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  1. All new weapons are like this. Everyone's just getting it, and leveling it for either first time, or for 1 of 5 forma. The reason you actually notice these more than other weapons is that they stand out from the rest. They swamp the **** out of enemies. Likely see Riven nerfs for them soon.
  2. Since your question is already answered for this, I will go a bit further for you and link you a guide to converting steam to stand alone so you do not have to download the entire game all over. I use it all the time and for example: I convert to steam, check Tennogen, and delete the conversion and simply continue to play stand alone. Additional note: You don't actually need to mess with registry at all. Just simply follow all the other steps; like downloading the files required and then pasting over them. If you run into trouble trying this method, I'm open to questions so feel free to DM if you do a conversion.
  3. I think I would have liked it better if you had used a bulleted list so it's all out in the open without having to click and open stuff.
  4. To go further than the wiki listing it as "type: exalted weapon" you can also mod them separately like all exalted weapons these days. The reason why you would mistake them for anything other than Exalted weapons is because you're thinking of Khora's Whipclaw, and Atlas' Landslide. That's where you would be wrong about her Talons because unlike her Talons; Landslide and Whipclaw, are abilities that you mod the only the warframe for. Yes can mod frames to better your exalted weapons, but you can also mod the weapons separately. Thus you would get the thought that they are similar and therefore not exalted. They are in fact Exalted. They are done differently than the common Exalted weapons such as Iron Staff and Regulators. You have to remove your melee to gain the useage of them. You can mod them, you can level them, and you can use them. This method is just... unique. Making them different like this allowed them to have 4 powers and Talons instead.
  5. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Garuda's_Talons
  6. No it's not. It clearly says "Veil/Ruse War Field" and below are the drops only seen in Railjack; such as Dirac. Ruse War Field is a node in the Veil Proxima. Let's go a bit more and send you to the drop tables: https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html hit "Ctrl + F" and search "Ruse" there you will see Skirmish at the first item in your search but, if you go a little bit further down, you will find the exact thing in the fella's screenshot above.
  7. You probably used the converter thing on them at one point which means you kept the arcane versions, and have the purely cosmetic version as well. Those cannot be traded.
  8. Yeah as @-AxHx-Vilejust said, there are Glyphs that aren't coded in. If you want a good one though, just go redeem "SHUL" as that was the one I was just using last. It's a global code so it will always be there unless something happens to the streamer/partner.
  9. To further prove my point of how easy it is, I'll do another.
  10. Sign out of both the forums, and warframe.com and then sign back into both. That's actually it. No need to clear cache like the other user was suggesting. Edit: Check spoiler.
  11. Other than Tennogen? There's no benefit. I've used standalone since before it was on steam and only now that there's Tennogen and achievements, do I run it on steam. Just to you know, see what's new in Tennogen, and when there's a new achievement, get it on steam is about it. You can convert back and forth you know? I use this method all the time --->>
  12. Well that's fair if you can't get back into it. I've been playing 7 years as of the 10th this month. Still play every day but I always play other games after I do what I want for the day. Anyway; you should of asked for advice with people here because really, the resources you're looking for, are most likely just the ones to craft the railjack. Such as the Pustrals, Carbides, Cubic Diodes and so on. These resources are super easy to get, if you join someone's railjack as their crew. 1 mission and you'll have all those specific new resources to build every part of your Railjack. Aside from those, the 15 argon's you need is fairly easy to get if you don't run defense or survival. I cannot think of anything else to add, just good luck in your endeavors.
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