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  1. Alcatraz

    DE doing physical advertising

    If imgur just remove the S in the https and the image will work.
  2. Alcatraz

    Fashion frame idea to you DE

    Probably not the only one, but you can see they seem to be more set on releasing small syandana's with everything. Also it's Hildryn.
  3. Alcatraz

    Valentine's Day Eros Arrow Skin

    Not in the same sense that it is equip able like normal skins. You consume an arrow in mission to shoot hearts at your favorite enemies. You will see a heart on the tip of your arrow. There is an animation that's energy color dependent so if you're using black energy on your bow, you won't see it.
  4. Alcatraz

    Hey guys need help with riven price

    Just looking at the forums and see there's 2 posts by you in about 3-4 minutes apart, for the same thing. The other post is completely blank. You could have gone and edited your post and filled in the missing information, instead of posting 2 separate posts, for the same thing. Now then, this riven. While the stats aren't really bad, they aren't hugely desired either. I want to say you could get between 75 and 250 for the riven as it sets. If it had a negative, it'd be priced a little higher if the negative wasn't the worst in the world, or easily gotten around. Choice is yours rather you reroll, or try to sell. Try to use it yourself, and see what you think of Arca Plasmor with a Riven.
  5. Alcatraz

    Valentine's Day Eros Arrow Skin

    It goes in your Gear Spiral, and you use it as a single mission consumable. Not an actual skin.
  6. Alcatraz

    Anthem and what Warframe can learn from it

    Overall, I liked reading your post just now EmberStar, but I got a couple things to... nitpick? When I first loaded up the VIP , I got outside and noticed right off the flight was sluggish to respond so I instantly went into options (L) and changed the sensitivity to better suit myself, and what I can pilot a javelin at. I got it to the point of where I was faster than almost everyone except Javelins that were faster than my own. Swimming settings were separate so I was able to switch those around to be a lot less jerky, and more sluggish than what they were at default, so overall the in air, and underwater flight felt right, with mouse+keyboard. I am only quoting this since that seemed to be a follow up of your post on page 14. Which I read it's entirety as well. Now that you mention it; I did experience that in the very last hour of the open Demo there on Sunday. Didn't occur to me that the reason the player was screwing around on the other side of the map, was trolling. Did you know that most of the Javelins Melee attacks could detonate? I got really good with the Colossus in the open Demo to where I was just using Railgun to knock out turrets, Shock Pulse, and melee to Detonate the Electric Primer. It was so effective that I was the main DPS in about 4 Strongholds, back to back, on Hard. Shock Pulse was a 5m radius Tesla Coil on your back that you used in the Ordnance slot instead of a mortar, or the like. It'd Prime enemies with Electric, and I'd detonate it with a Melee Attack, which for Colossus, was a ground slam that sent out a shock wave in a good radius. The shock wave would detonate the electric,(Same for all the elements except maybe poison) giving me a very nice combo, and recharged my Ultimate. I'd kill all the spiderlings as they spawned, have my Ultimate recharged at the set of each reappearance of the "Swarm Tyrant" Which led me to nuking it constantly with the Colossus' Ultimate. Each shot increased up from 7.8k to over 10k per shot by the half way point on it's Health bar. Railgun was by that point, dealing 5.7k dmg per shot in the weak point you opened up in it's eggsack region. Anyway, I'm probably a little carried away here now, but Colossus melee can detonate primer skills, because of the shock wave it causes. Ranger can do this too because of his shock baton. Storm does it because he's a natural elemental welder. Interceptor is the only one I am not positive on rather (s)he could detonate primers with the melee attacks or not. Seemed like not. That's another thing to what I was just writing about above.. You could use your Ult on it while it was climbing walls(if you lead it), shoot it with your lesser powers, such as the Railgun, or Mortar, Grenade, etc. Overall, I liked reading your comment on Page 14, and this one. I enjoyed reading an other's opinion that wasn't pigheaded about their HDR caused the game to black screen and not play, gotta uninstall instantly, comment/opinion of the game. (That's in the comments of the polygon webpage link) P.S. I guess I'm not really nitpicking you or anything, just really felt like sharing.
  7. Alcatraz

