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  1. Warframe's music is really good, but I have to admit, after years of playing I use my own during missions. From time to time I turn it back on, because it does give the game a quite unique atmosphere. Also, it's soon have to be the time for another soundtrack release. A couple of good tracks are in the game since Second Dream, and the first OST album was released back then.
  2. I had a lot of 75% discounts for login rewards. New and old system as well. To me it always seemed that if I didn't buy plat for a while, I'd get a discount more likely (IIRC I never bought plat for full price). But ofc maybe it's just pure rng. I always got 1k (it goes for a looong way for me), and every time I was about close to run out, a discount popped up.
  3. Umm... No idea about the first one, but the survival time on your profile refers to the event when survival was introduced and your forum profile join time shows guess what... the time when you joined the forums! It's totally irrelevant from when did you start playing the game. Totally agree on your last point about MR. On topic: I myself as well would like to see some more detailed profile pages. I stopped playing for quite a long time when I had all I needed in game except arcanes, so I started doing raids. Getting decent people for these is nearly impossible. The onl
  4. I'd say there's definitely something wrong with the drop rates. Back when sorties were introduced, drops varied from weapon/Nezha parts, lenses, etc... Of course 25/50 fusion cores weren't that good as endo now, but they were not as common. So I think they should just fine-tune their new reward system a bit more. I got a couple of Rivens, but mostly endo and (believe me or not) I'd be happy for a few lens drops here and there, but sadly nothing...
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