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  1. How would you tell a normal excalibur from a umbra excalibur if you do that? That is one of the major reason DE ignore these requests. That his defining feature you remove it you have a simple excalibur until you leave the suit and go operator.
  2. This is how i understood it as well but everyone else is like trying to find some justifiable reason to kill natah. Even when she so called sent the new ediolon after us she never cared for it to kill you and didn't even cared if it died she more cared to tell you why the lotus was a lie. Like she is trying to convince you to hate her. Well whatever to each his own
  3. I am not sure there is "officially Linux support" from DE but it is possible. Since Linux is built with Windows in mind unlike mac.
  4. I have been wondering but why trying to change their perception. There are people who are just blood thirsty and will not change their mind about wanting to kill the lotus even though there isn't a sufficient reason to in my opinion. I wouldn't waste the effort trying to convince them anyhow since DE won't make you kill off the lotus anytime soon. Its obvious they're not going to do that. DE is more likely to make you enslave her or rescue her than kill her off.
  5. Another one of these threads. I'm not gonna say its impossible to port but its very ridiculous hard to port because Apple made it that way. Apple would prefer you don't put windows products on their machine and use theirs and this says a lot for gaming. If a game was built on windows initially it will not run out of the box on mac. DE has to have a team dedicated to just making a new complete build that is completely different from the windows build in every way plus finding software that they would normally use on windows but the equivalent that only works on mac will also be difficult. plus bug reports from changing so much code is going to be a headache. Honestly in my opinion it is not worth it, but if you can find someone that makes a program that acts as a medium between Windows and Mac OS maybe DE could bridge the gap with less work. But that in it self may have too many self underling problems with using a third party.
  6. Listen to all these blood thirsty people in this thread.
  7. Nice eyes. DE I beg you can we have the man in the wall climb on your back when your in navigation selecting runs and whisper in your ear with those new creepy eyes. That would be so cool
  8. Friends is there such a word in my vocabulary. Let me check. no All jokes aside To answer the question, solo is the prefered method in most cases and in rare cases my only warframe friend may get on and we do runs together and hang out with him and so on.
  9. As much as I am not a lover for mac or apple related hardware. It would be nice if Warframe could release there. Unfortunately from last time I checked mac eco structure makes it very hard for windows programs to fluently run without problems. Until mac makes their programs more friendly to other operating system(which will never happen its a money making business) or someone makes a interface/medium that makes mac able to interface through that medium and speak to windows through that same medium and not draw a nil valve or other words crash. Even if demand was their that is a lot of work for DE to make a mac able version So unfortunately as others have said your in for a long wait.
  10. YfW she turns out to be Margulis in disguise and was never really executed and hiding out this whole time. And Ponies roam the stars in SPACE
  11. Is this Nef making a ghost busters reference in where it statue wil move in some nefarious plan? OH dear god if this turns into a new game mode that uses arch wings I'm gonna say nope really hard
  12. This is new to me its more bright on my end are you sure its not because of the low settings why its dark? This I will agree with it needs to have a continuous spawn mode, or spawn for a number of waves etc. Honestly nothing is wrong with the holes my main concern is that the map is quite too small they could expand it and you wouldn't notice holes anymore
  13. See another one that sees everything as black and white. Ordis ha don't make me laugh. Ordis was given by the lotus to us as a wake up present along with the oribter. Now let me ask you something. Ordis we know hes back history yes, we know how he become a cephalon. But during that time orokin fell and lotus cradling us in Lua where was ordis all this time and can you positively say hes not a plant by the lotus and can you all say that all the information he receiving now is not from the lotus controlling us through ordis without ordis knowing? Yes I believe ordis is a plant whether willing or not to always keep a watchful eye on us. This is why I said Lotus is calculating, manipulative she wanted to be found, Lotus wanted Ballas to take her away. Meaning Lotus planned that meeting ages ago. Which if that is true then did the helmet actually reprogrammed her or did it do something else. So her claim that the helmet enslaved her is BS I'm not gonna believe that crap. She abandon us so many times in the story leading up to the sacrifice that I'm 100% positively sure she has been planning this for years. With the helmet on. Which goes to my final question if she was planning to kill us all for so long why go a roundabout way of doing it. Here is something else to think about Stalker She planted the stalker on the ship during second dream there is no other way the stalker could of reached that ship without her help and even if he could reach the ship no way in hell would ordis let him on board willingly. Only reason why I she would do that in my opinion is to ensure we were strong enough to defend ourselves even without a warframe.
  14. You took everything she said at face value even know how cold calculating and manipulative the Lotus is . Reason Why I don't believe that is because -As I stated she is a cold and calculating woman even before Ballas Miraculously found her when Grineer and Corpus couldn't -She is very manipulative and uses anyone and anything to achieve her objective even us. -Lua is a Maze with traps armed and ever changing landcape and yet. YET Ballas knew which route to take which turn to take which door to open and which portal to go through to find the Lotus and even miraculously disarm her security and remove her from her pod before she knew about? BS just straight BS. Too many plot holes lay huge and everlasting deep here. its Obvious Lotus wanted to be found and its obvious lotus wanted to us to see her be taken to go looking for her. Its too convenient to be black and white I honestly believe Lotus is still there and she and Natah may have come to an agreement to do something which involves us but to do so she has to be seen as the enemy for us to do it. I believe even teaming up with Alad V is also apart of it would make sense why she yearns to evolve with a sentinent and tenno body combination but need Alad V to do the ground work. So that story she took the time to told us during the ropaloli fight no point of it sounded menacing and yet she went out of her way to inform us of her plans and warn us that a judgement will occur soon and it will come for us. So no I don't hate her nor do I see a reason to hate and knowing DE they are gonna throw a wrench into your killing space mom vendetta to saving/enslaving her instead.
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