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  1. Have to bust a few of your points. 1. Not the correct definition of a Strawman, as you claim that Saryn invalidates other people's play style. (You would ruin Saryn's Playstyle without any choice. When you have the option and choice to preserve your own play style playing solo, or invite only. Also, ironic that you call Warframe Toxic. Every new player I have seen comments how warm and friendly the game is compared to other MMO games. Examples come up all the time how people are happy to help each other, as opposed to other games with real toxic fan bases such as league of legends. Killing Floor doesn't have progression like Warframe does. You don't level up Guns, Characters, Pets, Operators, that are persistent upgrades. Warframe is an MMO (Though some people pretend it isn't. Teradax for example-) Warframe acts like any MMO where a high level goes back into a lower level area and curb stomps everything. How many times do these people who complain about Saryn actually put effort in to fix their own problem? This isn't a problem with Saryn. (As you can ask the Saryn to simply not do that. Leave, get friends who won't Saryn, play solo, or play missions where Saryn isn't prevalent.) Not a single time has a person asked me to stop killing as Saryn, I have had more requests for me to Not do limbo things, and I have played a lot of Warframe. People like you, would skip being courteous. Force your definition of "balance" when you have all the tools necessary to fix the issue you have. Saryn isn't anywhere near the most broken frame. (I'd give that honor to Nidus, or Octavia. Octavia which has the potential to vastly outperform Saryn and kill enemies who's levels are in the 1000s. Low level players complain about Saryn in low level missions. Just like you can complain about anything in low level missions. Ember, Equinox, and Banshee who are also broken in low level missions.... As is any frame in low level missions. Not a single person I have talked to says Saryn is broken in high level content like Arbitrations. Why is this? Why do people constantly complain about low level missions when low missions are designed to be completed by low level players.
  2. (PS4)UltraKardas

    Ideas to change the weapons systems to improve the game

    You spend the majority of your time teleporting around in Second Life to get to different locations. Cetus and Fortuna, are large enough with their player populace. Have you ever played Destiny? All the weapons do the same range of damage, when you are above the required gear level. The game has had several expansions, that release new weapons and gear, that have higher levels then the previous content. Using weapons lower then the level of the enemy you are fighting gets you reduced damage. The Gjallerhorn (The most famous Destiny weapon) became unused later when it's light level was too low, Good job in making a statement in reference to something you know nothing about. A new DlC came out for Destiny 2, that raised the maximum light level; -Aka Power Creep. Warframe started out as a bare bones MMO. However, as more and more features get added, (Like Fortuna and Cetus the open world maps) it has completed its transition into a full blown MMO. Proven, by all the dozen of Characteristics of other MMO's it has shown during its growth. You never answered my question. What's the maximum amount of people that can load into a dojo, at the same time to interact out with each other? I can easily have dozens of people in Fortuna or Cetus. Not even close to being difficult. The only definition of MMO, that you use, is your own narrow minded version. I have provided the actual definitions of an MMO to you, citing the variations of an MMO. Not my interpretation of an MMO. You have confined an MMO, multiple times to the smallest tightest definition of an MMO that you try to excuse. Despite multiple games existence as an MMO shattering your Narrative. Destiny for example, brutalizes your definition. Destiny, and Warframe have a lot of common ground, except with a different approach to their games. Destiny is PvP based, Warframe is PvE based. Warframe lets you have more interactions, such as clan dojos, virtual economy, trading, decorating and inviting people over to your ship etc- I more then welcome you to try to make an actual distinction between Destiny and Warframe, that would cement Destiny as an MMO, and not Warframe. They have the following in common: Player hubs where players can see each other. Multiple classes, 4 players in normal missions, mods technically, diverse amount of weapons, multiple varying enemy factions, raids/raid bosses, events, Power Creep/expansions, character customization, level progression, and more. Except that the chat server, is basically a staple in any standard MMO. Chat also lets you play with every single person you see listed. Just like how in WoW, you can interact with any person you see in chat. You can talk publicly, or in Relay/dojo/mission/ only chats. Or try your luck in trading tab. Not I think you are confusing the term "Simultaneously" with another definition. Do you know how many missions are going on simultaneously? Are you aware how many clans are existing and interacting amongst themselves simultaneously? You do not have to play with every player in the game at the same time. This is impossible, as people will be in different areas, different maps, or different missions with different people. Again- an example of your flawed, narrow minded definition. Still waiting on the max amount of players in a clan dojo btw- Add ons, like World of Warcrafts multiple expansions, that people had to pay for as well as their subscription. Other examples? Tera and DCUO that have a free to play option, or a subscription that gives you certain perks. Both have additional cosmetic add ons, while DCUO has multiple expansions you can pay for to have access to permanently, or you can subscribe to the game, to enjoy all content for as long as you are subscribed. Subscription based MMO's are become less popular every day. World of Tanks, Neverwinter, Guild Wars 2, DCUO, Tera, Warframe, War Thunder, Maple Story to list just a few FREE 2 Play MMO games. Cooperate, like when a massive amount of people need to whittle down a Stalker Acolyte's health, or destroy a formorian?. As by the sheer amount of Propaganda that involved the Tubemen of Regor. Where Tenno tried to persuade others into contributing one side instead of the other, so they could get the event weapon they wanted. See how Dark Sectors are owned by a clan? Those players had to cooperate and beat other other clans to control that node. Like how hundreds of players are playing witch each other in different groups in Warframe? Like how all of Destiny's player base do the exact same? Or how about Tera where people almost only exclusively play in 4 player squads? All of these are MMOs. Guess what? Warframe can simultaneously have players trading with each other, while other people complete missions together, as their friends gather resources in Cetus, and people pop tricks in Fortuna. All the while, thousands of messages typing in chats every minute. This all happening simultaneously. And I very clearly corrected you that you are wrong. To play Warframe, you are required to log into the game. To log into the game, you are required to have an internet connection. This is a requirement. Opening up Warframe from a cabin in the woods without internet will not let you play. But let's be real, your arguments are completely factless. Your points are terribly thought out, toxic, and the complete opposite of what has been Warframe's foundation. Yo If I want to play an MMO, I will always have to log on to the server. If I want to play Warframe, I will need an internet connection to log on. Warframe requires an Internet connection to play. Yet other games, with online features such as Monster Hunter World, will allow me to play offline without a hitch. I just get a little note, that the network capabilities of Monster Hunter will be disabled. Warframe on the other hand, won't even save your game data by your own admission. I can play through Monster Hunter solo, and enjoy the story no problem. Warframe will reset your progress every mission you said? Meaning that no player can actually progress through Warframe offline. Nope. As other MMO's such as Destiny, Tera, and multiple others have instances were teams are limited to 4. What happens when Warframe has its raids re-released? Does it suddenly become a full fledged MMO, when you can suddenly play with more people again? You know what would be even more sad? To be as humorless as you are. Must be really sad to not be able to laugh at a simple joke. Warframe is a game loaded with memes. My personal favorite meme, is all hail booben. I don't think you know what MMO means. Massively Multiplayer Online game. I play on console, as that is where my friends play. I am completely unable to play Warframe, as it is an MMO. You admitted to, and destroyed your own argument, that you cannot progress, or complete the game while Offline. See, you have to log on. Connect to the server, then have full access to every other play who has connected to the ONLINE server. Peer 2 Peer is a non argument. Diablo 3 has Peer to Peer. Its an MMO. Diablo is also the closest comparison to Warframe as both games have such a focus on loot, and player progression. I addressed his points long ago. Progression needs to exist in this game. Weapons need to be stronger then the other for the sole reason, of incentivizing other players to get them. I have many friends who will stick to a single weapon, and frame; until they find something stronger. They have no interest to switching to another weapon, when they already have one they like. They would be willing to swap, if it made their character more powerful. I choose to ignore your attempts at picking a fight with me. I explained the reasoning behind how the game functions, you tried to talk down in a condescending manner. You cling on to your dogma. I correct you, debunk every point you try to make and move on. Your logic is weak, flawed, full of holes, and you only have a single argument. Why shouldn't weapons all be equally strong? Why not? Why is Warframe not an MMO? Not Massive enough. You have a single argument each. Only your opinion to back either. Multiple arguments against every angle of your post. Really then? Give me one other argument for any of your positions. Tell me one other reason why Warframe isn't an MMO other then the repeated trash can of logic you have repeated over and over. I have made the argument that Warframe has multiple aspects of MMO's, has a massive active player base that interacts in dozen of ways, that Warframe follows common gameplay loops of other MMO's, and that like other MMO's, you have to log on, to a server to play. Warframe is Multiplayer, as you can play with 59,000 other people on steam. Warframe is online, as you have to be online to log on to play. "Massive" is the only subjective argument your make. It's a weak argument, with enough proof against it, I could go on all day. Talk about losing an argument, and a shallow facade. You might as well accept you are a 1 trick pony.
  3. (PS4)UltraKardas

