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  1. Really like this idea (and the rest of the comment). On a failed attempt you still kill the Lich, but they say something like "This only makes me stronger! Be seeing you again soon!". I'd even be fine with some parting attack/debuff. Nothing that'd outright kill you, but enough to make you say 'uh oh'.
  2. Some method of forcing the Lich to retreat when you know you don't have the right mods would be nice, at least for early play. You need murmurs to figure out what mods you need so you can focus on refining/using the relics that drop them. I had to suicide by Lich twice before my first Murmur was complete. Think it's important to say that I AM still having fun with the new content, though.
  3. That's the way I read it; you effectively destroy the old weapon (A) that's been Exilus'd and/or Forma'd (*) to transfer the Exilus and/or Forma to the new weapon (B). So you end up with 'B*', not some (C)ombination of the two.
  4. This must be an optional setting, because I only recently got Ivara and definitely have to hold to cast ability 1. Hold to cast does make some sense; drawing the bow for the shot. A comment on another thread said if you died or entered bleedout by a means other than your Lich it'd cause them to de-spawn. Tested twice and determined it does NOT work (unsurprisingly).
  5. While mine was fully Enraged about 3/4 of the way through revealing the first known requiem mod. I like the ability to combine duplicate Kuva weapons, but the comments about duplicates not happening until you have all the weapons has some merit. I doubt they'd completely prevent duplicates in such a fashion, but weighting the chances in favor of a Lich having a weapon you haven't yet received/mastered seems tenable.
  6. Has anyone else been killed by their converted Lich, or is mine just a jerk? He showed up right next to me and immediately did the kill animation on me (like a failed Mercy attempt) then departed with an “Okay, that was fun, bye bye!”. Sure buddy, fun for YOU maybe.
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