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  1. Since I apparently met the only two special-minded defenders of this very unique mechanic: I deeply apologize before such a grandeur of thoughtfulness and reality shaking arguments and will now always JUMP or seek the higher vantage point before firing my gun. Oh, I will also learn the art of predicting the future to be able to know where the head of those most erratic moving enemies will be, so I won't miss anymore. I'm so humbled by your enlightenment. Also to repeat my "don't you or can't you read" line: the "why is it still in the game" only concerned the friendship doors part - but I very much thank you for reading so carefully what exactly I wrote. Another also: following Birdframe_Prime, the insta-charge-relase is a drawback, thanks for acknowledging.
  2. I really don't want to call you a liar, but I even tested it ingame now and it affects my pet. Although my 1950 HP cat gets a strong 50 extra HP from that ability and sits at 2000 now 😄
  3. True that, unfortunately, but the sentinels would be a good start at least. And about cats and dogs, first thing coming to mind is something like a straight line down from where you are flying, indoors at least, and where this line/point touches the surface, the dog treats it as you/your location.
  4. Then the Lanka has to be a bow, interesting.
  5. Wait, because I could control exactly when to release its massive energy beam, which is hitscan and has no drop off, it would feel like a bow?
  6. Mister, I don't want to release it halfway, I want to see its full damage - exactly the same way as the Dread. One does not simply fast fire it. Oh and did I mention that I'm aiming for the head, to see even bigger damage numbers? When I miss this part, the shot goes off and does not explode randomly in the air and rectifies its status as an AoE weapon, but I'm glad I didn't think it through.
  7. Well, as the title suggests, why do we still have those thrice damned friendship doors ingame, that hinder smooth gameplay and sometimes make me hate other players? Coming to the other part of the title: why do we have charge-type weapons with an instant-release after reaching maximum charge and who thought that would be a cool idea? Aiming in this game is "hard" enough already with all the erratic movements of enemies, that stupid mechanic only makes it harder to aim, while pressing down the left mouse button and hoping your target doesnt move. I always loved the Opticor and its vandal version, but this mechanic is just pure evil. And you added that crap to the Tombfinger primary...
  8. Dear DE Why do our pets still completely vanish when activating/entering Titania's 4? She finally is in a really good spot now, be it damage, surviveability or fun while playing her. But this beautiful feature of hers makes me not wanting to play her at all; I get no charm procs, so I will never play her in a Kuva mission. I, or to be precise my Dethcube, doesn't get kills for his Energy Generator augment and thus doesn't give me an energy orb. Helios can't scan. She even has an ability to improve pets! Where's the logic please? At least for me, it's destroying a whole frame, what is really sad...
  9. I will wholeheartedly support this! I rebuilt my 6 forma secondary Tombfinger after realising I used the "wrong" loader, including the potato and exilus adapter... That's about 110 wasted plat. Then the - sorry for saying it that way - utter bulls*** changes to my completely built, modded and forma'd primary tremor Tombfinger. The minimum damage brash grip now is superior (in the case of fully charged shots) due to it not needing any fire rate mod and thus being able to use another damage increasing mod instead. Tremor now has its monster recoil with no benefit. Do you thoroughly think about the changes you're implementing? Edit: Personally I'd prefer a simple part swap at the respective kitgun/zaw merchant, costing standing for example.
  10. That's definitely a very good start and a fine addition to what i want/would like to have, but I want the other mentioned points more ;>
  11. When we are at that point: I really like to see another HUD element added -> my current, true, armour rating in a mission! Be it affected by Arcane Guardian, an ability or whatever.
  12. Where exactly do you read that I want the clone to aim for completely different limbs, like legs and arms? I'd like to see the clone land some headshots now and then and EXACTLY because that is the one body part that receives more damage. And when you're at it: why bother making a perfect crit build for a nice gun and trying to land that sweet, rewarding headshots, when one could just run about like a braindead zombie and Ignis everything to oblivion? Because I want it. Also I heard about different, let's call them "aim AIs", hence my question and interest.
  13. Tombfinger for sniper action and a crit Kuva Kohm for hard targets - yields good results already! I don't want some hardcore aimbot sniper clone and as visible in my question: I want to know why it ONLY shoots at the centre mass. That's it.
  14. Is this the damage you are receiving? If so, I think I'd prefer it to be shown more like at the bottom, or somewhere in the lower half, between crosshair and end of screen, just to be easily distingiushable.
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