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  1. No I like feeling like a God Makes the game different than the others
  2. A lot of people I know don't even want to try WF because for them game looks too ugly. It's a shame cuz it has great gameplay and story quests + many other things. But why not just improve the art style. Endgame is fashion frame anyway, so being against this idea makes no sense.
  3. If WF looked like this it would be waaay more popular
  4. Idkwhy new thread got deleted, so I am enjoying a lot playing DMC 5 and Warframe is the only online game that has a similar combat (extremely dynamic parkourish action packed combat that involves using your melee, primary weapon and abilities as a one big smooth gameplay). But, the art style in DMC 5 is just way superior. And the immersion is also better. Making every single npc ugly is not making a realistic game. So just stop with the excuses. I don't know where you live, but not every person I see on the street is ugly. Making our operators more pretty, making pretty npcs in Cetus, Fortuna, etc would only improve the game and attract more players. A lot of peoplet hat I know don't want to play the game because they think it's too ugly. Game already focuses a lot on FASHION frame. So why not make it prettier? DE improve the graphics and this is great (not a lot of online games do that), but I hope they will improve the art style too.
  5. It was a needed fresh thing. Kinda tired from same bounties and sorties.
  6. Running super fast just feels amazing
  7. Yep. But I don't care anymore these days cuz I have what I wanted, like my favorite Volt Prime with top mods and same with Amprex + secondary and melee that I really wanted, with top mods and formas. I know already what I really like about frames and weapons, so taking everything slower
  8. I just hate slow frames and use rush on everyone
  9. Nothing can beat Volt Prime with max power strength build. Nothing! That speed is insane. Gauss, you wish to be that fast.
  10. Isn't Eso exactly for farming weapon xp and focus? 8 waves is enough
  11. The only single player I really enjoy now is Dmc 5 Plus, Spiderman on ps4 But they not really Si-Fi though
  12. Dude, D2 is just a continuity of D1, they basically the same game.
  13. Lol, Destiny is out since 2014. They had 5 years to change.
  14. I don't. If Bungie can't make a good game with AAA level of budget then let them die. Destiny plot is a joke (it doesn't exist), very clunky and boring gameplay, mediocre graphics and lame artstyle. I just want for that franchise to die.
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