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  1. great timing for me. 01:00 pm and 04:00 pm just middle night. no rewards for me
  2. Hello I'd like to join clan like Quasars ! IGN • Geostalker Mastery Rank • 30 Play Time : 1827H in game but on steam 3500+ because its my second warframe account Country/Language • Georgia/English very good and Russian medium Current/Previous Clan(s) • I'm on Dark raven (its Georgian clan that why I am still there)When did I started playing • I started playing warframe in 2013Discord ID • Geostalker#5045
  3. Today I farmed mastery points and was able to do Mastery Rank 30 test, Before final test I did several (3 or 4) practice and finished them. after practice tests I went to normal test. when I had complete 5 of 5 stage on the test (killed every enemy include bosses) went to last support tower and clicked "X' and as usually "you have earned the mastery rank" text pop up after that when I click "continue" to back my ship another text block pop up that said "server connection lost" and I got log out after that happen. when I come back my Master Rank test was failed and my MR rank was 29. I would be
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