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  1. No problem. You can report your own post and have it moved.
  2. That sounds like your problem right there. I want to tell you to go to Jupiter and unlock those locked doors with the symbols on them, but I am betting you haven't opened any of these for the Captura scenes in the purple lockers. It's a new addition to go along with the remaster or Jupiter and there's a single Sentient in there that I like to pickpocket with Ivara. Lua is your actual best option because the quest might be replayable, but doesn't count towards anything you try to do there. Such as unveiling your riven, or scanning kavats in the Inaros quest. Someone did try to mention that in this topic here, and they are correct. Do Lua, or learn the purple lockers.
  3. I personally love collecting Captura Scenes as I'm a collecting kind of man. Adds more to do in the game instead of just purchase something you're never likely to use. Plenty of people do captura, just maybe that's not your thing but, collecting is. Plus, collecting them is optional in most cases.
  4. Go do a Zaw instead, or even an amp. If you do Zaw, just get a balla and make it a dagger. Which if you select each filter, you just buy the first item, build them in foundry. It takes just 1 hour to craft, and you can level it in about 15m with Sleepinox. It is a dagger so Covert Lethality will be your friend here. Ivara works too. Sleep Arrow, and kill. Go gild it.
  5. Only if you watched 30 minutes of anything before Tenno Live(The Tennocon live event)
  6. Just filter your chat by "wtb" and if you think you have it, or click on the link and it shows you have x owned, sell it to them. If you're thinking of selling mods, don't bother unless it's select corrupted mods, primed mods, new and rare mods, or something someone is asking for. Anything else is a waste of time as most people have it, and those that don't, won't be able to find you selling it. If you work on your methods of selling, you'll actually sell a lot. Watch trade chat with that filter for a while and try to learn what's commonly sought.
  7. Still happens to this day. Has never been fixed, and when I regularly run Jordas for people who can't handle him on their own, they do get put 4k meters away at times. Doesn't always happen, but it does.
  8. Well if you see untalented people just making piles with what they have, then hopefully you've seen things like this: Why get some generic sculpture when you can use all the little odds and ends to make elaborate awesome sculptures of your own creation?
  9. Honestly we just need more achievements.
  10. Completely unnecessary because if you check out the link that HelmetTooTight posted, they have actual screenshots and real information. Additionally, I made the comment of what they might be, because searching Wiki at the time, the only information it had was that there were "devotee's" that held Sancti Castana's. There was no page on the wiki until recently about the Devotee's and OP didn't include any screenshots. I don't play a lot of syndicate missions, maybe a few times a year so I forgot what they looked like. Thank you though.
  11. Holding on to it right now. Because it's not something we're going to get 10 of in 2 days like you could in 2 hours doing fissures for regular forma, I gotta pick what I use it on. I got plenty of builds that use Umbral mods, but they are already setup and they don't need it. It has to be the right frame. Honestly, thinking of Mirage though.
  12. That was added really recent since Nightwave Season 2 was dropped Saturday. You're replying to a comment I made on Saturday. On another note; I've never seen any of these Devotee's. They seem to only appear to those who get downed.
  13. I mean if we kill her, do we get Ordis to stop ghosting around as her and actually get original lines to use as our navigator for the rest of our time playing? So sick of her old lines and ugly holographic purple face. Ordis is the only one we need. Kill.
  14. Are you sure that's not working as intended? Takes a moment for your frame to put it back on the weapon, or off so holding it is quite the best thing to do when switching to melee. I don't see pockets on the frame. Dropping it is not an option either because what if you want to put it back on the rifle but wait, you dropped it 600 meters back! Space Magic isn't going to retrieve that. Pretty sure she doesn't have pockets
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