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Hello, I have been a gamer since I was 6 years old and I have played just about everything there is out there.
I first heard about warframe before beta and reserved my name, I forgot which email it was but I had a founder offer, like everyone else I am sure.
Played Dark Sector when it came out, great game. Once hearing this was grown from what Dark Sector was and the obvious Excalibur being a bit of a look alike I had to play, I have been playing ever since update 5.3

I've been off and on the game since I started playing way back then, and now I am current highest rank. Mastered about everything out there for weapons, got all frames, lots of mods and stuff floating around so I help people if possible when I am not trying builds and generally "harassing" the members of my clan or alliance.


Want to play a few rounds with me? Or get general help with anything at all, just PM me in game. If I happen to be online and don't respond right away, never fear because I'm probably browsing music.


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