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  1. @BlueAmetrine you cannot delete a gift message without first unwrapping it so either way, he has to accept the gift. You could try the both of you contacting support about it, otherwise there won't be anything you guys can do.
  2. Those lines have been there since it's release into the game.
  3. Mesa beats it with no trouble at all. Weapons aren't needed for her, just have energy and you're golden. I'll provide my builds but I don't know what kind of effort she wants to put into Mesa, and or if she has all the mods that I do. https://imgur.com/asLWVjN https://imgur.com/754Wxsd
  4. You can have all of them at once if you have enough people present to use them all in a row.
  5. Yes it applies to you as well. Blessings do not stack on top of each other, only refreshes duration.
  6. Probably because he's running max strength without duration because his build is for camping, so he wants the mods to accommodate his choice of setups. Just speculation mind you, but it does make sense.
  7. Long title I am aware, but that's exactly the issue and I wanted to put as much of the issue in as short of a description as possible to get it seen sooner, than later. I've posted bugs before and they went unnoticed for weeks only to crop up as a report from a console player who got the same bug after console receiving the update. My report was probably missed. Anyway, Jordas Golem - everyone who knows him knows it's at the end of the mission you get launched into space and archwing for the final fight. As of update 22.20.6 went live I've been getting spawned right around 4,000 mete
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