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  1. At MR29 (MR30 not available), you get 30,000 daily standing. Simaris caps out at 125,000 standing. That's 4 days, not a week. In a week, you can basically max out his standing twice. Not that I'm downplaying the issue here. 4 days worth of spamming Simaris to get ONE single blueprint is a load of BS. I'd honestly, much rather be allowed to just replay the quest to get the rewards, than having to spend hours and hours spamming Simaris. At least, as has already been said, these costs are being halved for the release of Deimos. Still, 2 days of capping out Simaris for a WF BP is a bit ridiculous. It wouldn't be as bad if we could get some Simaris standing for doing his Sanctuary Onslaught, but as it is, even at 25,000 per neuros/chassis/systems and 50,000 per BP, this is going to be a numbingly, dull grind. To reiterate, I'd rather be allowed to just replay the quests to get the BPs, even if I cannot get the other rewards. Like I'd prefer to be able to replay Junctions to get the Chroma parts and stuff. Seems a bit nonsensical to have them in Simaris' shop.
  2. Yup, for Protea I got Neuroptics and Systems on their respective first runs, then the Chassis didn't drop for 10 or so runs. As for Ivara (and my god, the thought of re-farming her right now pains me), took me somewhere around 500 Spy missions total. Harrow took me around 100 runs of Pago Spy in a row to get the Neuroptics, but I luckily got the Systems after 2 or 3 rot c defection runs. Nidus took me an ungodly amount of time to farm as the Systems just were not dropping at all. Getting to rot c, only to be rewarded with a 5k credit cache was worse than being slapped in the face with a wet fish. It was so bad that my friend who I duo'ed with gave-up and bought him, while I continued and got the Systems about 5 runs later. I think at the end I had something like 15 Neuroptic blueprints and 8 Chassis blueprints for my single Systems blueprint. Khora... well, I did so much S.O back then that I farmed her without even realising it to be honest. Atlas was another one that took me a while, especially because I was solo'ing Jordas with unlevelled Archwing gear. Was like 15 minutes per run. Was a lot better when I got the Grattler, levelled that to 30 and whacked Corrosive on it. Was taking Jordas down in 2-3 minutes, but it still took me about 20 runs for the Neuroptics, while having piles of Chassis and Systems blueprints.
  3. I could go to X new node or/on Y new planet, find the best farm, get a group of Khora, Nekros and Smeeta Kavats together, buy plat boosters and have enough of Z new resource to last me a lifetime AND be able to build everything day one anyway. As I've said a few times now, adding new resources to time-gate new grinds is a moot point nowadays. I highly doubt many people have thousands of argons lying around and it would be a good usage of them too. @(PS4)haphazardlynamed 's idea is a good one.
  4. No problem 🙂 I hope you can at least sort out some issues. I do hear that setting it to laptop mode will stop you from hosting, but there are certainly more things that need to be worked on in this regard. Also, P2P is extremely outdated, yet still used on the regular, when dedicated servers are not an option. Who knows, maybe if Tencent/Sony get their hands on DE, dedicated servers might be on the table, but *shrug* this is more than speculation at this point. Also, yeah, when WF runs at 60fps, it's really nice, but with a crap-load of particle effects going on, even dipping to 55 fps feels really laggy. Dunno quite why.
  5. Might seem like a bizarre turn of events for you, but @NinjaZeku nails each point on the head.
  6. Might be a host/not-host issue. When I hosted on OV 2 or so days ago for NW challenge, I didn't have this issue once.
  7. First of all, no need for all caps. Secondly, who can say? This sounds more like a Steam caching / pathing error, over something related to Warframe itself.
  8. Yeah it's really stupid. Melee destroys these glass beings, despite not directly attacking the glass itself, but something like the Ignis, which should engulf the whole enemy in flames, has to be pin-point accurate on the glass. Just like with any grenade launcher, or even something like the Kuva Bramma.
  9. The Smeeta Charm Precept, when it procs the Critical Chance bonus SETS the Critical Chance of your weapons to 200%. It does not add or multiply your Crit Chance by 200%, it SETS it to 200%. This means that if you currently have 20% Crit Chance, you do not end up with 220%, but 200%. If you currently have 350% Crit Chance, you do not end up with 550%, but 200%. So, for any weapon that is unable to get 200% Crit Chance, it is a massive buff, but for any weapon that has well over 200% Crit Chance (i.e: melees), it is a debuff.
