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  1. I guess you haven't been keeping up. in 1 week you will have Nightwave Intermission again. Also, they are aiming for a mainline this month with Grendel headlining it.
  2. Lol you have a point. I see it all the time when running fissures for new primes. When I see them over using it, I 1 up them and stop using my guns. Fissures is just a readily available example that comes to mind.
  3. You're over thinking. DE is a very humble team of developers. While there's plenty of advertising for their game, which is how you get more people to your game, they pretty much set the best F2P image of game genres out there. And they are good at it. You won't find people lacking in support for this game and keeping it alive so they will never have to become greedy. They are doing what they love and are passionate about. With our support, it makes it all possible and I 100% believe they will keep on doing what they love, like they are. They are not a dev studio with deadlines made by publishers like EA since every publisher they went to, rejected their idea.
  4. Don't worry; soon as Melee 3.0 launches for real, melee rivens will get dispo changes that will hit so hard that you won't see these whips in use. Why? Because the whip you're talking about is almost certainly Scoliac as it has THE best riven dispo of any whip and while the weapons stats kind of suck at first, it's nothing a good riven can't fix. Trust me, I use it myself and own 3 rivens for it. I know it's coming as does everyone else who uses whips.
  5. After adjusting a riven and switching it around on my actual build, it looks like a very good riven if you got 130% CC and 10x crit multi. I use Radiation as my element, which I can switch around for Corrosive if I fight infested or whatever. Radiation for Grineer, Corrosive for Infestation. Radiation is fine for Corpus too. So Radiation + Primed Cryo Rounds for that huge extra cold boost. Cold ignores 25% armor so Grineer get socked pretty good. I also use Heavy Caliber and if that doesn't appeal to you, replace it with your riven. If you use my build that is. For most dmg though, replace Primed Cryo with that riven and keep Heavy Caliber. Here, take a look at my build, edit riven and enter in your stats from your riven and then move it between primed cryo, and heavy caliber, and see which you like best. http://warframe-builder.com/s/c8ab8d517582f277 Loss of accuracy doesn't bother me any, but there's plenty of others that it would.
  6. Always fun reading your posts. "10/10 would stab myself with a pencil again." That's funny stuff. I would rather buy the skins with platinum than use ducats on the skins. It feels like a waste of prime loot just to get the ducats for these skins that should be in the market.
  7. Just came to mind: Did you ever play back when Excalibur had Super Jump? No? How about when Radial Javelin shot out Javelins in a fanning Radius from your Excalibur? His rework saw the change of Radial Javelin actually teleporting in front of, and hitting targets, instead of being a radial-hope-it-hits-something spray of javelins, and further down the road, they merged Super Jump(3) with Slash Dash, and moved Radial Javelin from 4 to 3, and made Exalted Blade. The first of it's kind. Rhino's skills used to be Rhino Charge, Iron Skin, Stasis, and Quake? Stasis would knock enemies into the air, dealing no dmg but suspend them in the air for a duration allowing you to shoot them. I believe 4th was called Quake, and it dealt the dmg like Stomp does now. They were merged together as the 4th skill, and Roar was introduced the as the 3rd skill, as a buff. Ember used to have a Fire Armor that left fire trails behind her. That was replaced in one of her revisits(rework) with Accelerant. Those who played her before this fire armor was removed, knew how tanky she actually was. Not all reworks are good, but reworks have been happening with Frames for YEARS. Not a trend, it is something that's been going on since the beginning. Oh how did I forget! Nekros Desecrate actually stopped you from moving around if you wanted to loot. You had to mash your 3 key to have him use desecrate, over and over, just for loot. It was a full body animation so you had no choice but to stand there and mash 3 for loot. Since his rework, his shadows have become useful means of tanking dmg, and now desecrate is toggle. Press 3, and walk off to forget it's on.
  8. Hydroid has actually had a bit of a revisit (rework) but people are hard to please some times. He's better. Atlas Had one, I believe the same time that Nyx and maybe Mag? It did wonders for Atlas. Wukong has been a long requested frame to get one because his skills weren't ever well received and the best thing he had going, wasn't the exalted staff, but his Defy skill that allowed you to withstand everything that was thrown your way except energy drain. Ember has been a frame that's been hit on for many reasons in the past, and the most recent, has made her unappealing to players who did nothing but play her from the lowest mastery, to the highest. She was abused and over used before that change to her. Now they are trying to fix her right. Not all frames need reworks, like Mesa or Mirage. Nidus neither. But older frames, or frames with skills that can be done by other frames in much more useful ways, need revisited once in a while. Loki is one frame that'll stand the test of time with his skills. Purely utility type frame, but one of the only ones that's never really been changed. Trend or not, reworks speak for themselves if you've ever played any of these frames before, and after.
  9. Hey guys, Isn't it a little early to be going at this conversation? You know, it's a little too early to tell what's coming after Nightwave series 2 ends. And how much of a space there is in between this one and the next; not to be judged off the first series to second series surely. Been plenty of changes on series 2 from the previous and there's been a lot of time on this series to perhaps allow them time to produce another intermission or series that could be ready right after. Maybe I have missed some announcement that there will be a week after the first ends, and a 3rd begins. Entirely possible as all I've read is that this series ends on the 13th. Any source available where it's been stated to have a week long period off?
  10. People have said it's best done with basic Redeemer, and Banshee. Her passive makes all weapons silent, and Redeemer is a gunblade so you can shotgun them down from a distance without being seen.
  11. So I quoted you 3 times for the point to hopefully sink in that you're looking at your profanity filter. Completely aside from the bot. While sure, the profanity filter could be changed to something like you're suggesting, it would be confusing to people. And pointless. Unique, but pointless. Turn your profanity filter off if you don't like seeing %*^)%$ on your screen. Just know that the symbols are from the profanity filter, and not the bot doing anything. If it was the bot that made an action, you wouldn't see anything from that user in chat any longer because he a) got kicked from chat or b) got banned from chat.
  12. So that leaves nothing. We're assuming you did Lua - Apollo so that's everything since you just went out and did Neptune's Disruption. Go see if you can deploy an extractor at every planet is the only suggestion left. Or at least check every planet carefully to make sure there's nothing else that cropped up. Also go run Ropalolyst once for giggles. I highly doubt there's anything wrong there...
  13. You should be asking support that, or even the community inbox. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us https://forums.warframe.com/messenger/compose/?to=1167596
  14. Run all of them, and the one I forgot. Uranus - Ur I had to run each and every one of them to open everything back up. Kuva Fortress was the last one I ended up with.
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