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  1. You guys are freaking out over something that haven't even reached its final form, something that devs made abundantly clear, lets give them some credit and wait till after the 2nd part is added. I played on PS4 since launch and I think this is a great update and will probably make more sense once we have the part 2 of UI overhaul as it's not meant to work with this old stuff. It's not perfect tho so here are things to improve: 1. When moding add grab and hold option/toggle. 2. When hovering over wep/frame have a square open appearance, triangle upgrade and cross equip. (Just like a mouse has several buttons it would make sense that our pointer does too) 3. Have the pointer give visual feedback (like change shape or color when it's clicking on something) and the menu that is being select visually highlighted or change color. 4. Ability to close chat tabs by clicking on them directly instead of opening sub menu and ability to drag them. 5. When under appearance have right stick always rotate frame (bonus if you add another axis) and have r3 reset to center front and center back on second click. 6 Unrelated; but give me a shoulder toggle back when aiming.

    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    By the time the spores ramp up and kill stuff you could very well just shoot all the enemies manually with any half decent gun assuming your teammates with stronger/faster acting frames don't kill them before you. Real enemies don't stand around like they do in simulcarium; they move spread and shoot at you with aimbot reaction and accuracy, some like detron crewman will 1 shot you even at fairly low levels, so at the level where the "scaling damage" becomes relevant and by the time it would climb anywhere up too a useful level the enemy usually stompes your face or objective into the dirt unless you resort to other cheese tactics to stay alive that long. Saryn is going to be like mag now; another warframe that gets outperformed by 3/4 of the roster with half as much effort or risk.
  3. People in this thread have lots of good ideas on how to make endless good, DE should apply that to all missions in general. #BringBackEndgame

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    Any community is toxic when people in it start doing something disrespectful or ignorant, if the person isn't contributing to the squad then he is both and deserves it; a new person genuinely trying their hardest falling over in mission will get picked up almost every time and will rarely hear anyone really say anything mean to them but people are just straight up leaching in bounties and it has to be dealt with. In terms of toxicity the raids had dynamics where 3 good players could carry and teach the rest of the squad at no real detriment to them but the new edilons have no room for such thing players who like getting stuff done in a single night will be avoiding and extremely toxic towards anyone not on their level when it comes to the Hydrolyst caps; there is no room for that in a 4 man squad revolving around an activity forcing all 4 players to be on top of their role. Sure there are players who can solo Hydrolyst but not everyone has a Lanka riven and all the other trinkets to do so. Frankly, if they have to they will just carry on solo instead of carrying some time after time.

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    So you are removing trials? Fine, but how about you axe conclave and archwing; the other two modes no one plays and you yourself haven't done anything to or about over a year. I played your PoE stuff for two months and it got old after two weeks, if you want to keep forcing us to do more PoE how about giving us "vote to kick" option because nothing brings me to boiling point more than "that guy" that goes fishing from stage 2 onwards of a bounty. Since you are on the wawe of making WF more "fun" at all costs how about fixing unfun armor scaling, napalm death spheres, aincent healers random 1hko, remove combas and scrambus from the game and put all mods back into transmutation tables; do all that and then I'll believe in what you are putting down until then I am chalking it up to blatant disrespect towards your veteran players.

    Warframe Soundtrack: Get your digital copy now!

    Sadly its missing the defining track of Warframe: Drums of War .