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  1. For me, I'm waiting for something interesting to come. It has been 2 years? since the last story quest and railjack was announced and shown over a year ago. Other than that, there is that new area, the duviri paradox, which I expect late 2020, or 2021. And for the gear grind? Burnt out and don't care anymore really, gotten majority of the stuff.
  2. Jokes on you, warframe has always been pay to win, starting from excal prime. Anyone that has played this game enough knows the whole point is to grind for gear, play with it, then grind for more gear. Guess what? You can p2w any gear you want. The worst part is the limited inventory space is a problem created by DE and a solution sold to the "losers."
  3. It's still not solo-able. Impossible to keep up with killing and throwing therma. Fix it please. Wouldn't be a problem if people actually did the fight.
  4. Problem with this is that augments aren't worth it. The good ones are basically band-aids so that the frame works better, like nekros. Rest don't give stats, so no reason to have a fluff change that doesn't help and take away stats.
  5. Augments need much MUCH more work. This is enough to change builds.
  6. You will get invites to clans as you play the game. Check them out and join if it's a decent clan size. Definitely skip the grind to build a clan, the game has enough things to grind, especially if you are new.
  7. Not sure if I'm the only one that feels this way, but whenever I look at the Warframe augment mods, from the syndicates, I usually think the mods are neat, but not worth replacing a regular mod for. Only when the Warframe specific mod is absolutely necessary for the function of the Warframe, like Nekros, it's justified for me to replace a regular mod. I always wish that I could use the exilus mod slot for the Warframe mod or have an extra slot just for Warframe augment slots. I believe having a dedicated slot for augments mods would have players use them more, buying them more from syndicates or from trades, instead of them not being used at all most of the time. Just my two cents, and hope of better utilization of the Warframe augment slots.
  8. Phantasy Star Online 2 looks good, but if only played good looking games, I wouldn't be playing warframe with its clay models.
  9. The thing about those stats, you need to compare them to other similar games to get a better idea of retention. I'm guessing many people try games all the time and quitting very shortly after. Steam has only a 2 hour window with refund on paid games. Logarithmic player decay is probably very common.
  10. The special mob that spawns and runs to the defense point podium thingy, then destroys it in a couple of seconds needs more warning and BIGGER indication where it is coming from, that or much easier to kill or CC. Half the time I can't even tell which way before it's too late, only get lucky if it crosses my path. The red Icon is also very similar to the red podium defense point icon. I also bet most of the people playing this mission don't even know there is a special mob that spawns. Other than that, it's not a bad mode. Please tweak that one mob and it should be okay.
  11. I tried to attack that thing once, and noticed that I was like doing almost no damage with my riven kit gun. Seemed to be going no where, lost interest, and now I avoid it. DE does not make fun bosses. That new one, Ropalolyst also kinda sucks, mostly the, teleporting of warframes after a cutscene, and constantly having to listen to the story on ever single run.
  12. Do you get the 2FA reward if I have already enabled that?
  13. This update is too big for just arbitration changes.
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