    Ideas to change the weapons systems to improve the game

    You really need to get your argument straight. Second Life has no missions and is an MMO. Destiny, with its squad size of 4 is also a MMO. Warframe has the capability of both. You can hang out with as many players as you like outside of missions, like Second Life. Talk in region chat with how many players concurrently? Any activity in the game, is soaked to the brim with different ways I can interact with people. Terrible logic on your part, as per the usual. Chat is an extension of that said world. Notice how you can pick out any single one of those players and interact with them? Talk, trade, ask to join with missions? It's cause they are connected to over the internet. Almost... almost like every one of them, and you are connected on some sort... of shared server. Weird! So you literally ignoring the definition of an MMO, providing no evidence to support your nonsensical claim didn't just happen then? Here are some definitions of MMO's for you, that don't come from me. ---Interesting how Warframe has more, and more common characteristics of a MMO. It even has both the freemium model, and add ons. Ever heard of Prime Access? For example weaponry or cosmetics such as Vectis Prime, Tigris Prime, Rubico Prime, Gram Prime, Galatine Prime, and all are superior to the none Prime versions? Can Warframe enable players to do any of this? Cooperate on a large scale, like fighting ghouls, killing the Stalker's acolytes, or defending/rebuilding relays. Competing against each other in the gradivus dilemma or the Tubemen of Regor, or any rail war? Not to mention, faction invasions which switch what missions enemies control. You're one and only argument, to ever mounting evidence that Warframe isn't an MMO is that you don't have enough players together in a mission, Despite countless other MMO's doing the same thing. #1 It's Interesting that you would ignore the blatant issue of having to log in first. If I cannot log in, which requires an internet connection, how am I supposed to play exactly? Let me repeat myself. Warframe, requires an internet connection to play. As you need to connect, so you can log in, in order for you to be able to play. If you cannot log in, you cannot play -requiring an internet connection. #2 You are still wrong. (Shocker. I know.) Would you look at that. I failed to connect to the server... So I was logged out. This one server that connects me, to the entirety of the Warframe community. If I was on PC, that means that I wouldn't be able to play with all 59,000 players that were recorded today. https://store.steampowered.com/stats/ Oh, right. Wasn't an MMO a game where a server connected you to a massive host of players? Damn. Your argument catching on fire again. I really should grab some s'mores. Nope. You have no evidence. You have posted no evidence, you pretend your opinion is evidence. With ever mounting evidence to the contrary that you ignore. Site information, and evidence apart from your own subjective opinion. When Warframe has more, and more in common with an MMO then what differentiates it from one? Yea. It's an MMO.
  4. (PS4)UltraKardas

    Ideas to change the weapons systems to improve the game

    And with each post, I take you less and less seriously. You're points are completely backwards in every respect. Tell me, what's the player limit in a Warframe Dojo? What's the player limit in instances like Cetus, and Fortuna? What's the limit of players in public, trade chat? The only person here who is inserting their own definition of MMO is you. If Second Life, is considered an MMO, then Warframe fits into that mold. As you can interact with groups of people in any multiplayer hub. Again, still looking for evidence, other then your opinion, that Warframe isn't an MMO. I can go into a moon clan, interact with people doing races, duels, take people to Frame fighter. Where's the player limit in this scenario? I can suffer through a Dojo with so many people, that my frame rate is non existent, and my frame looks headless, T-posing trying to load all the players inside. You are completely disingenuous, trying to push a narrative, based on your opinion and not on facts. Warframe has every similarity with an MMO, yet you try to write it off, without any supporting arguments. If you had a functioning brain, you would see that I don't have the option to start the game. This is a direct screenshot from the game, and I have to connect online, to play Warframe. I can't load in, I have no other options then to quit, or connect. Honestly suspect you are a troll at this point. As you ignore logic, and proof put directly in front of your face. Speak about lying, all information you say should be fact checked, before anyones trusts the time of day you tell them. Warframe is an MMO. Power Creep is an integral part on that, and no matter how you try to push your narrative, it won't go anywhere. Take your agenda, and your failures to twist arguments somewhere else. You aren't fooling anyone.
  5. (PS4)UltraKardas

