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  1. mkah_mvet's post in Railjack turrets was marked as the answer   
    Copied from my (updated) spreadsheet, damage calculations assuming zetki with max bonus, max hyperstrike mod (which is the only one I felt was worth making room for on my build since turrets really aren't all that important), intrinsics, and any other bonuses.  Damage includes heat/cooldown and crits.  Range is base falloff, considering a practical effective range depends on too many factors that can't turn up an objective number.
    Laith 700-1400m 29,600 DPS
    Vort 2000-4000m 26,302 DPS
    Glazio 2000-3000m 22,429 DPS
    Apoc 2000-4000m 21,674 DPS
    Carcinnox 2000-4000m 20,496 DPS
    Cryophon 700-1400m 17,526 DPS
    Pulsar 3000-6000m 16,579 DPS
    Talyn 3000-6000m 16,316 DPS
    Photor 2500-5000m 11,757 DPS
    What that does not take into account is projectile size, projectile type, projectile speed (all of which, along with accuracy, could be combined into an "effective range" stat but would be subjective) or damage type/status and volley damage.
    Those numbers in mind, it's a no brainer to me to go Laith on main guns.  In newjack corpus missions there's only really 1 thing for you to shoot at anyway and it doesn't move around that much.  For side guns I stuck with Carcinnox because I know from experience they have a decent balance of effective range and applied damage.  I did not test damage application with the other newjack guns.
  2. mkah_mvet's post in Queenpin Room? (Or melding with Kuva Lich Room?) was marked as the answer   
    My understanding was that the crimson branch room was originally supposed to have a lot more features than just trading.  That makes me think it's going to be used for queenpins as well.  I don't think they've outlined the exact differences (like what the corpus version of murmurs will be) but they have said the learning experiences from both will be applied to both, and that they'll involve railjack like they originally wanted to.
  3. mkah_mvet's post in Orphix Venom and Quest Sequence-Breaking (SPOILERS!) was marked as the answer   
    you already know the spoiler, so yeah, I would just do it.  The rewards are too good, most of which haven't been available since a full year ago and you never know when you'll get the chance again.
  4. mkah_mvet's post in Best primary for Gauss was marked as the answer   
    I'm all about his signature weapons.  Acceltra is literally made for him, and if you've built gauss for his 4, he's a highly competitive nuke frame. 
    -an assault rifle
    -with explosive rounds, so you don't have to stop moving to aim,
    -the rounds won't easily explode at your feet which is helpful when you're always on the move and not really aiming,
    -it reloads faster when gauss is on the move
    -and if you've built around his 4th it can spray a near-constant stream of explosions. 
    His signature secondary, akarius, is okay but I only find myself switching to it to hit flying targets which weapons with flight time have a hard time with otherwise (the weapon otherwise is like the acceltra but slower fire rate and seeking rounds.)  I pair with carrier for a companion for the ammo conversion, which both those weapons need some kind of ammo conversion.  I go with nikana prime for my melee mostly because it's good and fits with his look.
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