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  1. How has this STILL not been addressed??? I'm really getting sick of being so underpowered in end game content just because I don't want to wear the scarf with my tennogen skins.
  2. Well, then I guess they shouldn't sell tenno gen skins for him because his prime parts completely ruin the looks the creators had going for excalibur.
  3. Why does my saved legacy color keep getting removed and my sigils keeps getting misplaced after each update!? This is so infuriating having to fix all of my cosmetics every update!
  4. Please fix the FX on the targis prime armor and please add a prime parts toggle for umbra's skins!
  5. Can we please get a prime parts toggle for umbra's skins that I paid money for???
  6. But, when can we get a prime parts toggle for excalibur umbras skins?
  7. Please add a toggle for Umbras prime parts on his tennogen skins!
  8. Will we ever get a toggle for umbra's scarf and prime bits for his skins?
  9. Because they clash with almost all of his tennogen skins that I paid good money for. And I don't like scarfs/syandanas.
  10. Can we please get a toggle for umbra's prime parts!?
  11. Excalibur umbra prime detail toggle please!!!
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