    Ideas to change the weapons systems to improve the game

    I see you are putting in your own definition of MMO, instead of using the actual definition for the term. Second Life is considered an MMO. It has no combat, you don't have a set objective, and you just interact with other people. The size of your team, doesn't make a game an MMO. Destiny, Final Fantasy 14, Warframe and DCUO will have you commonly assigned to a team with a maximum of 4 players. This only changes when you are loaded into a raid, where you can play with 8 players. Warframe, being massively multiplayer, I can go from random mission to random mission, and never encounter the same players twice. I can go into clans and alliances with massive amount of people inside. Alliances can have upwards to 4,000 players in it. I can participate in duel tournaments against as many people as I like. I can talk, and interact with hundreds of people in Fortuna, or see the crowds encircling Baro. Then I can setup shop in Maroo's bazaar. Sell to hundreds of people, and visit a dozen dojos. Seems like you never took part of the rail wars. Where Tenno would fight each other, over who had control of a Dark Sector. Whole Alliances fought over these in anything from direct PvP to void missions where you raced to outperform the other side. Pretty Massive. What makes a game, an MMO is interacting with a large number of people in several ways. TF2 isn't an MMO cause I cannot interact with other players other then joining a match. I can't build a clan in game, or a clan base in TF2. I can't build together an Alliance, with thousands of people. I can't invite a player to a trading hub, or goof around in a non mission unless I find a private server for that reason. Meanwhile, I can go fishing in Cetus. talk to the newbs. Relax as I gather mats and ask if anyone needs help. Invite a newbie to my clan, take him on a tour. Show him the many different floors, and the different labs to get different weapons. Show him all the intricately built rooms, then trade him some helpful starting mods before sending him on his way. Then if he wants, we can go on missions together. Every available opportunity or interaction that I could think off, has or is available in Warframe. I can even invite people to my ship, and have them critique my decorations. Like a lot of your information. Inaccurate. Turned off my Wifi for Warframe. Booted the game up, ready to kill enemies for no rewards or progress. Damn. Unable to play unless I connect online. Oh well, this is just like every other MMO, where I have to be connected to actually play. Just like DCUO and basically most MMOs. Cetus, and Fortuna. If there are no players, in either, and two players join into Fortuna at the same time, they will be join the same Fortuna map. Which is persistent. Instanced missions are normally peer to peer, connecting to a host. Fortuna and Cetus have you join a persistent channel for that area, and will only open a new channel once it becomes crowded. Completing a mission, and returning back to either, will have me load in and rejoin the channel. How do I know they are persistent? They don't have to be reloaded when the host player leaves Cetus/Fortuna like what can happen to Clan Dojos, or normal instanced missions. This is easily proven false. Just go look at chat tab. Scroll down through all those name. Those are everyone who is on the same server as you. You can even switch chat servers by designating which one you want to join. Anyone on the same server is the people you can talk to, find in public missions, or fight against in PvP. If you can invite a player to your team, they are on the same server as you. So you either haven't played enough Warframe, or just ignored the several instances of when you, as the Operator are given a choice. A simple, choice granted, but you are aligned with a mortality. This choice either aligns you with light, dark, or puts you in the middle. This changes how scenes are played out for you. Spoilers. Like if you choose to kill the queen, or command Teshin to do so. This is very much akin to Mass Effect, where you have two simple choices. Renegade, or Paragon. Mass Effect is widely considered an RPG. I see you struggle at reading. "Warframe is popular, as nobody ever integrated a third person shooter while being an MMO so well before." Keywords here. Integrated a third person shooter, while being an MMO. Warframe isn't a clone, I never said that it was. However, it does seem that you want to make Warframe into a Destiny clone. As Destiny has weapons more balanced around each other, that do comparable amounts of damage to each other. However, you have failed to give me any evidence apart from your opinion that Warframe ins't an MMO. Warframe acts like an MMO. Every MMO that I know of, has power creep (It's called Progression. Like how Warframe has you Progress in almost every conceivable way possible. Your abilities leveling up, and getting stronger as you progress towards level 30. Operators getting stronger passives, and new better amp parts to progress further in your Eidolon hunts. Better Mining equipment, and fisher gear that Power Creeps the old starting equipment out...) , Every MMO that I know has player hubs, and customization. Not Every MMO has a virtual economy. (Destiny does not, Dcuo does.) Most MMO's have level progression, or some sort of Character Progression. When Warframe fits every characteristic of an MMO, then by definition. It's an MMO.
  6. (PS4)UltraKardas

    Ideas to change the weapons systems to improve the game

    Nope. I asserted that you haven't thought through the ramifications of your actions. You, tried to throw that back at me, I caught you in your hypocrisy. You then are caught not knowing how potent warframe mechanics are, and how hard it is to balance every weapon in line with one another. So let's really start breaking down your claims. Let's see if you know anything, about anything. What are the common characteristics of an MMO? 1. MMO's usually have instanced, or persistent based worlds. 2. MMO's usually have hub areas. 3. Virtual Player effected Economy. 4. Character Customization. 5. Online play where you can interact with a large number of players. #1 Warframe has both instanced, and persistent missions. #2 Warframe has several Hub areas. Clan dojos, Relays, Maroo's Bazaar, Cetus, Fortuna, and Iron Wake. #3 Virtual Player Economy. See trading chat tab for more details. (Yes, Warframe has this.) #4 Oh my goodness. So much customization. I can customize literally everything. EVERYTHING. My ship, my dogos! Everything. #5 Seeing as you can't even play Warframe offline, and is on the top 10 most played games on steam.... This is also accurate. Warframe also follows other trends of MMOs. Leveling up your character, multiple classes, (Called Warframes in this case) Gear, consumable items, crafting and gathering, Seasonal Events, and new Expansions. Players who stick with the game grow stronger as time progresses. Either with better getter, higher level cap, and so on. The classic definition of an MMO is a game where hundreds or thousands of players play on the same server, can interact with each other and the same objects within the said virtual world. When there are events in Warframe that require tenno to work together to build a relay, or stop a relay from being destroyed, Warframe fits this description to a T. So.... when Warframe has every characteristic of an MMO, follows every MMO trend that I can find/think of. How is it not an MMO? Warframe is an MMO, third person shooter. You could even classify it as an RPG as you assume the role of the Tenno, Warframe, or more broadly the operator in your ship. However, I encourage you to try to use evidence to prove the contrary. You will have to use evidence, rather then saying "No u." The game becomes more, and more of an MMO every day. Destiny is classified as an MMORPG. It have level progression, hub areas, instances and persistent missions. I can see no clear difference that would exclude Warframe from also being an MMO. Warframe is popular, as nobody ever integrated a third person shooter while being an MMO so well before. Destiny, and The division tried it. They weren't received as well as Warframe was. It's ironic to me, that you accuse me of this. Seems like you are projecting. Infuriated by your losing argument, has downgraded to petty insults, since nobody else but your opinion matters.
  7. Banshee who can get upto 56 meter range, using resonating quake. Equinox, with maim can get upto 50.4 meters. Frost can get upto 42 meters with his avalanche. Mag with Crush, Octavia with mallet and her ultimate can get ridiculously big. I can make some builds for you if you would like to see.
  8. (PS4)UltraKardas

