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  1. "Hey! I may smell, but this hoodie was killer when I found it!" That is how the Greek woman responded to the accusations. Smell? Yes, they did smell, nice of someone to notice. Yes, it is spreading, it's one of the reasons they're even looking clothes. But this red hoodie was hand picked from a high end clothes shop! You could still see the designer mark... behind all the smudge, maybe... or did she tear it away along with the sleeves? Either way, the only flaw here is the unsanitary state it's in. Still... new clothes would be appreciated. But that doesn't mean she'll let herself get dragged away. So, instead of shaking herself free of the woman's grip, she merely disconnected the arm she was holding. That ought to give her a scare once she turns around. She also moved to walk behind her other side to add to the upcoming shock. With her other hand, she put her index finger before her mouth in a "shhh" gesture to Gabby. Man, this power is fun...
  2. "Geez, I sure hope not." Dino answered, chuckling at the thought. Silly question as it may be, the times are weird enough as is and she wouldn't be surprised were it to actually happen. But for now, she'd rather just wash off the dirt so the metallic-like surface can shine again. Of course, she caught a glance at the little one's blushing face and embarrassment antics. It took a lot of willpower not to ruffle her messy hair like she's the cutest little bugger in the world. She'ssocuteshe'ssocutegetagripshe'sadorable,you'rebetterthanthisresistthecute resistthecute...
  3. "Alright, I know enough about water installation to tell that's not how you earn your paycheck..." Dino studied the makeshift piping, checking if it really did work and hold. Surprisingly, it seems it does. Little droplets are dripping from what she could only assume was a showerhead, and there's no signs saying it's out of order, which a mall should obviously have plenty to spare. Clearly she wasn't expecting this. A shower seems very possible and welcome right now, though that would require new clothes as well. If it's not covered in sewage sludge, it's it's sweaty and old from weeks of survival. She'll need a change, and so will the kid if she wants to shower too. It'd be a good idea to get her away from those pipes too, she seems a little too entranced with them. Maybe a smile of her own will snap her out of it. "C'mon girl, let's find some new clothes first, then we can test these showers." Should the little girl comply, they'll both go back into the big area of the mall and look for something or someone who looks like they could provide clothing. If there's nothing in sight, she'll ask the first person she sees or passes by.
  4. "Alright, civilization. How good to see it hasn't fallen apart." Dino commented. She was looking all around the mall the moment they entered. Nice foundations, strong pillars, a decent construction. There's a reason people often hold out in shopping malls during a zombie apocalypse, in movies at least. It still looked damaged however, and considering it's use is no longer tue mass marketing and selling of products, some "renovation" could be of use. And she'd be more than happy to lend her hand with some reconstruction projects. Speaking of hands though... "This is a mall, I don't think anyone would build one with showers. Our best bet are the sinks in the restrooms." With that, she headed towards the women's restrooms, planning to wash her metallic hands if there even is any flowing water still. Rest and food came come after the smell won't get in the way of either anymore. She pulled her hood down, letting her short brown hair hang free.
  5. Fresh air. Oh sweet, clean, refreshing fresh air. One would think the more time you spend in that stench the more you get used to it. But not that literal sh¡tshow, that smelled up to the heavens and all the way back to hell. Suffocating on construction dust isn't as bad as this. Dino has never been this grateful for air, she could get high on it. In a way it was a good thing, kept away the thoughts of that rich scumbag surviving this epidemic. Where's the justice? Does god not care? It's ridiculous... Those thoughts dissipated yet again when they encountered more people, friendly people. Very tough looking guys, she could tell. It was after the introduction of their guide that she realized something. "Ah, that's right... I didn't introduce myself to any of you, have I?" she gestured to her companions "Dino Christo." When she heard Karl introduce himself, she internally cringed. In front of these guys... is he really that boastful, or does he have a deathwish?
  6. For the majority of the encounter, with everybody flooding the silent stranger with questions, Dino kept a bit of a lookout. The paths forward and back were dark, but looking their way would still give you a second more to react to whatever might crawl out. However, she wasn't that concerned. Her eyes were observing the better lit walls of the sever, observing the structural integrity. It's old, but appears to be competent work. Nothing short of a bombardment should should bring it down, at least in this part. But she's aware of the variety in architecture within Lasria, so this Saint's square might've just been a lucky one. Then the rich boy started talking again, and she turned to see him holding the tired shield girl, saying he's all better now. She frowned. "Great, and now we have a tired medic. How about some good news next time?" "Yeah yeah. C'mon everyone, I'd rather not have to punch those things again." That was a lie. She totally wants to punch them again. But she likes to exist, and that requires the thought process of a responsible adult. How annoying...
  7. The Archwing was a high tech device that not only allowed quick and fluent space traversal, but also supplied the user with anything necessary for surviving within the cold vacuum of space, including temperature regulation. Andrea was standing guard while Dov injected the payload, something they should've have had done ages ago. Things looked weird, was all this part of the plan? If they wanted the ship blown up they could've just put her on demolition duty instead... but now she gets the hear the absolute nothingness of space, and occasional chatter from her allies. If worst comes to worst, at least she already has a quick getaway option stuck to her back.