    XP to MR 27

    14k sounds about perfect actually. I am at 8.837 myself because I am a founder but, only own Excalibur. Frames are 6k as you might know, and I missed literally nothing.
  8. Alcatraz

    Anthem and what Warframe can learn from it

    Just reading through everything here. Again. I notice right now everyone is seemingly worried? That these cosmetics will cost an arm and leg, just because the Demo vanity items were 25 coin each. They were of course set at 25 so that you would be able to try out their vanity system, hence why you were given 100. You all know that by now surely, so I'm just stating the obvious here. Vanity items in Anthem are suppose to be optional items, paid for with their premium currency. I am guessing those "shards" that was listed on the screen that we had 0 of, is the actual premium currency(real money) that they cost, and they were just put on coin, so that you could try them out. Now you're clearly going to see price differences between the full version, and the demo. Makes sense only to change the prices so people could try them out, but not go completely wild with everything in the demo. Also makes sense that these Vanity items would be set on a premium currency such as these shards we saw, and have a much larger coin amount needed, to get the vanity piece without paying real money for them. To encourage people who want these optional items, sooner, rather than later. But, they add nothing more to the game than customization. Great, just the same as Warframe's Tennogen. Tennogen is something people willingly shell out for, which changes nothing to the actual game play, just your visual satisfaction. Same thing with these Vanity items but, you can earn free currency to purchase. Which will take effort, and time right? So... that's a lot of obviousness, great. What's everyone's worry? These items, that change nothing in the actual game, game play, or anything to do with the game, except your personal visual tastes, and your Javelin Fashion, that aren't going to jump out and grab your wallets, and steal your hard earned cash, without your choosing. What have these items got different than buying Tennogen? Settle down, play Anthem if you own it, get a grip on yourselves and just, enjoy Anthem. You don't have to buy anything, so who cares what the price of these cosmetics come up to? Manage your money, and you'll never have to feel that things are micro-transaction'ing your bank account to death. I'm not here to argue with anyone. I just wanted to state me piece, and move on. Though I will continue to read, maybe comment if I am interested enough. Though, you guys have been rather interesting to read comments from.
  9. Alcatraz

    Can you give Rivens their own trade tab?

    Personally I only filter by "wtb" and that's all I see. Unless it's one those "special" persons who just put wtb in their wts text wall just to get past the filter. I am sure there's a lot of people who also filter by wtb, might just be no one has what you're looking for. But yeah, if they ever did what you're thinking of, as a trial, it might work out.
  10. Alcatraz

    Does Virtuous Fury work on Eidolons ? How ?

    With the Shwaak Prism, and that arcane, will be a very good combo vs Eidolons. It doesn't matter if they can't be affected by status or not, they can still be hit with a proc, causing the arcane to activate. Buy them.
  11. Alcatraz

    relese oder

    Yeah Gnarls is correct, also it looks like Ash to be first because it's in alphabetical order.
  12. Well the processor is a wee bit slow, and I didn't see anything mentioned about graphics card so I am assuming since it's intel, it's also likely integrated intel graphics with the processor and you don't have an actual graphics card. Which would very much explain your issue. 4gb RAM/Memory is a bit low too, but it'd be all right if you had a GPU with dedicated RAM of it's own. Very unlikely that his HDD is dying. RAM would be an issue if he doesn't have a separate GPU instead of Intel integrated graphics.
  13. It's an optional mod that you can put in, if you're willing to work it in. Before Magnum Force was a completely useless mod and the 90% dmg Augur Pact provided without a downside, made Magnum Force obsolete. Recent changes to Magnum force put it back into the playing field. Personally I use Heavy Caliber on pretty much everything. Sniper Rifles included, because I don't have much trouble using any of them with it. In short, I can't agree with you.
  14. Skyrim isn't a great example of " I can play this hardwae hog" Skyrim is rather old as is. Why not give us your hardware specs instead for an idea of what you have.
  15. Why is your text in this really crappy formating? I use dark theme, and this is just crap on the eyes to read...