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  1. I really hope this gets fixed soon, whoever's end it's on (DE or nvidia). Absolutely nothing I've tried has helped and Warframe is the only game this is happening to for me.
  2. Running on a Windows 10 laptop, GeForce GTX 960M GPU, intel i7-6700HQ CPU, 16 GB RAM. I play the game with medium settings in borderless fullscreen mode, and up until Friday's hotfix my game ran at a consistent 60 fps. However, since then I've had a significant FPS drop, it will now often vary from 40 to the low 50s, and in the plains and fortuna it will drop down to as low as 30- changing my settings does not help alleviate this whatsoever (even choosing the "low" preset in-game does absolutely nothing). Even when the game and 3rd-party programs like Rivatuner say that warframe is running at 60, the game is still very jittery and doesn't feel as smooth as it used to. I can only get the game to run smoothly if I play in fullscreen instead of borderless, but if I do that I get screen-tearing I can't get rid of no matter what settings I change (v-sync on or off in-game and in my nvidia control panel hasn't helped). Can this please be addressed soon? Been playing this game in borderless for multiple years with no issues and now the game just feels so sluggish.
  3. Having similar issues. After the latest hotfix my fps dropped by 10-20 despite my settings being the same. Tested out a bunch of different warframes and mission types- it's by far the worst in Fortuna and Plains. Hope they fix this soon.
  4. Game used to run at a consistent 60 fps but since this hotfix it's dropped down to 40-50, will barely go above fifty, and even then it's rare. None of my settings are any different- hope this gets fixed soon because I'd really like to avoid having to go through changing all of the settings to get the game to run well again.
  5. My username is S7ORM. I signed into the forums, but currently it shows that I'm logged in as MarshallLee67. Lets see who this post is attributed to.
  6. This past Friday, 2FA was enabled on my account, and I still have not received the Fae Path Ephemera. I think this might be because in order to get 2FA enabled, I needed to send a support ticket to change the e-mail on my account, as the one I was using had become inaccessible. DE updated my e-mail and enabled 2FA Friday morning, but now I'm thinking this probably didn't get me the ephemera since 2FA was not enabled the traditional/intended way (or w/e you want to call it), and might not have triggered the system to send the ephemera to my in-game inbox. Is this a common issue- has anyone else still not received their ephemera after enabling 2FA? Or should I just send a support ticket to see if they can give me one?
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