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  1. Hello there! So, i've played on Perrin Sequence spy mission on Earth, looked for quittances and i've got three identical spy rooms, you can see proofs here. And here:
  2. Trolling means more posts on r\warframe EDIT: Garesh is just a quintessense of trolling
  3. Ok, guys! I've got and idea! IDEA: What if we get +10 pearls to our reward for each 10 kills of executioners? So if you play actively, you'll get up to +150 pearls per run and if you afk, you'll get nothing (Like sometimes afk players on sanctuary onslaught doesn't get my Trin Resist, or get no reward for arbitration rotation. Plus, they could make it like Index, but without lvl scaling, so we don't need re-launch this mission every time. New IDEA: Every 10 kills redusing time by one minute (This idea came to me while writing the text), so pro players can waste only 1-2 minutes of their lives per run
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