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  1. I like this contest. There's some pretty good jokes in here.
  2. Shielded crewships can't be boarded while their shield generators are intact (there are 3; 2 on the top, 1 on the bottom) they have nothing to do with shipkiller platforms, you have to destroy it's shield generators first to board them, i recommend firing ordnance from the tycho seeker as it destroys all 3 shield generators in 1 shot when locked on.
  3. Not sure where to report bugs. Here's one that i find especially irritating, when this update dropped my touchpad controls were reset to default along with right button on the d-pad, so i go to options to fix it and it still says they're mapped the way i had left them previously (gear hotkeys), i check more closely and somehow it's simultaneously mapped to the abilities as well as gear hotkeys, while right button on the d-pad also is simultaneously mapped to inspect and anything i had assigned to it. Then next day i log in, it did it again. The worst part is i have to map them back to there defaults 1st and then map them back to what i had on them, due to the simultaneously mapped buttons to default and custom, so i can't remap them normally to fix the issue. Seriously, DE? A bug this horrendously broken flew right past you..... P.S.- Upon further reading this page of the forum, i am now aware this bug has been noticed
  4. Not my point, you have to farm gyromag and atmo systems to get to rank 2 and 3 respectively, buying them with rep becomes available at rank 3, until then it's burnout to repeatedly run bounties to get those to rank up.
  5. You know the ability menu bindings have a lot of unused button space, would be great if we could map more gear hotkeys,cause as it stands i have 5 gear hotkeys i can use freely thanks to touchpad and right on the D-pad. Meanwhile the ability menu controls have 13 unused key bindings, there are 12 gear hotkeys available to customize, yet we can't bind them all. Why? I just don't get why we can't add gear hotkeys to the ability menu controls, it has so much unused free space. Yet all we get in addition to tactical menu is the omni to the ability menu controls?
  6. You know vox solaris would be more tolerable to rank up if not for gyromag, atmo systems, and repeller systems being rng based drops, if profit taker was guaranteed to drop these it would give me an actual reason to fight it, instead of having to run the same bounty repeatedly as fast as possible to farm them only to have a chance to get them, also....Profit taker bounties, why don't they contribute reputation to vox solaris? You literally accept these bounties in the vox solaris HQ room, but no we can only trade toroids for rep..... I just don't see why ranking up vox solaris is such an rng grind DE please just fine tune it, i have avoided ranking up vox solaris specifically for this reason, and i'm sure plenty of other players have as well
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