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  1. xD we have been dueling for sometime now, and it's easy for us to notice when a melee is performing better than it should. It's just pretty easy in general to know if ppl have melee rivens or not. U in for the tournament doe?
  2. Not rly, we can still invite u from the duel "instance", it's pretty much the same now, w8 no it's much better for different stuff. Anyway like i said don't worry about watching the fights, we will take care of anything, just tell me whether u wanna join or not (if yes give me ur discord)
  3. Well discord is kind of like skype, just a chat, with calls and all, and we kind of need to have ppl in there so we don't forget who we have xD. See if u can create a discord acc , it's pretty ez.
  4. TDG is hosting a Dojo Dueling tournament, with the following rules: - Melee Only - Riven mods are not allowed if u bring a riven we will know, u can't hide it and you'll be disqualified . - Maiming,Auto parry and Reflection (Reflex guard,Parry,Reflection) mods are not allowed . - No companions or sentinels allowed . - Viral damage is NOT allowed since it bugs the game so using it also gets you disqualified . This pretty much sums up all the rules u need to know about dueling, please don't be toxic and try to have fun we're hosting these tournaments to get people into
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