    Ideas to change the weapons systems to improve the game

    H No. Your comment on assault rifles isn't enough of a difference to differentiate them. When they are functionally the same, the use and feel of each are too similar for a clear distinction. If I see an enemy running towards me, I dispatch them in the exact same way with all the weapons listed above. I would argue that different fire types, (Burst, semi, and automatic) Would make them Feel functionally different. But when you are comparing a generic assault rifle to another, if they are both automatic, (Like the Soma to the Mk-1 Braton) The biggest difference in how they feel is the damage they can put out. The Boltor, Soma, Braton, and Tiberon when its on fully auto feel exactly the same. When I use Mag's crush, and Frost's avalanche, They feel the same to me. They have small differences in their abilities, but when more is similar between the two, they feel more alike, then they feel different. They both do the same amount of damage, with different supplemental effects. Costing 100 energy, being an AoE, you can pretend they are a different flavor, and they feel differently, it just isn't the case. This is why your argument fails. A constant flaw in your logic is pretty evident here. The Ignis requires Mastery Rank 5, with the Wraith being MR9. The difference between these two is a sense of progression. So if you have two variants of weapons, and both of them are equally viable... what's the point of having a different version that's functionally the same locked away? Having one being an exclusive upgrade from an event, rewards those players who participated in the event. The Wraith version is marginally stronger then the normal version. 2 more base damage, slightly more ammo, slightly more crit, and status. If you didn't have the exclusive variant, You could use the normal version, and it would be only slightly less effective. If you rebalance the Ignis to be as viable as the Wraith... there's no point in having the wraith version to begin with. Are you going to suggest that they share the exact same stats, (doesn't make sense that their damage types would change) that the other just has slower projectile speed then the other? You try to use some insignificant difference to make them feel different, and it's honestly just pointless. I would encourage you to try to tell me how you would make each of these viable, and feel "different". You really don't understand how your proposal would make most weapons redundant. Your changes wouldn't make the game feel more interesting, your changes would be a superficial change that makes weapons look more different, and feel the same as something else. This is a blatant contradiction in your argument. The Tigris is probably the strongest weapon in the game to date. People don't use it cause of how it feels. If you want all weapons equally viable, this means two things. You either bring all shotguns up to its level, or nerf the Tigris that it loses its identity. It being Duplex, is offset by its high damage. It is based around having two decimating shots. You can mod it to have punch through to deal with groups of enemies with those two shots. However, why would anyone use the Tigris Prime if other shotguns were just as viable, in the damage category, and status chance? If the Boar Prime had the damage capability of the Tigris, but more shots, nobody would bother with the Tigris? Much larger magazine, and better ability to clear mobs. This is the opposite of making all weapons equally viable. Having a Tigris not viable in certain missions... makes it not viable. Weapons need to stand out from each other, which you will be completely unable to do with your proposals. I would love for you to try to make weapons distinct from each other, while homogenizing them to all do the same range of dps. Wouldn't bother me. I like both the Arca Plasmor, and the Corinth. The Arca plasmor already does 60 more damage per shot, but the Corinth has more crit chance, and much more crit damage. Could you interest me in a stronger version of both? Absolutely. Arbitrations, raids, and raid bosses I particularly enjoy. You give me better weapons to take on a bigger challenge. That's how all MMO's works. (See WoW, Final Fantasy 14, DCUO, Destiny, anything where new expansion comes out, max level is increased, and new better gear comes out for the new raids and missions. Warframe isn't a classic MMO. Yet it is one. Remember Warframe's raids? The ones DE removed as only a small percentage of their player base played that content? A smaller percent of player base participate in Eidolons, even fewer ever experience the higher Mastery Rank tests. You literally just defined Warframe. As harder challenges are presented to the players, new stronger gear is offered as a reward. That's how they get you to come back. Arbitrations are this to the letter. +300% to weapons and frames, against the highest level enemies. If I took a break from Warframe, and let it sit for two years, Would I be still be interested to coming back to it, if the weapons and warframes I used were still considered top tier viable or the best? No. Cause it's not interesting. I have nothing that would call me back that I would want to experience. The level cap of warframe will probably always be 30, with the biggest change probably being mods, or new primes to collect. Not correct. MMOs still have to model all the new weapons, and armor for each available character model. Small characters, different genders, and the like will all have to have the new gear look differently and be made to fit them appropriately. The weapons and gear will also come with their own stats, and look separate from other gear. If their are multiple races, they will have to make multiple renditions for each one. Warframe in the past already had mass produced items, and as the game has grown, they have grown past that. I remember when the Torid looked just like the Ogris. (When both of them were these weird blocky rocket launchers.) They still do reuse content, when they make a variant of a weapon. Making a Sancti Tigris for example is less work then making a new gun altogether. Primes give DE a basis for a warframe, which they equip already existing powers to. Warframe can afford a content shrink as it has been affording a content shrink. How many guns are there? How many frames total? How many missions including bounties and raid bosses? How many types of enemies are there, including the variants? Warframe has more then enough content to survive the content shrink. The weapons people use, don't have to be the strongest. They simply have to be strong enough. Fun is a factor of what people like. People want fun weapons to be stronger, which is why they advocate for those weapons to be buffed, when power creep puts them to shame. My point, is weapon balance is more complicated then how hard weapons hit, and more the total potential that weapon has. The Tigris Prime is more then its base damage. It's also the number of pellets it has, with its high status chance. Each pellet being able to proc Viral, Corrosive, procs, and the numerous slash procs chipping away at an enemy. The most popular weapons, are the weapons that have a mix of everything. Strong, with utility. These weapons are also locked away behind Mastery Rank. Players will have to progress to get these weapons, and will get these weapons sooner then they will get the absolutely strongest weapons. The reason people enjoy these weapons is because they are stronger and more interesting then the starter weapons like the Mk-1 Braton. The utility adding another layer to why the weapon is good then just a gimmick bandaid to try to differentiate the weapon. Seems like you aren't familiar to the state which Spira Prime was introduced. Notice that it had less raw damage then the normal Spira. Less Crit chance, and marginally higher status chance. It was a downgrade no matter how you looked at it. DE caved to popular opinion, and eventually based the Crit chance to 30%, crit damage to 3x, raised the raw damage, and raised the status chance. This was an example of a weapon people farmed that was closer to being equally viable as the version before it. Imagine my surprise when I heard people were upset. The term is called Min-Maxing. Seems like you are retreating