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  1. Welp, if they don't wipe the leaderboards or hand out bans like candy i guess we're left with a lesson to be learned. You're a competitive clan that finds out broken game mechanics and reports them to DE without using them yourself because they are exploits? Get rekt 🙂 Oh and since I'm here... We get trade restricted, after playing a survival for hours because of getting too many ressources -> Support says it'll get lifted after 2 weeks. (thanks for nothing i guess, why do you give out trade restrictions out to people who play your game too long anyway??) Dear [DE] Community Team, you really have to do something on this... We waited 2 years for a leaderboard event. 2 years....
  2. Going in and out of operator is broken. Happens while playing the event. Cannot be fixed by dieing or getting downed.
  3. What about going in and out of operator?
  4. When are we getting the next leaderboard event? It's been 1 and a half years.
  5. super big quote i know but it's the easiest way of answering your post. First of all. Nice post. And thank you for taking the time. This actually really, i don't want to say calmed me, helped a little would be more fitting. I come from a "hardcore" community that specialized on leaderboard events to the point that we have, or should i say had, 100 players ready to grind whatever event DE would throw at us 15 hours a day until it ended, because it was kind of the "only" PVE content you could do in competition to others? You certainly know what I mean. In the last year or year and a half, our community slowly fell apart, due to no events coming anymore without any kind of explanation or reasoning. We tried to hold onto it for a long ass time, we had internal events, focussed our groups and structure towards speerunning trials, although it wasn't the same, we had a trial triple to complete every night, which held what was left of the event community together. Although i think Sheldon or one of the guys mentioned leaderboard events were going to return, we haven't heard more of it since and with everyday that passes, someone else of the "old guys" that created all of it - The clan structure, the internal hierarchies with cool ways of obtaining in-clan titles inside events, that build a community - leave... 😞 Tridolons helped a bit, due to them being speedrunnable, but after nearly 1000 hydrolist captures they get a little boring. Fortuna with the big Orbs was the last thing that i held out hope for. Perhaps the Orbs could bring back that old feeling of "real" challenge back, something one could tackle with the boys, sth i could honestly contact all those people with and say it's worth coming back for... not yet. The problem is: DE tried to give us something. I know they did. ESO was one of them. started so promising, it had a leaderboard, it was fast scaling random generated content. But for some reason they soft capped it, instead of not being able to sustain due to not being able to kill enemies because they grew to powerful, nop, not enough enemies spawn. What a disappointment that was... Arbitrations are another thing they tried for "endgame". Welp without competition with other teams it feels like just another mission you can run endlessly until the enemies stop spawning. I don't even know what to write anymore. Leaderboard events please. one every 3 Months. That's all my community of ~350 people would need to be perfectly happy with the game. I Hope you guys have more luck finding things that are fun for you. To squirrel, thanks mate. Have a great day Edit: for everyone from the "gold old days" here: We were formerly a clan named EGT-Eingreiftrupp, some of you might remeber.
  6. ....where do i start? min maxing tridolons, aka 5x3 or even 6x3 requires good team coordination AND and very tight loading out and back into the plains to reset the damn eidolons. being forced to get out, restart the game, reinvite the team and then restart does ruin the experience and the attempt at a fast run. This is why we ask for a greater heads up or hotfix during the cetus day, it's not like DE doesn't know it's cetus night... But just as if they couldn't care less 80% of hotfixes are during eidolon hunting time. (one of the only challenging things left to do in the game since speedrunning raids is no longer a thing). God am i frustrated that my part of the warframe community gets so ignored and torn to pieces more and more... leaderboard events? well you know, over a year and a half since the last one, damn nice that we could entertain our 300 member EVENT CLAN with trials in the meantime... oh wait....
  7. thank you for another butchered eidolon night... This is being hella fun
  8. Why is it so goddamn hard to check if it's night on the plains and delay the damn hotfix for a few minutes?! Edit: still mad af, but also want to have an honest response to that question
  9. i'd have liked to have challenging enemies in fortuna. The damage reduction to most enemies sounds disappointing imo.
  10. thx, are we getting a fix for the kavat buff while using fetch soon?
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