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  1. Long time ago, warframes did have skill trees. I doubt they are going to go back to that. But I hope they will rework the operator trees, because they kinda suck. Players play the game for the warframes, not for the operators (nor railjack nor archwing lol), only using them when forced to. The trees need to be like 50% warframe nodes, 50% operator nodes. I would like to see small nodes for stat increases, and big nodes for significant mechanics that affect the warframes/operators. Currently, only the passives are good, and the rest could be ignored, except a few for very specific/niche play st
  2. I didn't realise how horrible the eidolon "community" was. This is why raids were removed. I would be glad if eidolons were removed too.
  3. I think the biggest improvement is to remove it from its own content island. The ramifications of doing that is huge, along with lots of new interactions and bugs. That's why devs always make content islands, because it's simpler and easy, a time and money issue. But that means a worse experience for the user.
  4. wow, 6 hours, but totally worth it. I agree with most of it, and showcases the love-hate relationship of many players, and shows how massive the game is. Even though it's 6 hours, it's probably the fastest crash course on everything warframe.
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