towards insults to make up for your poor argument... The term comes from when Corrupted mods came out from derelict missions, where people minimized one aspect of their Warframe to boost another stat they valued more on that Warframe's kit say using blind rage. Min-maxing has been made infinitely easier on Warframe ever since they added the ability to let you see how mods effect your Warframes powers. It doesn't happen in missions, it happens before. People make different loadouts with different focuses. Speed Nova, is a good example. (Where you have negative Power Strength to make enemies faster) Warframe isn't one of them to you. The farther you get into endgame the more frequently do stats become important. (This is why Rivens are valued so much, and sell for so much. Regardless of how badly you would try to ignore this fact.) Actually.... In this specific scenario. The Mk-1 Braton looks better then the Soma if you don't know that to look for. I have mentored newbies, who look at the Soma's base damage. (Lower the Mk-1) and discredit it because they don't see the crit chance or the crit damage. Also to break your narrative, most times you can't experience a weapon's gimmick till you actually have the weapon made. You don't see certain stats, like the total ammo count till you use the weapon. The Soma starts out weaker, without any mods, then grows to almost 3x stronger. Paper Dps matters, cause it represents the total potential weapons have. You should become very knowledgeable on this, as Paper Dps is what you want to balance. To make things equally viable.... it should be very important to you. How you wave it off, is very telling. Adjusting these numbers is how you get to your goal. Balancing is more then raw power. Crit and Status are to be factored into what makes weapons viable. Tigris Prime is a monster more because of its status chance. I'll give you an example. Viral cuts the enemies health in half for the duration, and Corrosive permanently reduces armor. a level 9,999 enemy would have massive amount of armor, or health. Armor would make the Soma extremely ineffective, and Viral would reduce the amount of health actually needed to kill the enemy by half. Viral scales to the enemy you hit with it, Slash Procs do not, especially when reduced by armor. Your understanding is what's lacking. Viral is one of the strongest ways to deal damage in the game, since it reduces a flat 50% of enemy health. According to the lovely Warframe Wikipedia. A certain Sprag Would have an effective health of 14,939,126,528,345. A viral proc would cut that in half, making them only need to take 7,469,563,264,172.5 damage to be killed. This is probably the most damage a Viral Proc will ever do. But will do more damage then a slash proc would. A status chance weapon is inherently more viable then a crit weapon. The higher level you go, the more viral does. Spoiler alert, That enemy came in a pair. Two enemies at that level. They both died. The home stretch. Not trying to water down anything. As I'm not advocating for anyone to get a nerf their weapons. Im unclear on how you exactly want to make everything Viable. (Either nerfing weapons around what you consider a balanced weapon, or balancing every weapon around the single most powerful one. That being said, those weapons that are power creeped eventually by something else, will never lose their effectiveness on the levels of enemies they were able to kill. (I'm not advocating for nerfs.) If I get a prime version of a warframe, I'm not mad that my original version was improved. A better weapon came out for a stronger enemy. This doesn't bother me at all... As technology constantly replaces older technology. A better, improved car, doesn't detract from the performance my car already has. A better improved weapon doesn't detract from the weapon I already have. (Unless you want my weapon nerfed. Which then I would ask you, Why exact;ty are you trying to force them to do by watering down what they enjoy? Stagnation is not a trait I want in a game, about infinitely scaling enemies. If this was a PvP game, I would care for balance. The game is about Warframes that adapt to ever stronger enemies. Even in the Lore, sentients who could nearly adapt to everything, except the power of warframes. You do not want to stagnate the game for a few reasons. If every gun is minor tweaks of the other, in around the same damage capabilities, then the game turns into "My favorite Gimmick." Weapons would soon be more similar to each other, as the only way to make them different is whatever pointless gimmick you think makes it special and better then the other gimmicks. Secondly, it would remove all sense of progression and getting stronger. This has been the whole point of the game. This is why ever increasing, more potent mods and primes are released. Again, Warframe is an MMO. All MMO's have players grow ever stronger till the game ends. Having stronger challenges keeps the game interesting, and limiting weapons, would by extension limit what level of enemies people could handle with their weapons. So if a number gets larger, it's called "growth" Growing older for example is when you simply increment a number on a hidden spreadsheet called a person's age. Prime variants, can be much stronger then their original forms depending on their abilities. Chroma Prime grows much stronger then normal Chroma, as he has more armor now. Armor that then scales up with his abilities, to make him vastly more tanky. Weapons like the Tigris grow much stronger when the Tigris Prime comes out, does approximately 50% more damage then the base version, and thus be able to kill much higher level enemies. Other Primes have different gimmicks. Getting energy when you touch a Death orb, or the Piranha Prime and it's unique gimmick. I believe that several other Primes get special gimmicks, like the Cernos Prime. This lets us fight higher level enemies, and grow stronger. When I started Warframe, I couldn't handle level 27 enemies. Now, I can regularly fight enemies over level 300. Hate to break it to you. Bullet Jumping can be pretty generalized, as adding a +1 to a spread sheet. It's a stronger form of something we had before. Something that grew stronger, added the height of which players could jump, and gave us new capabilities. Limiting what weapons can do, restricts capabilities. Telling DE that they can't do things, is also telling them that there are certain worthy additions to the game that they cannot add. This is a terrible position to make on your part. Except that it does add new gameplay. Old content becoming obsolete, has no impact on the weapons in their current state, in the current situations they are useful in. Meanwhile, certain abilities that could be cast faster, would no doubt make other warframes more powerful. Thurible for example would be massively stronger if it was faster, and Garuda's current ultimate (which was made faster) for example. Several Primes have had more then numbers tweaked, but when Sentients come out. Does the Cernos Prime offer more gamplay then the now obsolete version? Yes. Would it be worth it without the damage numbers? No. People would be upset, if they got their old weapons repackaged to them with just a gimmick, and basically a skin. Better weapons that feel and kill better make people feel stronger, and keeps the game fresh. I played Destiny, which keeps weapons always feeling balanced to each other. I could be 100 light level over an enemy, and my weapon felt like it did the exact damage no matter what. The only difference I personally ever felt, was if I was using a weapon that was too low level. Felt like I would be doing no damage. So I got bored, as no matter what, enemies had the same time to kill, and it felt like it took forever to kill anything to get loot. I quit Destiny, never looked back. (Never bothered with Destiny 2.)
  9. The problem is that any number of weapons, and combos can do this. No real solution that doesn't detract from the game as a whole. Excalibur's level 3 base radiant javelin can one shot a corpus crewman at level 20. Then basically any other frame with an AoE as well... I'm all for optional fixes for this. Like the option of going solo, or the option of playing with players near your level added as a match making that you host.
  10. (PS4)UltraKardas

