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  1. i literally need to puke while playing with these melee changes, just give us an option to turn on old melee mode, i cant play like this
  2. Im still asking for my Melee mode back, give it back to me, you ruined my life.
  3. instead of writing a useless comment like this, maybe you should try to be useful in this discussion because hes completely right. melee is dogS#&$ right now just because we can't configure it like we want to, the combos, this automatic S#&$, its absolutely awful, in my opinion. i dislike it very much and it ruins the game for me.
  4. please give us the holster back, fûcking hate this change, it's so sh!t i don't even play anymore and certainly wont play in the future anymore. just give players like me the option to switch it back to how it was, like you do with other stuff too, it shouldn't be too difficult, everything else is pretty neat but this change is absolute dogsh!t for me.
  5. please give us back melee mode, i really don't like this automatic switch at all.
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