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  1. So, it would appear that as I was about to Qualify for the Legendary Test 1, the game locks up on a black screen - and then crashes, with the bug report prompt window popping up for submitting the issue. I am not sure what caused it, I did practice for it and it seemed to let me do that just fine. There were folks giving Affinity Blessings, I was using Hildryn and one of the new Tenet weapons (Tenet Envoy) before going in. I did not take pictures of it, but now I'm stuck on this cooldown. I wish it could get removed and let me try again this time. It's no biggie, but I was hoping to get it done and over with.
  2. Cripes! Yeah, the new "Harrier" UI theme is what did it. I managed to Convert my new lich, and the positive responses were 'gold', while the negatives were white. That solved it. Alright, that was less confusing now that I know what happened. Thank you fort your assistance!!
  3. Thank you. I will do that, I've been at the game for 4-6 years now, and done this plenty of times - I don't know what setting I changed to warrant this, or what DE did to warrant the change... ... Or some visual bug.
  4. So I learned that I 'did' use one Requiem mod wrong - but somehow, it doesn't go Red and do a strike-through to show it was wrong. I did mess with my UI color elements when I re-discovered I could customize those elements, but I don't know why it wouldn't use red for when I fail a stab...
  5. Yes'em. I get the "white" prompt for the requiem, but the Lich beats her chest, goes through the level-up animations and effects - and yeets outta there. (Strange, now that I look at it, it's white -- but has a slash through it. It should be 'red'. What?)
  6. I think there is a bug with my Lich, currently, where if you manage to shank it with the right Parazon "Requiem" mod, it goes through leveling and escaping phases anyway (even when at level 5) - and it prevents me from moving forward with dealing with my Lich. That - or I had a streak of horrendous luck right now. Is it possible for Kuva Liches with the Coward quirk to have a nerf, where each time they successfully escape, the chance of them escaping the next time lowers each time? Would be nice given that I have all her Requirms known - but no, she decides to leave on stab.
  7. So, my intro for this thread is finding ways to improve Limbo So, after looking at the ways some of the DE Dev teams and Pablo approach how they revise and improve Warframes and their abilities, there are a couple that stands out the most are the following: One ability that cycles through 4 different effects. Abilities that alternate between effects when tapping or holding down a key when casting. And what I want to do is implement that into Limbo's kit. The issue that there are players today that don't like to play with people who use a Limbo, and some don't like using a Limbo, is because Limbo's abilities can be disruptive to how other people want to play, and Limbo can't quite control that - other than refraining from using his abilities except during certain circumstances that are widely acceptable to other players (Building for short range and high duration as possible and casting Cataclysm on a defense objective, Banishing other players purposefully to rush through enemies to extract quickly in some circumstances, etc). So I thought I propose some feedback through changes to some of Limbo's kit. Starting from top to bottom for his abilities, and the same for his passive. I do want to clarify that what I'm about the share is not THE defacto fix(es) for Limbo, and that isn't my intention and DE can literally do whatever it is they want - but I hope this likely inspires them to make better improvements to Limbo and whatever other frames and functions this could be applied to. Let's start off with the abilities - and the proposed changes after them: Banish - "Banishes enemies and allies alike into the Rift on cast." - change it so that players can "tap" to place enemies into the Rift, and "hold" to banish Allies instead, separating the abilities effects so Limbo can choose who he wants to banish instead, rather than just a blanket effect depending on the casting point - plus, making it "tap" for banishing enemies helps prevent allies from making the mistake of banishing allies who didn't want to be under the effect. Stasis - "Enemies are frozen in place if they happen to be in the Rift." - not sure it really needs any changes, it's really good on it's own. Someone might suggest any improvements or changes, but for now, I have no idea. Rift Surge - "Enemies in the Rift who are under this effect will Banish other enemies adjacent to them outside the Rift." - ... To be honest, I don't know what audience or demographic finds this ability useful, and I admit though - I believe I don't find it useful. Most people would rather not be put under Banish as much as they would not like to stay in the Rift for prolonged periods of time to utilize this particular ability as much as possible. Some people want to use their weapons, powers, or both unabated. I would recommend changing it to something else entirely that is useful, or make it a cyclable ability with 3 other extra effects - Rift Surge as one, and whatever 3 there will be (Enemies fight each other, enemy weapons are disable, enemies are morph into harmless or less harmful creatures while in the Rift and under the effect, etc?) Cataclysm - "Tear open a huge pocket to the Rift plane for a short time." - not sure if this ability needs changing, as there is probably a big enough audience who doesn't mind being in the Rift in whatever circumstance warrants using Cataclysm. Passive - "Limbo opens a small portal to the Rift and shifts into another dimension as he dodges, and comes back into the physical world by dodging again" - Again, change it where "tapping" the dodge key allows Limbo to "transition" into the Rift without leaving behind a portal, and "holding" allows Limbo to "transition" into the Rift and leaving a portal behind him. Also, it would be nice if there was proper incentive, and a non-invasive one at that, that encourages players to use their powers when in the Rift - since powers affect enemies no matter what plane they are on. But I am not sure how that both be properly conveyed to new players and any player that is unaware of this fact when working in proximity to a Limbo, and neither do I have any idea how to make it worthwhile. Perhaps enemies are more prone/vulnerable to Warframe powers when under the effects of the Rift? Perhaps Warframe powers are augmented while in the Rift? I am not sure.
  8. Alright. I thought it was some bug, but it seems the nerf was intentional. I'm worried DE is only looking at their game at some kind of face level - rather than getting a thorough enough understanding of their game by just getting in there, all admin stuff revoked during the process - no exceptions, and just dealing with the gameplay, grind, etc; until they have a good enough idea why the issues in the game are present as they are.
  9. I will move a post I made in the latest Hotfix thread over to here for context. "Not sure if intended - but the missions rewards for doing R-9 and H-2 Cloud are not worthwhile anymore.Did I miss something or is this bug?" After reading around for a bit, folks were saying that the rewards were a bit much... and to be honest - I didn't really think so. I was at the highest difficulty for a Railjack mission, granted I was playing Solo, and it was actually fun to play that mission with the amount of rewards it used to. I legitimately had fun doing it again and again. I wanted to ask if this is a bug at the moment, unintended, and if anyone else had opinions on it.
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