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  1. Probably because people like you sold them all the time. Then turned around and bugged Support to give it back to ya, and so they fixed that problem and cleared up some support influx by doing so.
  2. Yeah that was also after Banshee Primes release. March 24, 2017. I see her weapons do have a bonus.
  3. Same year as Banshee Prime. He was in June of 2017, she was February 2017. Banshee was just before signature bonus' is all and really, does it matter? It'd be nice to have one but then they'd have to go and do this for all older weapons that are considered a signature to a frame, wouldn't they? This isn't directed at just you Rez, the above was just to answer your question.
  4. Was answering questions in Q&A chat when I saw a question about Reflection and how do you channel your melee. https://imgur.com/olQPhgz
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