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  1. Greetings fellow Tennos From my point of view, the abilitys from Gauss are rly good in terms of synergy and with a konstant movement the energy cost goes down too. (red line) My only points thats makes the Frame little unfun to play are about Mach Rush. I agree with Ubermacho. Even with all sprint mods, amalgan serration and dispatch overdrive Gauss falls of in speed. I mostly use archwing in open world because the time my team is at the objective im still would be running behind. My suggestion: 1. Because of different map layouts (open world/closed tilesets) let "Mach Rush" increase the speed after a set amount of time. For example you start running and after x seconds the speed ramps up. In that way you can use the 1 in closed tilesets without losing control and on open field be fast. 2. Combining Mach Rush with directional imput. For example: Holding D while pressing 1 make Gauss mach rush to the right but keeps the camera aimed in the original direction. That way its easier to control him during combat/movement without counter rotate the camera over and over aggain. ^^
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