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  1. Quick correction, realized it doesn't spawn immediately upon approaching the encounter point(like every other boss). Instead it seems to spawn on a time delay.....why? Every other boss spawns immediately upon approaching the encounter point, but phorid takes ~15 second delay to spawn? I realized this by accident because i was knocked down by an infested ancient in the room......How does this make any logical sense?
  2. Hey DE, quick question, why is it after all these updates that phorid still glitches when going solo!? I enter the boss room and phorid doesn't spawn, i exit the room and go back in, wrinse repeat, until finally phorid spawns. What's the deal with that? And it only happens while running phorid solo. Consistently, every single solo run. It's ridiculous.
  3. I did that, it still displays the wrong glyph. I think it's just that prisma lotus glyph doesn't display in forums.
  4. This update also reset my color favorites list to empty. Had to sort through alot of my warframe appearance loadouts to get all my colors back on the list, especially since i have different shades of one color that hard to tell the difference i often interchange with. Sidenote: for some reason my profile is displaying the tennocon 2018 glyph in profile here on forums, but in game i have prisma lotus glyph on. Forums profile isn't displaying my currently equipped glyph correctly.
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