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  1. Although this thread is slowly de-railing from resource grinding, to the larger, more volatile topic of grinding as a whole in Waframe, I do agree with what your friend said. "Hey, spend an hour doing Index over and over and over in The Glast Gambit for your Nidus blueprint" - "yipee!" - "Right, now go pray to RNGeesus you get all Nidus parts in 3 C rots. of Infested Salvage" - "oh..." // 45 C rots. later // "f##clchjdf Goddamnit stupid game! I quit!" Yeah. Real fun that. Same goes for Ivara (400 spies later and only just got her) and Harrow really and some others too.
  2. Well, the issue is that if resources only dropped from lockers, no one would run any defense or survival; they might run Hydron for affinity, otherwise everyone would just go spam S.O / E.S.O. even more. The main nodes that are even used on the starmap are defense/survival, so yes, if resources dropped as you suggest, people would then swap over to running quick things like capture and exterminate, but then that is talking about a different issue entirely. As for PoE and Fortuna, I only ever do dedicated runs as I will use my "Loot-Ki Prime" or my new Ivara, specifically to avoid getting gunned down by mobs that always know where I am, same for fishing on Fortuna. I will only fish on PoE at night to avoid grineers and 20 minutes fishing Glappids with or without a booster is enough to max out standing for a few days, if not a week. I also quite like fishing now and again, same for mining. I think I find that less tedious than spending 20 minutes in a capture mission looking for and opening every single locker.
  3. Yeah I know... Also, for Hexenon, I feel as though before they fixed the drop rate for Neurals, it dropped twice as much as it does now. Basically it seems like they nerfed both Neurals and Hexe. at the same time.
  4. Except, as stated by many others, this time-gating mechanism simply doesn't work for veterans who have everything else already and can farm at max efficiency. People like Tactical Potato putting out videos on "how to get 1000 hexanon in an hour" doesn't really help either as most vets can just copy-paste what he did in his video and spend 2 hours farming 2k hexenon and never ever need to farm it again. A 2 hour time-gate on 6 new items in this update? woww..... Secondly, Hexenon still has a higher drop-rate than Oxium, which also used to be easy af to farm during the first 10 waves of old IO, Jupiter. Everything else in your statement, I completely agree with. Completely agree with everything you've said. Resources as a time-gate might work for newbies, who can't farm as efficiently as possible, or who can't stay in survival/defection for hours at a time, but it doesn't work for veterans, which, like I said above, can farm at max efficiency and essentially nullify the time-gate within a few hours of the update dropping. As it currently stands, there are just too many resources in Warframe and I can seriously see newbies getting confused at the sheer mass of stuff they need to farm. "Oh well I need Neural Sensors for this helmet, but I need hexenon for this chassis, but I need orokin cells for this, but I need ferrite for that, wtf am I doing?" Originally, when it was released as a resource, people were up-in-arms over Argon Crystals having a "half-life" and decaying over time. Nowadays I think a lot more people believe that more resources need this type of drawback, mainly for the reasons mentioned in this thread. I do quite like your idea of changing resource acquisition, but then it raises the issue of: how would a newbie farm 50k alloy plate for a weapon in a decent amount of time when there aren't usually a huge amount of lockers in a level. Also, this would essentially make survival and endless missions pointless as most people only play them for resource or affinity farming. No one needs to do 20 waves of defense to end up with 150 endo and a vitality mod. Maybe have only 20 different crafting resources on the star chart, then blueprints to craft all the different stuff, like is currently the case with Fortuna and PoE... idk, I don't really have any ideas. Delete 50% of the resources we have and triple the costs of blueprints? but then, again, this would screw over newbies. I would like to maybe see new weapons and frames offered pre-built from Nightwave though. 300 Nitain credits for a new weapon or frame would be cool, as long as the credits don't expire after each episode ends. edit: I keep calling them Nitain credits because that's essentially all they were used for in season 1. Something like the Thanos snap needs to happen at some point.
  5. No, I understand that, but in a couple more years time, we'll have so many resources and our mountains of alloy plate and nano spores are going to start breaking the integer limits lol. I was hoping there'd be a better way instead of keep introducing new materials, that then dilutes other materials on the star chart. Essentially, what is the point of having mountains of alloy plate if it's never going to be used? Why didn't they nerf the drop rate of it already and then create more stuff like what the Sibear did for Cryotic. EDIT: Also make said weapons "veteran only" by having some high MR rank, like 20 or something, so newbies don't feel forced to go out and farm 100k alloy plate/nano spores.
  6. @vomder It's already here, as stated above, but it happens before that; You mine Ferros, to then use it to craft Fersteel Alloy, which is then used in PoE weapons, which is exactly your point.
  7. In the title really and I haven't seen many people talking about it. Do we really need more and more resources in this game? It was bad enough when Argons were released and everyone was like "wait, what, so these things we could spend hours farming will slowly disappear!? wtf!?". Now, since my return to Warframe in Feb 2019, there's now: - 28+ resources dropping from the main star chart (including endo, kuva and others) - 42+ resources dropping from the Plains Of Eidolon (including the conservation tags) - 46+ resources dropping from the Orb Vallis (including the conservation tags) That's over 116 different resources in the game, before including plant parts and special drops like Javlok Capacitors.... or even credits and platinum which themselves are resources. Was Hexenon really a necessary addition? I mean, there's only like 6 things that even use it right now? What's the point? Couldn't we have had it where Nitain was the resource for Jupiter, seeing as it's currently unavailable to new players and very rarely (if ever) drops from Ghoul bounties. Feels like Hexenon was a tacked on addition because DE knew the new mods were pointless and had to give us some reason to actually repeat-play the new stuff, outside of the events for Glaxion Vandal. What we really need right now (at least us "Veterans") is somewhere to dump our endless supplies of Ferrite/Nano Spores/Polymer Bundle/Alloy Plate, etc, not some new useless resource that never gets used after the initial release (or maybe only a year later when more content drops).