    Ideas to change the weapons systems to improve the game

    This is a terribly poor argument. You clearly haven't given it any thought. Using the example that was already brought up, Mk-1 Braton vs Tiberon Prime. If all weapons are equally viable, what's the point of having a Mk-1 Braton, Soma, Boltor, or Burston when you have the Tiberon Prime? They all have the same basic gameplay. Nothing changes between how you use assault rifles. You aim, you pull the trigger. The largest difference, is the Tiberon has different firing modes, which would make weapons like the Latron, and the Burston also pointless to use. The game becomes less interesting, as every weapon is supposed to be as viable as the next. Meanwhile weapons that are just upgrades of other weapons really don't provide new gameplay. Ignis Wraith is just a stronger Ignis. Boltor Prime, is just a stronger Boltor. One aspect of this scenario that completely goes over your head is that since all weapons aren't balanced around each other, that different weapons excel in different missions. Even then, people will choose the weapon they enjoy, over a strong weapon. I like the Tigris Prime personally. But I know people who can't stand reloading after two shots. I class all weapons in three categories. Mobbing weapons (these weapons are great at killing the weaker enemies in a mission really quickly), Boss killer weapons, (Stuff that shoots slowly, but does massive damage. Lanka, Vectis, or Tigris Prime), or utility weapons (Weapons that have a niche use, like the Zenistar) The Ignis Wraith (mobbing weapon) can't kill an Eidolon as quickly as a Vectis (Boss killer weapon) can. Yet the Vectis can't kill mobs has fast as the Ignis Wraith can. They aren't balanced around each other, they aren't equally viable. They have different uses, and different scenarios where they shine. This is what promotes people using different weapons. The Tigris Prime doesn't function well at longer range. Plains of Eidolon, and Fortuna you have to be in 30 meters for a chance to hit with the spread. While a Lex Prime, or a Vectis or any sniper can easily take them out. Speaking for myself, my current favorite weapon is the Corinth. It isn't as viable as a Tigris Prime, but it doesn't have to be. When I need to use my Tigris, I will. Otherwise, I like the options the Airburst gives me. I can do good damage with the crit based normal fire, and kill groups with the alt fire. That being said, I am eagerly anticipating the Corinth Prime. Hoping for a meager 5% increased crit chance on the primary fire, some increased status chance on the Airburst, and whatever small tweaks they do to the weapon. Faster reload, would be a welcome change, or higher damage would all be welcome. Because Raw Power is the total measure of the weapon. However, it's more complicated then that. Raw damage is one portion of its worth, then crit and status factoring into the damage. Yet people can still like weaker weapons. Every person I know who doesn't have a Brakk, wants one. You know why? Cause it's a strong secondary. It might not be the best, but people value what it can do. This point of yours isn't even remotely close to being a good argument. Warframe is akin to an MMO. When a new challenge comes out, new better gear comes out as well. Stronger mods, Stronger weapons, thats why those weapons are locked behind Mastery Rank. To force players to level and try out new things they don't want; to be able to get the weapons they do want later. Currently helping two friends level up mastery rank so they can use the Arca Plasmor, and use a high rank riven. If you want to slap people in the face, you reward the time they spent in obtaining a weapon or frame by making it criminally underrated. Remember what happened when people thought the Spira Prime was worse then the normal version? Lower damage, lower crit? You see how many people use a weapon they spent time to get, when it ends up being worse in several regards to the normal version? Warframe is a numbers game. Number of enemies killed, number of materials farmed, number of credits received and endo obtained. It just happens to be the most fun math game ever made. People perfect their warframe builds adding in enough power strength to steamroll everything in their path. Let's do an experiment. You and I. Let's make a weapon locked behind Mastery rank 15 that you craft using 100k, of every common resource, and 100 of every rare resource. (Orokin Cells and the like). You are unable to see the weapons stats until you make it. When you complete the weapon, it turns out to be a re-skin of the Mk-1 Braton, with the stats on it's base damage just swapped out. Let's see how people react to the time and resources spent on it, then see how many people use the weapon other then Mastery Fodder. Surprise nobody will use it, and only half a dozen enraged posts on the forums about it. Just like nobody uses the Mk-1 Braton. When was the last time you saw a high ranked player use the lower level weapons? I used the Karak myself recently to prove a point.... Used some of the older Assault Rifles when I got tired of using shotguns, and snipers all the time. (But did use the stronger assault rifles.) The weakest weapon I have seen recently, would have been the Lanka for the last time I went Eidolon farming. Because both are assault rifles. The actual use and feel of both weapons are similar. You rapidly fire weaker bullets in succession to kill enemies. If both weapons are equally viable, the differences between the two become minute. To make the Soma and the Mk-1 braton equally viable would be to make them similar in terms of damage output. The Mk-1 Braton would need to have a faster reload then the Soma to make up for the Soma's larger magazine, otherwise would be almost identical in performance. The Soma would take much more time to acquire, and people wouldn't bother with it. Yet we look at both weapons right now, and it takes 7 Forma to make the Mk-1 Braton have 12k burst dps. https://goo.gl/fMwHnv It takes the Soma Prime maybe 3 forma to get 32k burst dps. Those distinctions already exist. Each weapon already has a distinction by what scenarios they are useful in. Boltor Prime with its high status being able to reach 100% is distinct that it can strip armor, or proc viral on enemies. Different then the Soma which is mainly crit and slash based with hunter munitions, or bladed rounds. Are they equally viable? No. Is there a way to make them equally viable? No. Viral Procs will forever be the strongest aspect of any weapon ever. The Boltor being able to scale infinitely more then the Soma just from status chance. If I take the Boltor against a level 9,999 enemy, I'll kill it faster with corrosive procs, or Viral Procs then the Soma can with its crits. Is exactly what I'm telling you. The drakgoon, and the karak were one of my first weapons. I am very fond of each. I have some 400% accuracy with the Drakgoon, and the Karak just feels good to me. Yet if they were as strong as the other weapons why would I bother spend so much time, going into relic missions, farming and spending voice traces all to get a weapon that was mostly identical to something I had gotten for half the work? I'm not saying that all lower weapons should be buffed. I'm saying the reasoning behind people advocating for buffs is because they do like their old weapons, and frames. They don't want their golden oldies left in the dust. Let me give you another word for stable. Stagnation. If everything is made to be stable, there is no room for growth. A ceiling has been set that caps out the capability of what all weapons can do. The game will quickly get boring, as people collect endlessly similar weapons. I prefer a game that can grow. Which has been the literal definition of Warframe ever since its conception. Each and every frame has given the possibility of growing stronger, with Prime and Umbral variants. Mods, and weapons can grow, with new and stronger weapons, and ever increasing effects on guns. This is why I'm against narratives like yours. I like it when things grow and become better. You know what else has had Power Creep? Remember when Warframes couldn't bullet jump, and bullet glide? This is another form of growth, just like Power Creep is growth for weapons and gear. Isn't this the demand to do the exact opposite of what you want? I tell you what, advocate for De to release a line of new assault rifles, that start out at a base of 75-100 damage. Make a grineer assault rifle with two barrels that spool up and a large ammo pool. Make it do 75 damage a shot and both barrels fire their bullets at the same time, mostly puncture and have innate punch through, then make a corpus lazer at 80 damage, with each pellet making a small aoe, while doing more damage the hotter it gets, and making it have a reload when it overheats. Make a 75 damage per shot infested rifle, that shoots maggots onto their enemies. The maggots then drain additional damage as they feast on enemies. The maggot that kills an enemy then corrupts the enemy into a tenno faction infested that will fight beside you. A guarantee these will become the new Meta Assault rifles, and most people won't complain about them.
  11. (PS4)UltraKardas

