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  1. happened to me a few weeks back. restarted in the middle of the quest.
  2. I have made a main thread on this topic here on this sub-forum. Could you please add this information there? It's in the hopes that if the thread gets enough steam, DE will finally notice it and fix this damn bug.
  3. Ok guys, this now seems to also be affecting some Corpus Tilesets as well as other Grineer tilesets. Will update the main thread.
  4. I can now confirm that this bug also affects Sanctuary Onslaught. Grineer Galleon tile-set; the host could move through the doors toward the Data Conduit, but everyone else was blocked inside the spawn area.
  5. I do admit it does sometimes happen, but after the latest hotfix, almost every single mission played on either of these 2 tile-sets leads to this bug. It isn't a once in a hundred thing, but nearly every single time; they are completely broken.
  6. Side note: I have not yet tried "glitching" through the bugged door using Loki Prime with his Decoy and switching places.
  7. I have made a "main thread" for this issue, to avoid people spamming the forums with more and more threads. However! If it happened on a completely different tile-set, then that is definitely something that needs to be known. Right now, it only seems to be happening on Grineer Asteroid and Grineer Galleon tile-sets, so if it's also happening on Grineer Sealab (mariana) then that is pretty dire news. PS: Pacific on Earth is a Kuva Siphon right now, so it was likely that mission.
  8. I decided to make this thread so that everyone can post here, instead of creating a separate thread. Information: There is a massive, game-breaking bug at the moment happening on both the "Grineer Galleon" and "Grineer Asteroid" tile-sets. The bug is that once a mission is nearing completion and players must head towards extraction, one of the final doors you need to go through, in order to get to the extraction point, will bug out and become impassable terrain with an invisible wall. Whoever is hosting the mission can go through the doorway as normal, as can enemies, but the other players cannot go through it; the door will simply not open (almost like when you set the alarms off and the doors go on lockdown). The door will have green lights and appear as it would normally, however, it will simply not open for the 3 other players in the squad. Attempts to "glitch" through the door using sliding techniques or void dashing with the operator are unfruitful. Moving away from the door into another room and then coming back does not work either. Reported nodes with the issue: - Caracol, Saturn - Defection (Grineer Asteroid) - Pacific, Earth - Rescue (Grineer Galleon) - Vallis, Mars - Mobile Defense (Grineer Galleon) - Sanctuary Onslaught - Normal (Grineer Galleon Tile-set) - Random Corpus Tile-sets and also random Grineer Tile-sets Current "Fixes": - Alt+F4 to force close the game, then re-join the mission and you will be put near the host (if everyone leaves and the host is near extraction). - Avoid any mission/fissure/arbitration that appears on any Grineer Galleon or Grineer Asteroid tile-set. - Potentially use Nova's wormhole or Loki's Decoy/Switch to glitch through the door.
  9. Indeed. The person I did it with was devastated. Not only has he now had the Systems drop twice, only to experience this game-breaking glitch, but he also lost the Ash Systems he was also desperately after. I myself don't give a monkey's about the credits, mods, resources or other, but I really do care about those stupid Harrow Systems.
  10. Was farming Harrow systems within the horrible thing that is Defection. [Carcol, Saturn] We did 16 squads and we finally got the Harrow systems drop. My teammate also got his Ash systems from a manic too, we were golden. Went to extract and... yep, broken door glitch. Host could go through the door, but the other 2 of us couldn't. The host and myself had no revives left and so we had no choice but to abort. Many days farming on my end, only to get bug-frame 1.0.1. happen and lost my precious Harrow systems. My teammate was even more irked as he had been farming Ash systems for who-knows how long too.... EDIT: I put "my precious Harrow Chassis"; it was meant to say Systems, as the Chassis is about as rare as a Vitality mod drop 😛
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