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  1. regen/primed regen will respawn your sentinels a limited number of times. And keeping yourself mobile will keep your sentinel alive (your mobility is pretty much the biggest factor in NPC hit calculations). pets pretty much require something like (primed) pack leader to keep them going, and even then are likely to need to be revived sometimes, mostly either because of terrible pet mechanics (they don't bother keeping up with you) or because you're about to be overwhelmed yourself anyway. Vulps do have infinite revives, but they seem to die pretty easy so spend much of their time not doing as much as you'd like.
  2. It used to be mandatory, not a benefit/drawback thing. The current simplified version, it doesn't care. Day cycles only affect reward rotation.
  3. been seeming quiet on PC as well. I've been spending less time there, and in game in general, mostly because there hasn't really been anything interesting to do in a good long while. I blame that development has focused on corpus stuff over the past 2 years. They aren't a fun faction, they aren't an interesting faction. I got the more interesting stuff done, all that's left is grinding lame corpus stuff, which I'm not gonna do. I mean once devs focus back on interesting content, I'll probably buy whatever prime pack is going, use the 90 day affinity booster to rank up all the stuff I've collected but haven't maxed, pick up the primes I've missed, etc. 90 day boosters guarantee 90 days of activity for me, I just don't have a compelling reason to get it right now.
  4. From overframe.gg, I think it's the top rated build, the mecha build. It requires a dog-type companion for ultimate procs, I went pharaoh predasite because it spreads even more procs I think. And cedo is pretty essential too. Lavos loves procs.
  5. With that info and loop, I usually top the kills in SP as well. Spreading the procs works even better in SP than elsewhere. It helps to learn the procs.
  6. I'm using a mecha build from overframe. Pretty much been maining him. You have to learn the effects of all the elements so you can pick which ones to use when. It works best if you consider each ability as different ways to spread procs. You can switch the hold/tap for his abilities in the menus, and imo, doing so is essential for Lavos. My play loop, I look for a cluster of enemies to drop a 4 bomb. I look for another cluster and cast 3 (it's a directional cast) to recharge my 4. I sprinkle some 2 whenever I have a moment and think it'll do some good (2 is interruptible by jumping out of it, I almost never waste the time going the full distance.) I don't use his 1 because I have lots of ways managing my health and that's the most cumbersome of them. When I have all the enemies all loaded up with procs, I use my cedo's alt fire to clear out what the procs didn't, and what that doesn't kill will now be loaded with so many procs it's easy to eliminate however I feel like it. My results, I usually top the kills in squads, frequently by a decent margin, though I will very occasionally get out performed by some of the more serious nukes built and used well. Spread the procs.
  7. Definitely mirage. My "I-don't-want-to-be-doing-this-mission" frame. You'll rack up tons of kills with minimal input. There are drawbacks and limitations, but for especially terrible maps and tedious missions, Mirage gets it done. The big downside is that legermain doesn't really seem to scale that well to higher level content, and I cba'd to master the rest of the kit when there are other frames I prefer for that content anyway.
  8. There's plenty of room for flexibility, but I like Lavos with his signature cedo. He can basically ignore enemy level. However, some of the missions are annoying enough I'll use something more optimal for those scenarios, for example I still like Gauss for capture. Wukong is probably the most popular frame for SP, though I've never been into him. The important part is making max use of your frame and weapons. Google can help you figure out builds, but you'll have to git gud regardless. Lavos does well because his playstyle is the same playstyle that beats high level stuff: focusing on status, supported by crit. I'm still collecting primary arcanes and galv mods, they aren't strictly necessary. Condition Overload has been nerfed, but it's still pretty much mandatory. Bubonico for the innate viral on the secondary attack, which softens up enemies, and because it's innate can also be stacked with heat and corrosive which both soften up armor. You'd do well to mix/match primary and secondary to cover any scenario (tonight, my kuva brakk butchered the ropalolyst, which my cedo build wasn't optimized for.) Arcanes can be pretty essential for your tank, though if you can't get the ones for your frame, at least try to get the ones for your operator for healing. Speaking of which, don't forget to make use of your operator. When it comes to traversing maps, they are as fast as the fastest frames, and on some tiles significantly faster.
  9. The problem is newjack is bad. Be more careful about making sure you're set for solo and it's slightly less bad.
  10. vanquish gets the weapon and ephemera if it has one, convert gets the ephemera if it has one and turns them into a sort of assistant (the value as an assistant isn't worth losing out on the weapon though, you probably don't want to convert unless you are ridiculously bored with your life.) To beat them to get the option of convert/vanquish, you've gotta hit them with the correct requiem mods, in the correct order, keeping in mind Oull is a wildcard. When you make an attempt, it tests the mods you have equipped in order. Collecting murmurs by mercy'ing the hounds (thralls for liches) can reveal what requiem mods are required, but not the order. You can minimize the number of attempts, and thus speed the process, by strategic ordering of the mods and use of Oull.
  11. murmurs reveal the 3 mods but not the order. Making an attempt at the lich tests them, in order.
  12. base captures on fortuna. Other options might have more xp in very short bursts, but the longer set up times pretty much negate that. base captures you can jump right in and keep it going, then shake aggro if you're getting overwhelmed, and get right back in again once you've recovered.
  13. wrote out a response, realized the title is a yes/no question. Answer: Yes.
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