have no life. 😩
  8. Then stop letting the game dictate how you use your free time. If you don't want to do Nightwave, then don't do it. There are plenty other activities you can do in Warframe, but if you aren't willing to put in the time and effort into Nightwave, you're not meant to reach the higher ranks. The higher ranks are intended for players who are dedicated and put effort into the campaign.
  9. I am appalled that even during the easiest week of Nightwave people are still finding things to complain about. It's not DE's responsibility to work around your schedules. If you can't log on 5 times a week to spend ~30-45 minutes doing a Sortie, that's on you. After all, it's an Elite Weekly for a reason.
  10. Semlar has had a Patreon up for quite awhile, like many content creators. He already makes money from that. While I disagree with his Riven Hunter app costing money, I don't believe that is much of a blemish on his reputation. He's learned that was a bad idea. I believe he would have backed down if he received enough community backlash.
  11. Yes, we know Riven Hunter was a thing. There's remnants of it on Semlar's Patreon, but that's besides the point. Semlar had good intentions; he's done much good for the community and the fact he's apologised in a long-winded post (Reddit) proves he's the better man here. He owned up to his mistake (that is, working on the paid, Riven Hunter app) and was very mature and humble in his apology. Faceless on the other hand, regardless of the faked in-game chat log that was posted to reddit a bit ago, had shown his true colors in the discord chat log with Semlar. He is a jerk that thinks he owns the market. His clan even uses a private bot on their discord that works off of Semlar's website that snipes Rivens, yet he claims he wanted to stop Semlar from doing just that. That's hypocrisy, regardless if taking down Semlar would take down that very bot they used. And we're going to go weeks without a reliable pricing guide for Rivens because of this guy. This should have been handled an entirely different way. I'm sure if the topic of Riven Hunter was leaked to Reddit and there was substantial community backlash, Semlar would have dismantled the project immediately, or at least made it free and available to the public. And yet, no apology from Faceless. All we got was him giving us a cheeky message before leaving the official Warframe discord. If he ends up posting a legitimate apology I will consider taking him -- and you guys -- seriously.
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