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  1. You can deny it all you want but the people of the land still worship you as their leader
  2. Yeah but if we get as degenerate as in the old one then I'll get my fourth point forcefed to me
  3. I miss the worship thread NoamagPrimemuth The tree of LPW must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of worshipers and heretics.
  4. Hail Noam-... coughs MagPrime
  5. To the surprise of no one
  6. Yeah but they get their money by being aggressive arses about what they want and pulling publicity with things that make no sense
  7. I mean even a while back they were nuts, plus they euthanize almost all animals they can get their hands on
  8. PETA is a garbage organisation tho
  9. Happy new year you all.
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