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  1. Points 1 and 3 are the biggest changes I want to see. I've just rebuilt my Dojo and want to decorate it, but the clunkiness of placing items is making me put it off.
  2. In regards to Arcane helmets, all I can say is, let sleeping dogs lie. They were 'removed' from the game for a good reason, DE did not want power to be tied to cosmetics. If they drip fed them back via Nightwave or whatever method we will just start getting complaints of how bad they are. Practically no-one uses them, and for good reason. If you can't temper your OCD then suck it up and start trading rivens/prime parts/mods etc to make the plat to buy them. At least DE made it possible for the OCD players to still get redundant useless items for their inventory that they will never look a
  3. Your forum rank has nothing to do with your MR. It is based on the amount of forum posts you have made.
  4. This has probably been suggested before, but, I would really love us to get a weapon smith so that we can swap parts about for our Zaws and Kit Guns. Maybe a room or Kiosk we can build for our Dojos or a room on a Relay or open world hub. For Zaws I would like to be able to change the grip and/or links, and on Kit Guns the grip and/or loader. This would really make fine tuning your weapon so so much more enjoyable. One can dream....
  5. I feel your pain. Still waiting on my first one :(
  6. There should be ways to make it easier for the victims to make a recovery from this. 1, If you spent the dirty plat on a Deluxe skin or something from their shop, you should be able to reverse that at least. 2. The item you sold in the first place for the dirty plat should be returned to you, though I imagine that becomes increasingly more difficult as time passes because the item may get traded to other players legitimately. 3. Give players a timeframe to make up the deficit in game.
  7. Don't take stuff like this to heart, just ignore them, they are idiots. If you say in chat 'Sorry, have to leave at 5 for a trade' most people will understand. And it was Hydron, which imo is the most boring way to level something up, so you were really doing them a favour ;)
  8. Wow! I would have walked away from the game, it's not worth $250. Each to their own though.
  9. Considering that Primary and Secondary weapons are lagging behind Melee in terms of damage output, I really don't see a problem allowing reload mods into the exilus slot.
  10. The fact he said 'I didn't want to carry you guys' tells me he knew exactly what he was doing. Report the leecher.
  11. Well you are meant to spend that time killing all the adds, i.e. don't melt the Orphix too fast.
  12. Problem I find with Glaives at the moment are mod slots, Considering you have maybe 1 flex slot on melee builds it is hard to justify fitting many of the Glaive specific mods. Maybe give glaives a couple of extra slots that only take glaive mods or revamp the current mods some so they crossover with some of the staple mods we use on melee builds.
  13. Next Tennocon maybe, or on their Anniversay? Who knows.
  14. Could be fun if they implemented a system like the old game Fire Fall. There you run around the map and use special hammer to whack the ground to scan for resource nodes. Once you have found a decent node for the resource you want you call in your excavator which you must defend while it does it's job. If the excavator gets destroyed, it's destroyed and you need to craft another one, but you had the ability to recall the excavator early if it was taking too much damage. A system like this could be quite fun for the open world maps and breathe some new life into them.
  15. They should change the rewards for the event for the players that already have them. Stuff like Kuva, Toroids, Rivens might get people interested.
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