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  1. Four you can get in-game, the other you can't without buying it in the market? At least it's not the spore mass decoration... I got three of those last week, which would make my orbiter look like my kubrow needs a serious adjustment to its diet 🙃
  2. A constructive, I hope, suggestion: Nobody - and I mean nobody (except the person who came up with the idea) - likes grab bags. Why not reward "Twitch tokens" that can be redeemed for that week's items in-game? People could then get what they're after for watching streams. There's no need to push rng down our throats outside of the game as well as in it (I got all three individual noggles last week, fortunately, but only after getting Konzu three times in the first four drops). Too obvious / sensible an idea? 🤔 Edit: After listening to Megan on the stream, I realised it's a trick-or-treat grab bag (trick-or-treating may have originated on the Emerald Isle if you believe wikipedia, but in my experience it's barely observed any more) so it kind of makes sense to have randomised rubbish in there... but my point still stands for the other grab bags that we've had: nobody thinks they're a good way to distribute drops.
  3. #2627437 - found a hole on a Europa ice planet tileset rescue mission that dropped me inside the prison without having already hacked the console to enter the prison complex, nor did it spawn any jailers.
  4. If DE lets a season drag on until people who are playing casually can finish it at their pace, we'll never get another season/intermission/whatever. We've all known it would end at some point, whether via TennoCon, or hitting prestige rank 60 and seeing that there were no more beyond that, or simple common sense knowing that it's been around for quite some time and DE had already said they weren't planning on a replacement until after TennoCon so it's fair to assume that time is running out. No offence, but if you're not playing regularly enough for whatever reason to get the rewards that you knew were available if only you would play, then that's on you and is just part of life. I don't mean to disrespect what other things you might have been doing with your time, we all have work/family/study/whatever obligations and other leisure activities, but I was badly ill for a month back in 2018 - eventually being take to A&E in an ambulance and a subsequent stay in hospital - and must have missed out on a whole bunch of alerts and invasion rewards at the time, but it never occurred to me to get on the forums and complain about missing out over something that was entirely beyond my control and that I didn't have half a year during which I could have worked my way towards getting them, so pardon me if my sympathy for your plight is extremely, extremely limited. Once again, it's been, what, six months? Am I going to log into another game that I haven't put time into and complain that I can't get their game season rewards because I haven't been putting the time in? That is the crux of it. Whining about lack of warning doesn't change that.
  5. ...did you *start* this Nightwave when Sisters of Parvos was released? 🤔
  6. Craft one a day whether you need it or not! 🖖
  7. I got 26 potatoes from Glassmaker - which no one would claim that I needed - and that was *with* the prestige ranks cap. Making them unlimited would simply exacerbate the disparity between the can-complete-NW-challenges players and and the cannot-through-no-fault-of-their-own-complete-NW-challenges players. I do think, though, that the return of nitain alerts wouldn't hurt, to give players - particularly newer players - an additional way to obtain them so people aren't entirely reliant on being able to play when the alerts are live (which was the previous problem). They could even be GFTL-style 24-hour alerts and/or invasion rewards to remove issues with time zones, availability to play, etc.
  8. Alerts (back when we had alerts), invasions, Gift-from-the-Lotus 24h alerts, sorties, events, and now from Nightwave. Eventually you acquire them faster than you use them (will add another 18* once I hit NW intermission rank 60, which is more than I've expended since this NW began). *still have quite a store of spare aura mods - from back when we used to get them from alerts - that I give to new players that I run into on public missions who need one, otherwise I would most likely end up using my NW creds to get more of those instead
  9. Yup, definitely something I advise newer players to do whether they need it or not (then again, even if not putting them onto early-game items in the arsenal, they'll eventually want to craft things that require a forma). 👍 Everything in my arsenal (aside from pets) is green-and-white with orange as my energy colour. The shamrock colour palette was a godsend 😁
  10. Whoa 😮 I don't spend much time on the forums - those forma bps don't farm themselves - but let me just say that... I'm still gutted about the time Irishstevie got a 1k plat drop. So close 🤣
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