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  1. Ah, thanks however I opted to uninstall... Now to twiddle some thumbs...
  2. Anyone having issues launching Warframe on Xbox or Switch? On Xbox it wants to update on loading screen but immediately crashes when it begins. On the Switch it just hangs at the update screen without showing any progress or that an update is pending. I checked for updates outside the launch through the respective systems and nothing comes up. Totally frustrating.
  3. So Tenno. The end game of Warframe is upon us. Some may argue that it is Fashion, others will claim endless SP missions (these don't seem to show in leader boards but I digress) The end game of Warframe in my eyes is interacting on these forums but this isn't the purpose of this posting. I am curious to know what weapons everyone likes to use. Not meta weapons of OP weapons but the ones you just say to yourself I am going to use this because I have fun using it. It may not be the best but it is your goto when you want to just have fun. For me the breakdown may be viewed as boring but hey it is my fun, not yours ;-) Primary: Quanta Vandal, Trumna Secondary: Mara Detron (now Tenant Detron,) Sepulcrum Melee: Machete Wraith, Ohma (with range) Of course this is subject to change at any given moment and being currently at work there may be some that don't come to mind but what weapons do you just enjoy the Hek out of Tenno?
  4. That Malice... I was thinking how awesome it was to have my Trumna one shot the Acolytes... One after another as my inner child Tenno giggled inside, then Malice came. :-/
  5. If you have one day in game or 700 days in game and are looking for a clan let me know Tenno. As of now we are casual players but are looking to expand and grow. Message me here or in game if interested.
  6. I would think after selecting Xbox content from the Microsoft store that all purchases will be solely for the Xbox account assuming you are using the same account on your PC as your XB1. AFAIK there isn't a way to by something in the MS store for Warframe and have it on your PC account.
  7. I don't know how long you've been playing but there was I time when this weapon was a beast (pre rivens.) Even when comparing top tiered melees with rivens it still performs well SP and all. Ymmv obviously.
  8. Haven't test drove the Saw yet but my Dakra Prime hits like a truck, granted I have a riven but nowhere near the bottom of melees my Tenno.
  9. I am assuming you got the code correct. Your sister is now on Neptune via rail jack, go to railjack missions then to Neptune and defeat them there.
  10. Another thing you may encounter is a slight lag in input when playing with a Bluetooth controller. I only "see" it on Grineer consoles and more apparent on sortie spy missions. Once you get used to it l, it can be managed but just making you aware.
  11. I took this as general dialog that is spoken if a hound is present or not. I always grab the hounds before going for sister as a don't want to lose the murmur xp as I have witnessed them disappearing or "self destructing."
  12. I grind steel path survival on Series X with no problems however when I go in to my arsenal the fan(s) engage and I have experienced 2 to 3 heat related shut downs only within Warframe. This has started relatively recently (at least the shutdown aspect.) I haven't played around with any settings but since this wasn't happening until more or less recently I suspect something in the last update (prior to sisters) caused a change in how something gets processed by the system. I just don't dilly dally too long in arsenal and can play relatively issue free.
  13. It isn't too bad. The load times are probably the biggest hurdle you'll encounter. I play docked 99.9% of the time so there is also a graphical difference that is in your face. I have only played on XBox but I imagine that the consistent player base on the Switch is substantially smaller (using trade chat and public play as a basis for comparison,) but aside from that I would say it a similar overall experience. Starting over seems cumbersome but it allows you to rediscover the lore, test various builds, rivens, etc. I have helpful clan you can join when you you choose to embark.
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