    Ideas to change the weapons systems to improve the game

    Because if every weapon is equally viable then the next weapon, there is no reason to every build another weapon again. Why would I waste my time, farming relics, rolling the odds over and over, wasting time for something just as good as I already have? What's the point? People would only bother putting in the time if it was a better weapon, and rewarded the time investment they put into acquiring it. If you don't reward players time, you don't respect players. More time it takes to get a weapon, the better it is, the better the player feels about the time he put in to get said weapon. The more satisfaction they get, when its all forma-ed fully decked out causing a massacre. The game is also built around progression as a whole. It's kinda the point of starting out with a regular warframe/weapon, then later getting the stronger version being the umbra/prime/vandal/wraith/synoid/sancti/ version of said weapon. Kinda why you level up to get stronger.... You know... level progression... Mastery Rank Progression... Mk-1 Braton would make most other weapons redundant, if it was equally viable to them. No need to bother getting the Tiberon, Soma, or Bolter Prime if you are simply handed a good option. Your point falls flat on its face, as this game is an MMO where effort put in, makes things stronger. Put effort in to multi-formaing a weapon, and it can get many, many times stronger. Put effort into leveling up a mod, it gets stronger. People advocate for weapon buffs, simply from the fact that they enjoy an older weapon that is now outclassed. They still love the weapon, with all the time they invested into it, and don't want it to be irrelevant. This isn't a contradiction. People grow attached and want what they like to be the best.
  12. Same reason DE allows Loki, Ash, Ivara, to dominate Spy and rescue missions. Same reason Nova, Booben, dominate interception missions or make the index brain dead easy to complete. Same reason that Frost and Gara make excavations trivial. Each frame has their niche, where they excel when other frames can't. They elitist try hard argument isn't a good argument. This is a half baked assumption that you, and people like you have. Warframe is an extremely casual game. The try hards are more likely to be doing something that actually benefits them, then waste their time in a mission with you. The only place you are realistically likely to run into these people is in leveling missions, where they want to level up a weapon as fast as possible, so they can get on to the next forma as fast as possible. (Multiple forma-ing weapons gets boring fast.) Tryhards go solo into missions as equinox, to farm focus, with the stealth multiplier. Or are busy farming eidolons to get those best arcanes. Doing events, or farming prime parts/weapons. As a vet, there is only a single resource I farm for ever. And it's polymer bundles as almost every recipes seems to use it. My massive Clan dojo, ate up most of mine, and it's the only resource I ever occasionally farm. ( I might need mutagen samples if they every make something as stupidly high cost as the Hema though.) You won't find me in anything Complaining that one frame is too good for specific scenario #1 and no other scenario, is a very quick way to kill every last ounce of fun in the game. My Nova with a 90m range can turn every interception into Sloooooow M-mooooootion... AAAAHHHHH... Also makes it as painless, as possible while those towers go untouched and the mission completes faster.
  13. False. This is defeatist attitude on your part. You make every other player not Saryn out to be some kicked mewling dog on the ground. You are completely wrong for a few reasons. #1 No player forces another player to do something in any public game. A noob can let Saryn kill everything for them. The noob chooses to not fire the trigger, chooses not to play solo, and chooses to complain about getting a first world problem of overly competent teammates. 9 times out of 10, a Saryn takes a position relatively in the middle of the map, then has a delay between when enemies spawn, and when they start dying. Usually about the time before a Saryn can apply spores, shoot an enemy, then Miasma. Miasma also usually lasts around 7 seconds. A Miasma alone has been nerfed damage wise, and won't impede noobs from participating. The noob could move to an enemy spawning gate, and run around the edges of the map. While most Saryns will be in the middle, so they won't take damage. (Remember, Saryn is no Inaros.) This means that Saryn will let enemies come to them. Nox, ancient disruptors, and nullifiers are easy targets for these noobs to seek out. As they will be largely immune to Saryn's AoE. Oh the horror. We should also get rid of the ignis, ember as concept, and name it so that all enemies have 99.99% damage reduction except against low Mr players. Let's actually be realistic here. #1 a Mastery Rank 1 player has no idea what is going on. A Frost Prime with a kraken could shoot and kill everything before most newbs could get a chance. Low Level content and the entire solar system as a whole is the basic tutorial for the game. You'll get farther in the game by trying to compete with the strongest players, then giving up. Excalibur could easily get ahead of Ember, just using Slash Dash as a movement ability. Would kill everything low level as well. Interesting how your argument twists all logic. You know how many times I have had a player politely ask me in group chat to not use my powers as much? Either cut back my power spam, or simply slow down? Hmmm. Not once. I've had people see me join a mission as a frame they don't like (usually limbo) and instantly leave..... Even when it's an arbitration so I can defend the objective... So let me get this straight. Your response to "forcing noobs out of public matches" is to force veterans out of public matches. No, I'm not forcing noobs out of public matches, I'm forcing them to fix their own problem. If they constantly find themselves in low level exterminates, and higher level players, (Doesn't even need to be veterans. A Mastery rank 4-5 player with basic serration mods could trivialize the first few planets for a Mastery rank 1-3 player) blasting through before they have a chance to fire a bullet, they can turn the mission solo, then return to public play at their leisure. You would force every other player, cater to the needs of a few newbs who have every ability to pick how they experience the game. Instead, you would force the players without a problem, to fix other player's problem. A Mastery rank 8 player can do the same thing; just going in to get polymer bundles so he can build the next frame he wants, and kill everything before the low level excals even figure out what's going on. This is a slippery slope that would start out with excluding veterans, then after nothing changes would exclude more and more groups from each other. You are really punishing anyone who has spent any amount of time in warframe, and secluding them out of the player base for what reason? If you only seclude low level missions, the newbs will complain about the later planets. It never fixes the problem, and nerfs don't serve anything either. People will either switch frames, or simply leave the game after getting bored of everything being a bullet sponge. Your idea hurts the noobs the most, as they can't be carried through spy missions, sorties, or events anymore. Tough luck for any newb who wants to take part of archwing missions, without a proper archwing for the task. This is a cancerous idea through and through, and terrible for game balance, or anyone who didn't get a leg up on the immense grind of warframe before every last drop of fun was removed from the game, and every enemy turned into a bullet sponge, so every newb can get a shot off. I'm not even asking a newb to always make a premade group. I'm asking them to do it, when they take issue of having their shiny metal ass carried by somebody else. Take it from me, I would love nothing more then every newb to carry their weight and duly help the team. Alas, that doesn't happen often.