  10. Cetus and/or PoE does not have a typical Steel Path node attached to it, only the bounty. My guess is that the game is seeing that there is an open squad available and not treating it as a separate Steel Path squad, but rather just treating it like any of the other bounties. Just like how you can walk into PoE, or load into PoE from the Orbiter and be placed into someone's Tier-5 bounty. This is just happening now as well with the Tier-6 bounty, which it really shouldn't be. Honestly, it should be fixed! But, if you're mining or fishing, you should be either looking for a squad in recruit chat/relay chat or going solo. If you're hunting Tusk Thumper Domas, you should also be squadding-up and running the Tier-5 bounty. Unfortunately, this is yet another thing that isn't explained to newbies. Or, he's an idea: have a toggle-switch when you go into PoE: - Bounty - Steel Path - Free roam
  11. Typically, you have a 5-minute window to load into a mission, as long as the objective has not been completed. I can only assume this was/is a bug as you joined the squad, maybe not before the 5-minute timer was up, but most certainly after the objective had been completed. I have also seen this happen a few times lately where I have spawned into a mission, only to be placed about 10-metres from extraction and the countdown-clock on about 20 seconds. Definitely not working as intended (although, quick, easy rewards are nice 😛 )
  12. Yeah, you shouldn't lose drops from relics as they get sent to your inventory, in case of something like this happening. So, you were given whatever the game thought you picked at the end of the first 5 rounds.
  13. OK, fair enough. The reason I bought up your PC being bad was because that seemed to be what you state in your OP, what with "wasting hours loading into PoE" and other things you mention, like "30 FPS". Secondly, if it was all to do with loading issues and host issues and disconnects, the forums would be awash with angry threads, demanding that DE do something about it. Which, right now, is not the case. Now, there might be a few and no one is going to argue that the game plays fantastically. It doesn't. Host migrations are commonplace and there has been talk of a "people getting thrown out of someone's first lobby of the day" bug, which essentially means that when someone logs on and does their first mission for that day, people get booted out of the squad for no reason. Now, i do believe DE has since fixed this and I have definitely noticed it a lot less, but it does still happen on a seldom occasion. The fact of the matter is, is that a large majority of the playerbase do not suffer from these issues (PS: I also run Warframe from an HDD). In the last 10 or so Eidolon fights I've done, I've not once been booted back to the main menu. I have suffered a host migration, simply because the host got fed up of waiting for someone to get lures and left, which does happen. The chance of this happening, from MY perspective is still relatively low. If you are suffering from these issues every single time you load into PoE, then I can only assume that either your PC is causing some issue (which it can), your internet speed is perhaps causing an issue (I don't know, as you haven't spoken about it), or some mix of the 2, compounded by squadding up with crappy hosts. Go into your settings and make sure not to load into any squads with over 200MS ping (at max) and you can also select "laptop mode", which is supposed to help speed things up for slower PCs/laptops. If you have done that, or you try it and are still getting issues, then I can only assume it is either your PC, your internet connection, or some mix of both. They don't really use any connection. It's Peer-2-Peer, which is indeed old fashioned, but is the only way of doing things that doesn't require dedicated servers. You connect directly to the host through his client essentially and solo-play is run directly from your machine (hence why you can pause in solo), with server-syncs happening at certain intervals (namely extraction) [hence why people get trade-banned so often for doing 12-hour endurance runs]. You might not think it, but I had a really good discussion with someone either on here or on Reddit a year or so ago about dedicated servers and the cost that I calculated from using big data-centre providers, was astronomical. It made the cost of Tennocon look like a trip to your local Starbucks.
  14. I was trying to be as nice to you as possible in my previous comment, but apparently you still don't understand, or don't want to understand. Would you expect GTA-V to run on a toaster? No, you wouldn't. Would you expect to be able to play Doom Eternal on a Calculator? No, you wouldn't. So, stop trying to make it out like DE CAN make Warframe run on a device that is clearly starting to show its age and might need an upgrade? Older tech only has a finite life-span and as graphics and such progress, that older tech will start to struggle. Now yes, your PC/laptop might have been able to run Warframe 60fps back in 2013 when it came out, but there are constant upgrades going on to the graphics and such, meaning that same laptop/PC WILL struggle with Warframe at some point. That is what happens with live-service games. They get upgraded over the course of their life, meaning at some point you will need newer tech to run it. it's why consoles have a "generational lifespan". You wouldn't expect EA or Ubisoft to make a game for the PS5 or Xbox Series X (when those ship) and then also have it playable on the OG Xbox or Playstation, would you? The same thing is happening here, just at a much slower rate.
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