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  1. I'll share my build here with you and you can give it a go if you like. I hear all my alliance/clan complain that it doesn't have enough ammo and they all want more in it, I tell them use fast hands to speed up the charge rate. So I did it myself, and I won't ever go back. With this setup I kill everything from all planets to sorties. I used high voltage and malignant force instead of 2 90 element mods to cut down on forma. I ended up adding 2 extra forma into my original build to make something different which is on the last config. You don't have to use Amalgam Serration if you prefer regular Serration. I just prefer the frame sprint speed for getting around quicker. https://overframe.gg/build/1728/fulmin/fast-hands-fulmin/
  2. Or maybe it was fixed so those do not drop any in the quest.
  3. I just came to realize that we're lacking a means to reorder our loadouts. I just tried to click, hold and drag to reorder just in case that was made and I had missed it. I was unable to drag and drop my loadouts into order an order I wanted. From this screenshot, you can see there's no option to click on, to enable a player to move their loadout slots around. Customization is king and when you can't drag around loadouts to customize where they fall in who you want the quickest into that order, it needs to happen. I believe a button in the menu shown in my screenshot above is what we need. Just go into Loadout Options, click "reorder" which then brings back up your loadouts but allowing you to drag them around, then confirm with another action button.
  4. I've completed all the weekly without a hitch, daily sometimes resets after finishing it and shows it incomplete. Is that what you're having trouble with, Daily? Just realized you posted this in community > general discussion. If you're trying for feedback, or an actual bug report, you might go and post there instead of here for players to discuss this with you, without anything actually being done.
  5. Was Tatsu not suppose to be Melee 3.0? That's the whole reason why it wasn't released with Revenant. I haven't gotten to use it a whole lot as I just got around to mining finally. From what I've noticed, Primal Fury works about the same as before. Celestial Twin is really a good replacement for Iron Jab, which I never said I had a problem with it so we can give ya that, it was pretty pointless. There's tricks you could do with it, but not a practical skill. Cloud Walker is good but it's bad at the same time with such a low duration. I like the speed, but it's now practical mostly for plains and vallis. Even the mouse over preview of the skill(s) shows plains. 2 seconds is a really bad duration for a skill that you could use for spy before, which got improved so it no longer triggers lasers, but could very likely end up dropping you out at a very in opportune moment. I do like what else they did with it, but the duration is a big down side. (biggest part is that at least it's not slower than my pet turtle) Defy has been changed in such a way that while coming off as a great armor buff as well as damage buff skill while still featuring the same quality that the skill had but with only a 2 second invulnerable time with base duration. You'll have to be very precise when you use that if you want to make use of the invulnerable time. It's now more a buff skill that deals damage from also absorbing damage. Your passive is now essentially what Defy once was. So in a way, that's great use of the passive. I apologize if I don't make my points as clear as I should, some of it probably comes off clear as mud.
  6. The way this reads is rather snide. I never "main" anything, I am against that term because it sounds like you're really bad at everything else, or just really stuck on the one thing and won't try anything else. Seems Narrow. That's my opinion though, don't get bent. I play a lot of frames, I have a lot of mission hours, Wukong is only at 1.5% used for me, but my top used is just 12.9% So I did play him a lot mainly for Kuva missions, or doing sorties with, sometimes Arbitration but there were plenty of other tricks he was capable of if you took the time to play the frame long enough to learn what else he can do besides just live through anything. It is good that they reworked him, but I can't honestly see myself using Primal Fury still. Was lackluster then just like Iron Jab, and it still comes off that way. Don't get me wrong though, it is a really powerful melee, just...
  7. As someone who played him all the time among other frames, I'm actually being turned away from him because of the rework. I don't think it was that great. Sure Cloud Walk is Fast, but the duration at base is 2 seconds. That's a load of crap. Iron Jab replacement is all right, it's neat. Defy isn't Defy anymore, should be name changed because it doesn't really defy anymore. Still useful but it just isn't what it was. Never used the big slappy stick, still don't see myself using it.
  8. Honestly that's uncalled for.
  9. They reworked the skills though no matter what you want to call it. They worked them over and changed them up. Now they didn't change the skill entirely and make them something else new, but they did rework them. Poured some new life into the skill to make it a little to a lot more useful than it was back in update 6. There's the update it was done in even. I'm just a player like yourself and this is the best I can tell you about Nyx. Personally; I like the frame, always want to take her out and use her, but when I do and she comes off as clumsy and not as useful as Zephyr, I put her back away. She takes a lot of skill to use, and you gotta use her correctly.
  10. Loki is capable of moving about freely. He's faster. He has an augment to make everything he uses silent. All the high level players use him more than any other frame. Ivara is for the newb community. Honestly, it's for those that aren't great at Spy. Not saying you need Loki for spy either, just saying that's what she's always used for. Has 4 useful augments. Duration based invisibility up to 32s invisibility can't be broken by noisy guns. I realize it's all choice, but he's got some fine points. I am not sure I've had this challenge, and reading through your method it is interesting but, I'd just go to the plains and head east towards the camp there and dropships or Dargyns will spawn there. You don't even have to alert the Grineer to get them to spawn. Just head there, if after a few minutes you don't get dropships to spawn, only Dargyns, extract and go back out. Much faster than running any endurance mission. Octavia has invisibility, as does Ash, and Loki is another choice aside from Ivara. Ash has an augment that can turn allies invisible too.
  11. Has not ended. There's more to come still yet so check for future story to come.
  12. Your hope would be right. They've reworked the system a bit more since it was first put out, and once you reach day 100, which being the weapon milestone, you'll now be able to choose between Azima, Zenistar, and Zenith. Later when you reach 300 you'll be able to choose yet again, Azima, Zenith, and Sigma & Octantis. I assume you'll pick Zenistar. Day 200 you'll be able to pick a Primed Mod. Primed Fury, Primed Vigor, Primed Shred. I'd suggest Primed Fury. Any 50 day milestones will have a sigil and various items such as booster and reactor or catalyst to pick from.
  13. Well you actually want this link for their twitch anyway. https://www.twitch.tv/warframe I am sure it's about the same on mixer as that twitch link. It appears their redirect isn't working, or won't work until July. I didn't read the whole thing just yet, but I am guessing as you quoted, you just have to have your twitch linked to your warframe account here on the forums. You should be able to link your twitch account via warframe.com/user
  14. Wait, why are you using Gladiator's Vice and not Primed Fury? Not at day 200 Daily Tribute yet? And I just looked back at my Riven and it is indeed attack speed. Replaces Primed Fury by a little.
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