  8. Sorry, but look at nearly any other developer or website support system. At maximum it takes a week to receive a support ticket update, no matter what site you're on, whether it's a huge one like Facebook or something much smaller, they usually reply within 48 hours (business days) and cap out at a week. Warframe, for a game as big as it is, taking up to 3 weeks for a reply (for me at least) on a support ticket is a joke and something I fervently believe is just plain wrong. DE is made up of like 150+ people (last I heard) yet somehow you only ever get 1 of about 5 different people replying to support tickets. I know DE outsource their support system, but seriously, they need to up their game. P.S: Not to mention the fact that it takes them so long to reply that half of the time you either give up and quit the game or they end up not being able to help you because so much time has elapsed. Example: losing a prime item on a relic mission because of a bug then because you've obviously run the same mission 1000 times in the time it took them to reply, they cannot find the correct mission where you lost that item and they say they can't help (essentially the issue I had).
  9. You can get more sentient cores by spam-running the capture node on Jupiter and killing the Oculysts in the "hidden" rooms than you do by running the ropalooooeleplyst. It's stupid. As I've said in other threads, the only reason to run this "boss" is for Wisp and a bit of a lore update.
  10. There is nothing better for quick levelling than ESO. That's the issue. You have a weapon that you know is MR fodder, so what do you do, you grab any lvl 30 frame, that weapon or those weapons and jump into ESO. With an affinity booster, a decent 4-zone game is good enough to rank your weapons to 30, give or take 1 or 2 levels. Tbh it's just like old draco. There would be people in chat like "H affinity farm need mesa" and then that's it. It would be trinity, greedy mag, mesa and 1 rando, all with rank 0 weapons (and sometimes rank 0 frames except Mesa) and you wouldn't even fire a bullet half the time. Mag would spam pull, Mesa would just do what Mesa does and Trinity would be backup life-saver. ESO is much the same, except it's 3 randos and usually one Saryn just popping spores and spamming Miasma. Personally I only ever take Saryn to ESO; I'll take 3 rank 0 weapons (if I have any) and only use those for the first 3 or 4 zones, to level them to rank 20 or something (before bonus affinity), then when they become pea-shooters damage wise, I'll just sit back and spam Miasma as my way of saying "hey I leeched, so now you can"; a bit of give and take if you will. Half the time though, most people extract after 1 or 2 zones, no matter how much damage we're dealing. Almost like "oh crap this is ESO, I wanted SO, damn, abort."
  11. I would have thought you just got a duplicate of the frame, which you could then sell and keep the slot... does it not give you the frame from the pack if you already own it?
  12. Honestly, usually, whenever I'm in a team and the host is laggy, the rest of us feel it too and either abort or extract ASAP. I would assume your guys would have done the same, so I'm guessing only you were the lagging one. Where are you based? Because if you're in Oceania and you're connecting to American or European people then you're going to be laggy no matter what. Either that or unfortunately your internet/computer is just not up to snuff. I can't say I've ever experienced this "bug" or lag to this extreme extent. Yeah, I've had a few teleporting enemies and drops not being picked up causing a couple of seconds delay on the mission timers, but not whole minutes being glitched out like that. I would assume you have such a massive latency to the host that at some point during your playthrough your game is simply playing catch-up and therefore doesn't update; because your network isn't capable of catching up, it just looks like the timer is glitched out.
  13. Did it 5 times, got Wisp, never touch it again as there's no reason to. Completely and utterly pointless "boss" fight, except for lore purposes. Nothing explained in-game (as usual) as to how to kill it, so you either watch a YouTube video or go to the wiki. You then come back with the strat and can solo it in sub 5 minutes with the right loadout. The hardest part about this boss fight is the other enemies that spawn alongside it.
  14. Disruption is a lot more enjoyable and "challenging" than the over-saturated survival/defense/excavation crap that most people only do for the sake of farming relics or cryotic or some rare resource (-> H OC Farm 1/4). However, apart from farming the new BS resource (Hexenon) there is no reason to play it. At all. The new mods are absolute junk (except maybe 2) and most of the time, all you get from the reward rotations are relics again. Yay... now I have 30000 Lith and Meso Relics that I'll never ever touch... woo.....yeah.... However, the reason I think it's enjoyable and challenging is because it's new and I'm still on the honeymoon period (oh and hexenon drops more often there). After I've built wisp and the fulmin (only need 400 more hexenon for last wisp part) I'll have zero reasons to actually play that game mode ever again, at least until DE release more junk that somehow requires hexenon.
  15. Just use the phone app and do your foundry stuff from there if you cannot access your PC. It's what I do. If I queue up a forma and know it's going to finish when I'm at work, or am away, then I just open the app and claim it wherever I am, then build a new one.
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