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  1. O.O thats ok, it doesnt hurt at all when using melee
  2. *laughs in 100% damage reduction*
  3. tbh being 100% is op. kinetic plating + 100% redline is the best tank ever
  4. yes it does last long enough but with 250% duration it only last for the last it takes more than 30s to reach 100% with full battery on if i keep it full. thats too long for fast paced game
  5. gauss is perfect but there is 1 problem here. gauss abilities drain battery and redline has a function where it can negate those battery drain when the counter reach 100% the problem is the duration of redline is not long enough to reach 100% for players to enjoy the 100% counter benefit. either make efficiency reduces the battery drain or make duration to build counter faster or maybe make mach rush boost the counter for xx% each cast
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