  14. Is a false equivalency based on the assumption that "other players forcing them" to not play just for being in the same mission. Low level noobs choose not to shoot, choose not to participate. This is why they can leave, or find a new mission if they aren't enjoying their experience. They cannot dictate a group they don't own. If they do decide to host a group, they are fully capable of tailoring it to what they want.
  15. If they didn't like range, they wouldn't have added a cheaper version of Stretch. Yes it has lower range by 15%, but it is also lower mod cost, and comes with a set bonus. If it was as strong as stretch, it would have replaced it all together. Augur Message does the same thing with Continuity. Lower effect, then the original version, cheaper mod cost wise, and with a set bonus. Are you going to say they don't like duration cause Augur Message isn't as strong? If they truly didn't like range, they wouldn't let you use Stretch, and Auger Reach together at the same time. So... DE hates range. Hates range so much that they don't nerf Nyx's absorb range.... and instead just stop her from collecting infinite damage on absorb. You contradicted yourself here. If the range was the broken part, why didn't they shrink the range of absorb in a fashion similar to how they adjusted Ember's ultimate? No no! The infinite millions of damage wasn't the busted part. It was the range! Nyx's range on absorb was never broken. It was the infinite damage it could deal, with very little energy. Two Nyx's together, with 75% power efficiency, could alternate detonating and absorbing around a defense mission. The other nyx becoming a damage bank for the other. Feeding each other over and over, to the point nothing could survive. Very quickly get to the point where anything would die once they reach millions of damage. That's why most of the changes to her absorb... was regarding energy cost, and stopping the infinite loop of her ultimate with another nyx. Trinity's blessing was more broken from the old invincibility she gave everyone... to the possibly 99% damage reduction then her range ever gave her. Downsides? Saryn is squishy, has soft CC. With several other casters having built in protection of some sort, while Saryn has limited damage reduction unless she blocks with her melee weapon. She can deal out damage, she certainly can't take it. Her abilities being AoE is really the only selling point of her. Without that, her flaws become glaringly obvious. I've used her to solo level 300+ enemies. But if she gets hit, it's over for her. A maximum of around 2900 effective health, isn't much compared to other frames. Spoken like a true elitist snob. Hema costs 50,000 mutagen samples for a storm clan. 500,000 for a moon clan. Sure, I'll just kick half the clan out and alienate them so I can finish this research. Nice logic (sarcasm). This is disingenuous at best. I have finished many raids, many raid bosses with randoms, and filled in for farming groups. If a leader doesn't like the look of you? He'll disband, re-invite everyone he likes and won't give you a single thought. Public matchmaking is just that Public. It's random who you are paired up with. Yet people manage to recruit for the roles they want for PUG eidolons all the time. "Looking for another low level player to partner with" You check the responses, and kick anyone you think wouldn't jive with you. -Just like every other group that invites somebody they don't like the look of. Saryn got nerfed, then she got buffed. Then she got nerfed, with a buff attached to the end of her kit. This happens to all frames throughout the game. This happened to Excalibur when he got reworked. Nerfing Exalted blade, then tweaking it later so you could mod it. This happened to Valkyr when Hysteria got reworked. Mag got rebalanced twice I believe. Valkyr and Excalibur's nerfs had nothing to do with range, tweaking their ultimates that are independent from range. Banshee, and her quake still bypasses obstacles. Resonating quake functioning as another nuke that ignores terrain. Despite Banshee's ultimate being cheesed multiple times in the past, they only nerf they ever did to her, was change resonating quake more engaging to use, instead of just being glued to the ground for large periods of time. Meanwhile, you can still use her normal version of this ultimate like that. Hate to break it to you. But I haven't seen a single MMO that don't tweak classes constantly through out its life cycle. Like how they tweaked Chroma.... or any of the other half a dozen frames. Limbo, Hydroid... Etc who weren't broken around range. I have more examples, like this. I find it interesting that Miasma was bugged for the longest time that it wasn't doing damage properly. They could have left Miasma as it was. Yet they still gave it the capability to do double damage, then it used to on enemies under spores. You missed several btw. Ancient Disruptors/healers who have been in the game since 5 years ago who can reduce power damage by 90% or prevent ability procs from allies around them. You missed the Grineer Drone in Nightmare LoR that protected all Grineer inside, that constantly spawned during the mission. Arbitration Drones do essentially the same thing. Also ignoring the old OG Stalker who had "dispel" which would cancel out any other warframe ability. Now I believe he is just fully immune. These have been in the game for a long time. And juggernaut is not immune to warframe damage. I can parasitic link him as a Nidus, even without a weak spot exposed. Exalted Blade can, or was able to bypass his armor. Bursa's and Scrambus are so bad at nullifying warframe powers, that they basically don't hamper most powers at all. Nullifiers, drones, and disruptors, and eximus are the main methods of negating warframe powers. Most of them only do it temporarily, and can bypassed in different ways. Not quite. The game has shaped up to be more engaging by requiring players to deal with enemies who are inhibiting their powers. Popping, or killing enemies before players go back to full effectiveness. Arbitrations is a bad point for you to make. The drones function like advanced nullifiers, however when you destroy one with a weapon, it explodes dealing significant damage to all enemies under its protection. These drones are only their to make it more engaging. De is actively adding new mission types where AoE spam is no real problem. We will see how Railjack and ship to ship battles function. Much to your surprise, I'm sure. People will bring and use whatever frames make their mission the easiest. If Saryn can't handle the situation, frames like Chroma will take the spotlight. A few good lanka shots later, and more trivialized content. You might want to re-check your definition of Balance. Cause AoE damage based warframes can't tank like Inaros or Nidus. While CC frames, can't damage like the dps frames can. Inaros is balanced with his health as his damage abilities are low. Yet Saryn can easily outdamage him, but doesn't offer the same levels of CC or tackiness. This is called balanced. The only unbalanced warframes are probably Octavia, or Nidus. (They scale insanely well.)