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  1. MFD was the final straw for me. You take an already harshly restricted but usable ability and nerf it to the ground because it dared to be usable and then after a week of outcry you walk it back from might as well delete it from to game to why on earth would you ever choose this and call it balance. I knew this was the direction DE would go the second they announced that they were preemptively nerfing abilities they THOUGHT would be too good instead of buffing abilities that were bad like they explicitly said they would. Then they have the devstream where you admit that oh balance team wasn't
  2. Like i said play nyx if you want I don't care. I test her every time she's buffed and she is always lacking. It's your game and you can play it how you want but she's not a good pick in any context.
  3. Nyx was my favorite warframe for years before you even started the game. You clearly don't understand how the game works.
  4. dude if you want to play nyx do it. i literally don't care. you can even pretend like she's in a perfect place for yourself. but don't by any means pretend that she's actually viable when discussing her from a meta standpoint, especially in the context of the subsume system. I already told you even with her augment this problem persists. The issue with her 2 is you dump power strength on nyx in favor of duration and range.
  5. because enemy health and damage scale at different rates. You can have a lvl 100 enemy under your control and its damage won't even tickle the lvl 100s it's hitting
  6. Have you ever tried using nyx's one that way? I have and it does not do anything.
  7. Nyx's 1 is awful. Even with the augment it cannot deal enough damage to enemies because enemy EHP scales exponentially. You might have some minor case about it being a distraction but moving like you're supposed to in the game already reduced enemy accuracy plus the myriad of other ways to survive. Not to mention you don't build strength on nyx and even if you did at 300% powerstrength the above point still stands. Test it. I dare you The argument that blood alter is a movement ability masked as a support ability is stupid. You know what else is a movement ability which is far more effectiv
  8. minor buffs on 3 of some the worst abilities. they did not even buff some of the weakest abilities. for instance nyx mind control is still one of the worst abilities in the entire game and they refuse to touch it. garuda blood alter is now just an objectively worse version of well of life. they sure did a whole lot. stop acting like its unreasonable to actually buff things to be on a reasonable level instead of nerfing the top end like they always do
  9. Wouldn't it then make more sense to buff the bad abilities like DE originally stated they would instead of nerfing the good ones?
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