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  1. Cheers for finally fixing this, DE; I didn't see it mentioned in any hotfix patch notes so didn't notice until a couple of days ago.
  2. I realise it isn't anywhere near as important as fixing Alad V's eyeball textures, but this has been broken for just over 22 weeks now.
  3. Daily Syndicate standing broke 19 (nineteen) weeks ago and has not yet been fixed. How much I can get can currently vary by 26k depending on whether or not I exhaust that daily limit before I start doing syndicate missions. Seriously, it's been 19 weeks.
  4. This has been broken for 18 weeks now.
  5. Syndicate cap standing bugged out 11 (eleven) weeks ago and hasn't been fixed. I assume you folks keep backups of working code in case a change breaks something?
  6. Daily syndicate standing cap broke ten (10) weeks ago and there's still no acknowledgement of the bug or any mention of it being fixed.
  7. Someone broke how syndicate standing cap works nine weeks ago and it still hasn't been fixed yet.
  8. Daily Syndicate standing cap broke 8 weeks ago and has still not been fixed.
  9. Daily Syndicate standing cap function broke some seven weeks ago and has not yet been fixed.
  10. Broken for 30 days now, still the case as of today:
  11. Standing for syndicate missions counting against the daily cap is not on the list of fixes? It's been 4 weeks since someone broke it.
  12. It's been 23 days by my count since this first started happening. Could we get this fixed please?
  13. Standing rewards from syndicate missions has been deducted from the standing cap available from worn sigil(s) for nearly 3 weeks and is still not fixed:
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