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  1. Why is this so random. Why do certain hoods hide them and others don't, the newset ones in particular still allow them. I can understand the hair clipping issues but accesories for the most part don't make any sense. Only reason why I got some of the fortuna ones is because they allowed to be used with the atmos mask for example. Cosmetics are the only way we have to somewhat create a "character" that is ours, and we put effort into grinding resources and standing to do so, now this operator is back to being a faceless amp carrying tool instead, because reasons?
  2. Adds arching ground weapons. Puts 10 minute cooldown on use. Patch notes brought to you by [DE]Thanos
  3. Can anyone clarify what this vague thing means? Is it just an aesthetic change, or did they just did something dumb like draining pets shields during freezing weather?
  4. 4 to 100kb/s on the launcher.... are there any alternative ways to download this thing? I'm looking at the game being ready to play sometime between 6 and 8 hours from now (and that's if the update doesn't fail at 4% for a third time)... why?
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