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  1. Heya! So first of all, I have no idea where I should stick this (I'd guess UI?), but as the title says, the game lost my favorite colors. They consisted of some green, grayscale and golden-ish colors and while it's not gamebreaking in any way, it does rustle my fashionframe jimmies a lot :c Unfortunately I have little to no idea what could have caused it, I purchased the pumpkin head, wanted to recolor my Rhino Prime, and noticed my favs were empty.
  2. Having similar issues over here. I had maybe a handful of host migrations for the last few years, but lately I can't go a single day without at least two of them. I'll join random public sessions, and then midway through the mission I'll start getting lags and then Host migration. Sometimes I'm lucky and can rejoin/continue solo, other times everything is gone into the void. Especially annoying when you were like 5 enemies away from a C rotation. There's nothing changed over here. Same PC, same router, same ping restrictions when matchmaking.
  3. Grab a frame with good ranged damage. Or good old Ignis. Enter plains, check the tiny pond directly in front. Turn west, go to that small lake, go a bit north to the path, turn east, and when you are at Konzu's tent turn back and leave the plains. This is my usual conservation run, so it should work for killing the critters too.
  4. Would it be possible to mention that radius somewhere? I've been trying the aura, wondering if 18% was really barely that un-noticeable. If it only has a 16m radius, it does make a lot of sense though.
  5. Any Corpus Defense where you can reliably kill things will work great. I believe Venus has a Defense node which you should be able to farm for Oxium. Corpus Survivals work too, but I prefer Defense because I'm lazy like that.
  6. Mars disruption mission does not seem to give any rewards. I did three rounds of perfect defense with a random (Shoutout to them, they were cool), which should have given 2x Meso and one Neo/rare resource set. I got no relics at all. There was no "popup" in the bottom left about having received anything during the mission either. https://i.imgur.com/914c2mW.png https://i.imgur.com/XJnIvOF.png Reward image as links as to not clutter things up
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