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  1. I am not sure there is "officially Linux support" from DE but it is possible. Since Linux is built with Windows in mind unlike mac.
  2. As much as I am not a lover for mac or apple related hardware. It would be nice if Warframe could release there. Unfortunately from last time I checked mac eco structure makes it very hard for windows programs to fluently run without problems. Until mac makes their programs more friendly to other operating system(which will never happen its a money making business) or someone makes a interface/medium that makes mac able to interface through that medium and speak to windows through that same medium and not draw a nil valve or other words crash. Even if demand was their that is a lot of work for DE to make a mac able version So unfortunately as others have said your in for a long wait.
  3. This is new to me its more bright on my end are you sure its not because of the low settings why its dark? This I will agree with it needs to have a continuous spawn mode, or spawn for a number of waves etc. Honestly nothing is wrong with the holes my main concern is that the map is quite too small they could expand it and you wouldn't notice holes anymore
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