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  1. 10mins of cooldown for archgun (i tried to switched into archwing mode, weapon then atuomatically changed, cooldown timer started, r u kidding me?) + ridiculous spawn of cooldown reset (there's about 3-4 mins NO CREWMAN spawning, meaning no reset drop) + 45mins limit of the fight (without prior notice, and i was still waiting a suitable damage type) = sorry, i can't take it.
  2. Exactly the problem i faced introducing my friend to play this game. (while i maxed out everything already)
  3. i’d enjoy the quality time farming different stuff with other players newly known, rather than playing with nothing but a afk-leech who don’t even speak a single word of hi or bye. btw, for those who think afk-leeching is acceptable, please tell DE to turn off anti-afk timer, it’s just wasting much more time to everybody.
  4. oh like move to the next zone in ESO? thanks for reminding me.
  5. i don’t care if others lvling their stuff real quick, but i do care they afk-leeching in my game. that’s more harmful to the community in my opinion.
  6. you can tolerate others being afk in Elite Onslaught lvling their weapons, but not lvling in their own game. you really make my day, lonely tenno.
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