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  1. Near future as in currently an offering that Baro has on PC.
  2. Damn, was hoping for something new. Already got that bundle..
  3. Goodbye Equinox prime (day aspect) beasterbunny outfit... I feel sad now.
  4. If you load in slow, the spawn invincibility will be gone before you can even see anything. This is even more problematic since things like Iron skin etc dissapears on host migrations. Can mean death in arbitrations.
  5. Even if that means people will die due to iron skin, shatter shield etc dissapearing in host migration and they might die while loading in (depending on how fast they load)?
  6. Also downloads via the discord store.
  7. I mean 15 lousy credits for the combined survival challenges this week. Not worth it even if doing both at once (saving 60 mimutes). Still did them though.
  8. Thank the stars, Reb is back. Despite the hilarity that was the Children of the spacecorn, it's nice to have the usual duo again 🙂 The beasterbunny is slightly happier now, even after the news that he will be losing his ears next month.
  9. If it's not a big deal then it's not a big deal that us newer players get it either. I mean it's such a minor thing 😉 Then again they could have made new skins rather than reusing old ones.
  10. I know right 😞 I want to keep the ears on my Equinox prime beasterbunny outfit forever! @[DE]Helen Can't you see he is not happy about losing his ears?
  11. So, I am leveling my first crafted k-drive and have been reading up a bit. However, I can't find any info on whether races almost equally as good for k-drive affinity as all the other recommended ways. Anyone got any insight to this?
  12. I've been lucky not to get this during arbitrations, but I can see the problem and it's annoying as hell. As if host migrations aren't a pain in the ass already.. I say yes to both Iron skin being preserved and a brief invulnerability period after a host migration. It's also another reason to hate being forced into sharkwingmode in some uranus missions and the reason I sometimes run instead of fly in vallis/plains.
  13. Personally I like the 15 cred per prestige level (although it could be higher). While some people might be full on whatever the store has to offer, not everyone does. However, adding more interesting stuff to the store would be nice.
  14. I think they messed up the droprates with amalgam wolf. The fix was just to bring the droprates in line with how the pre-amalgam wolf was.
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