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  1. Has any progress been made on whatever is preventing the melee keys from being rebound? Since the drop of "quick melee quicker", melee channel has been force bound. Because of this, I have been unable to melee like i could before that update and have heard nothing since. Will it be like this until melee is done being reworked? Is a fix in the pipes?
  2. So, ostensibly the Zealots aren't beyond reason. That is, however, on the condition you have control of your frame when they attack. I was introduced into a Meso Exterminate with all 1110 of my Zephyr Prime's shields absent, and the poor Prisma Shade was in dire straights (just being leveled up). I managed to get out of the spawn room (It was the really compact Grineer Galleon spawn room /w 3 doors) and dispatch them, but I can see this posing problems for both other frames and potentially newer players. T2 isn't that bad, Assassins in the spawn room aren't (inherently) bad, but this zero-anoucement spawn that can potentially delete your frame is not on. Can these guys at least let us watch the intros to our mission? Even if we've seen it thousands of times.
  3. I routinely run "lower grade" Sigils. I tihnk I only run one frame with the Steel Meridian Champion Sigil, cause it's massive even after shrunk. It's all about the fashionframe, though you could stick one on your back at 100% transparency I suppose. I just find it fun to incorporate sigils on the chest. Doesn't affect my ability to max my cap on a whim.
  4. So I've slowly noticed a backlog of things I have no intention of using, but are permanently bloating my inventory. Most of it is leftover quest items (like the Pherilac Pods, Limbo Theorems, etc.), even though I've completed the quest. Perhaps I could be allowed to sell these off for some credits, if only to get rid of them? The other offender is Kubrow Eggs. I have my space dog, space cat, and space... thing. Given that I can technically have unlimited space pets, but really only want one of each (aka, what I already have), could I potentially sell off extra Kubrow Eggs for credits or Trade them? Maybe limit the trade to "has completed Howl of the Kubrow", though I'd rather you not since there's already a Starter Kit you can buy in the Market that would achieve the same thing. Having the option would be nice. I know they're tied to quests (like Howl of the Kubrow for Eggs, and Limbo Theorem), but once I've passed a certain point, I don't need 12+ Kubrow Eggs or leftover quest items. Mostly just a thought.
  5. Second the nerf. Was running a Neo Fissure just now with ZephyrP, Range+, Duration++, was standing inside an elevator with Turbulence going, heard the timer and thought to myself "ok, I may take some damage, but should be fine". I was very wrong. 1110ish shields and 400ish health was flat deleted. I don't know how to make the grenades bearable, though the idea of soft CC (NOT another knockdown or "you can do nothing for 5s") would be cool. Maybe a lightweight flashbang? Not the Bursa one, but say flash and you get a double or triple image "burn-in" for a second then fades?
  6. You can use my "Old Faithful" loadout or my Valkyr Prime loadout. If you haven't picked already.
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