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  1. Hmm...reading other people's feedback has been pretty interesting. Looking at some of the suggestions people made, yeah, those are some good ideas that DE could implement (I think that earning a little wolf cred per challenge completion is a great idea). I personally enjoy the nightwave systems, but I'm MR 25 with over 2300 hours clocked in. I quite liked having the free weapon and warframe slots, and the umbral forma is interesting. This system actually brought me back into the game to keep playing after I'd taken a ~3 month break due to being burned out trying to grind Fortuna. And now I've got a source to keep getting free catalysts to try out new weapons, and an occasional forma pack to replace the ones I use. Definitely getting me to come back and play regularly. I kinda keep forgetting the Wolf exists, though, since I've never seen him. I think Baro should sell Wolf beacons like he does with Stalker, Zanuka, and the G3.
  2. So, once I learned what to do, I think the event task itself is fine, barring bugs. I agree with a lot of what I've seen on the first page here, but here are my personal issues with the event: the actual event task and the community goal are unrelated, Hildryn is currently only available to those who pay platinum, each player can only contribute to the goal once, there is no immediate incentive or reward to contribute, and th progression of the goal doesn't make sense in-universe. Unrelated: Eudico tasks us with closing fissures and collecting material for a fight with the Exploiter Orb. We can also purely coincidentally stumble across 16 data-pads scattered across the Vallis. I have scanned them all. The dialogue doesn't relate to the event. Hildryn: Why release her at all if her parts are unobtainable? Why couldn't she have been released with the new boss fight? Or have her tied into the event so players can grind for her? Contribution: I have scanned all 16 data-hashes. Now what? I sit and wait and hope the community knows and cares about them? I am not a content creator. I am the last person in my friend group to know about these. I have no platform to spread the word. There is nothing more I can contribute when I would like to keep helping. The weekend wars were a fantastic idea. A goal for players to work on that tied into normal gameplay. Reward: Speaks for itself mostly. Nothing is received for completing this task. No weapons, skins, badge, or even a codex entry. Just a locked door and a "Wait and see". Lore entries for all the hashes would have been great. Anything to learn more about the world. In-game story: Our Tenno decides "hey let's go looking in the Vallis for stuff" and stumbles upon 16 data-hashes and a locked door. Eudico tasks us with deciphering the gylphs we apparently got open said door. How do we do this? Magic? This goes back to only being able to contribute once My suggestion: a unique enemy that only spawns when closing fractures. Upon defeat, it drops a resource that Eudico says could help decipher the glyphs and asks you to get as many as you can. This contributes to a single goal of "decipher the code" rather than 16 individual goals that need to be met. This way players can work towards two goals: Opticor Vandal and the door.
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