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  1. im not a fan of ideas like this either, because i like to play with newbies, i met great friends this way too, so, its like you said.
  2. the newbie problem could easily be fixed with something like MR brackets, so that for example only MR0 to 5 could matchmaking with each other, MR6-9 and so on.
  3. Please do not buck the trend of nerfing!!

    hes obviously very ironic because of the recent "nerfs"
  4. Just remove spectral scream.

    spectral scream is literally useless, why would you EVER press 1 and be incapacipated for the whole duration? i do more dmg if i fart, we need somethnig different, this is utterly garbage maybe make it so that spectral scream is interacting with his 4 ability, like buffing it, supporting it, in some way, dunno
  5. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.5

    thank you DE would it be possible for you to change free roam, so that player's who chose to leave, can leave, without making the other player's leaving too? just for free roam on poe
  6. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.4

    please fix the UI bug, sometimes i can't see my resources, nor minimap! x(
  7. this is a big issue, this need to be fixed asap, otherwise more and more people will complain and may even leave because of plain stupidity
  8. Oberon Prime Access begins May 30!

    i love oberon, and so oberon prime even more, but please, fix the back of his head... it's terrible. awesome patch ! <3
  9. Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.6.1

    that's awesome! i love these oberon tweaks and you DE <3 thanks
  10. Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.5.2

    You can now hit “enter” to add to your Chat filters! that alone, so worth, TY DE
  11. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    well, both of the designs are trash, now it's so @(*()&#036; nerfed and clunky to use, sucks &amp;#&#33;. DE need to make bladestorm INTERESTING, all they did was making it more trash, the problem here is the automatic kill cam, that's just boring, no engagement, no fun, it sucks.
  12. Octavia’s Anthem: Update 20.3.0

    sadly, i didn't even build him yet, lmao. shame on me, it's in the oven tho! thanks for the updates, as usually! <3
  13. Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.2.3

    limbo got nerfed, lets see if cataclysm still does a good amount of dmg not to be useless, i use him for cc anyway
  14. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    i would like to see, if bladestorm is activated, 3 shadow clones will spawn assisting him(but are invulnerable), mirror-ing all his abilites.. would be more ninja like and fun as well