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  1. I dislike sentinels because I get distracted by them floating above my head. I prefer pets who mostly stay out of my vision while doing their thing.
  2. As many others here have already said: Preventing the set bonus from working on your melee is a logical thing to do if you want to bring melee in line. Preventing the mods themselves from working seems a tad harsh. A handful of the mods on the list are actually good for the sentinel weapon itself rather than the sentinel weapon as a statstick.
  3. All of you guys who are saying that steel path isn't challenging are missing the point. It currently isn't. I know that. I've played the game too. This set of nerfs to melee might (start to) bring a little bit of challenge to it. That's a good direction to go in. This thread is directed at the people who DO think that steel path is currently too hard (or will be after the melee nerfs) and are whining about it.
  4. Let it be hard. If some players can't or won't tackle the challenge, that's fine. Not every single piece of content in a game has to be seen by every single player. Not every piece of content in the game needs to be steamrollable by every single player. If you're someone who thinks that the melee nerfs are too much, that the gun buffs aren't enough and "the on kill modifiers aren't worth anything because it's impossible to kill steel path enemies with guns" then Steel Path probably isn't for you. And that's fine. It's really fine. There's most of the game to be played outside of Steel Path. Just like how it's fine that I don't want to play a bullet hell shooter like Mushihimesama on max difficulty, it's fine that you don't want to fight Steel Path grineer. Just don't try to take the fun of the challenge away from everyone else. In this game, I'd like it a lot if there were normal faction missions (outside of steel path eidolons) that were remotely threatening to me while I was using the most powerful gear I could. I'd love it if I could say to myself "Yes, this is the most powerful loadout I can attain for this mission type" and then go into a mission and really struggle anyways. Why don't you want the hard mode to be hard? Edit: I do want to say that I personally think the timer on the buffs for the galvanized mods is too low. Weapons with long reload time will suffer. I just don't have any issue with them working "on kill."
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