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  1. Yeah, the wolf fight wasn't really what I expected.. Still I'd like to see something that would help us increase the standing.
  2. Yeah, you do have a point. Europa is very problematic with the npcs path finding, just makes the issue a lot worse unfortunately..
  3. Seriously, it took me around 25 minutes to complete the excavation sortie today, I was finding one enemy every 15 seconds and it was the most boring thing I've done in the game lately. Not to mention survival when you want to go for a long run and there's just not nearly enough enemies to keep a steady flow of life support even when using Nekros or Hydroid. I know they have mentioned this before but it needs to be fixed asap, it's literally game breaking.
  4. Same thing happening here, feels like the cloth animation is at 30 or lower fps while the game is over 200.
  5. We are rarely having devstreams anymore
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