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  1. Thought yesterday’s stream was just for giveaways? Nothing should have been given to all players (besides maybe info on this Tennocon problem).
  2. I think this unvaulting was mostly for the switch players, as I don’t think they have had access to rhino prime up to this point. (I may be wrong, but that’s my best guess).
  3. While I may not be the best party to say this (got both, but have been left out on drops before). Warframe here did use a third party to help distribute the rewards (that being twitch, which kept track of the most important info for the drop, time watched). If you didn’t receive either rewards, then I’m assuming twitch screwed up for ya (or at least didn’t get the needed data). Could a compromise be made to fix this? Yes it could, but that will need time to see. At this point, I don’t trust twitch to make the drops, DE on the other hand, idk. They do a lot, and ya..they do mess up sometimes. But out of the last 5 years or so playing this is the biggest one I’ve seen, and tbh, hopefully they will fix it, for those now and the future. They do a pretty good job of fixing things in the past (Ash prime drops and black market play come to mind). For now, maybe they are trying to recover the needed data, who knows. Just gotta keep waiting. (Keep in mind, it took almost a week for the first script to be run, could take just as long to make another).
  4. My only guess is that twitch didn’t send the data to DE for your watch time. Idk about all the linking business or anything, but I have seen other companies have trouble with twitch watch time in the past (mainly Blizzard and Overwatch League).
  5. This, you gotta keep in mind folks, they can only work with the data twitch gave them from the stream, and the people reminding them what pieces they haven’t gotten. If enough people say they didn’t get both, hopefully they will run another script to help!
  6. A lot of people are mentioning how it seems unfair to those that got neither or just nekros in the thread. So maybe by Monday, or after Monday they will modify the script to give the items to them as well
  7. I’m glad to hear something is being done! Hopefully everyone that watched and isn’t included in the group mentioned keeps letting DE know so they can get it fixed as well
  8. just wanna leave this here, DE is going to fix the drop issue.
  9. Only thing I could think of is if your not an active viewer (which the mute might cause you to not be), is that it wouldn’t count as 30 min consecutively viewed, which was required.
  10. Thank you for this! I completely forgot about mixer, did they also do rewards through it as well?? Looking on last years fix, maybe they are figuring out something more to give out for the inconvenience, or have just ignored it for the time being. Either way, im curious to see how they deal with the drop issue this time (if its not already finished).
  11. Still, kinda curious on the time frame they took in that case as well. Its pretty much the same issue, so im wondering if they are done with trying at this point, or maybe (thinking crazy here) maybe thinking of a compensation deal thats better then just getting the frame.
  12. Most likely will put it on my Rhino Prime or Nidus. Love both of em, and really cant decided atm.
  13. I wasn't around during the Ash Prime drop of Tennocon past, how long did it take them to issue the frame back then? While I did get both drops, seems really weird a lot of people still haven't received them as of yet. Hopefully they will see how many still lack the drops tomorrow and do some form of compensation. (I did see the tweet where they mentioned all accounts should have the drops, but maybe with the amount of people still reporting they didn't they will give out the frame like they did with ash).
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