  8. One moment there still was noise, even if quiet, and the next it was absolute silence. Space is interesting, nobody can hear a gunshot, and scream, though that doesn't mean nothing's happening. Snaking along the ship's hull towards their next objective, Andrea must take care not to move to fast, or the tether might break. Though, after a while of this slower than optimal approach, she got bore again. "... screw it. Call Archwing." Only moments later, the space traversal equipment she had left at the entrance not too long ago has arrived, and she disconnected the magnetic tethering just in time for it to attach itself to the back of her warframe. Manual control was restored, and the Wisp user proceeded to the objective at much higher speeds now.
  9. While the others stood at attention, weary and careful of the newcomer, the sound of snickering emanated from behind them. The involuntary kind, which caused her to partially cover her mouth with her metallic hand in an effort to muffle it. That kid is beyond adorable and this is a bad moment to be gushing about it. Well, the attention is on her now, so she might as well add something to the situation. "Um, Greek is also an option." She said in her native language. Though there's little chance the stranger knows it, it's worth a shot. It also gives some new information to the people of her group, since her accent isn't that noticeable.
  10. He did... didn't he? ... ... this is gonna be sick. Even though her Warframe is lacking in the leg department, the magnetic tethering should still work. She doesn't even need to be in physical contact with the surface she wants to stick to, useful for not leaving traces behind during stealth missions. Not like Warframes leave any fingerprints anyway, only bullet holes and scratch marks. If there's anything left in the first place, of course. "This better get us extra hazard pay."
  11. Andrea had taken a moment to feel the blood drip, the bodies plummet, the air losing it's tension. A good slaying was just what she needed during this bore of a mission. But annoyingly, noticing the volt dash off she had to cut this moment short, running off after him. The Excalibur is somewhat at the back of her mind now, uncaring for whatever mess he got himself into. Until he's back, they're a two men squad now, meaning more targets for her.
  12. "Sure thing kid." Dino complied. After all, she knows his name now, might as well use it. Thanks to the light he produced she could watch her step now, though the sight of the sewage is almost as bad as the smell. She opted for looking at the walls and ceiling instead, checking the construction, trying to figure out how old this sewer system is. Lasria is a place of great historical value after all, the architects of old put more value into their craft than the corporations of today, especially that of that man... Suddenly, she froze. Aw crap... she did just swear in front of a kid, didn't she? Now this is a seriously awkward moment, even being called out by the kid. She's a sharp one though, she has to admit. "R-right... sorry. For, um, swearing." She said that, but if Karl were to look right now, he'd see her gaze, one that told quite clearly "I meant it though." And with the green, cracking hue of Cyriann's mutation, and her hood pulled over, it looked pretty menacing.
  13. Nothing down here... and nothing coming from above either. The really made it through, all of them. Even if it's just a small victory and they'll be chased again soon, they still gave those beasts a what for. Dino would've fistpumped in success, were it not for the smell hitting her nose. No problem, just use the mouth... oh lord this is so much worse than on-site toilets... Nothing else to do but push forward though. Like the redhead said, it's not over and too early to celebrate. It's very dark though... "Hey, electro boy... Cyriann? Can you make some light with your... electro stuff? Thanks." Dino tried to wave some of the stink off from her nose, to no effect. "Everyone okay? Oh, by the way, my name is Dino Christo. Just Dino will do." What an interesting collection of people they have. Maybe they should thank the hyenas for bringing them together. One guy sounded kinda French, the other two seemed like native Lasrians, like that name... wait a second... "... hold on... Zakharov? Karl fučking Zakharov? You've got to be kidding me..." she exhaled "Out of all the... ugh, we're gonna have a talk once we're out of this mess, rich boy." If she could still crack her knuckles, she would do so now for dramatic effect.
  14. Peh, only six? Hardly a warm up. Despite the long wait, Andrea sprung forward at a moment's notice, the lancers well unable to fight back as electricity is coursing through their veins. Two flopped over just from that already, it's almost funny. Still, this required speed and precision. Dagger in hand, she aimed for quick and vulnerable spots on the grineer to get a quick stab or slash in, mostly around the neck area. They can't scream with a throat full of blood. The face is also a good spot of unmasked, there's no screaming if there's no brain to give the command. A little too quick but it gets the job done. It was all done so quickly, one would just see a flurry of strikes as she danced inbetween them, electricity and blood spraying about, dirtying her frame with sprinkles of red.
  15. Now, isn't this inconvenient. Finally a patrol, but it seems to be too big to deal with quietly. She would've loved to just charge in with the element of surprise, it could work, but they'd require good coordination. But with these guys? They wouldn't be able to finish a puzzle together. And as she looked to the side, she would just be proven right as she sees no trace of one of her squadmates. He's more of a punk than she thought. But if he's gonna act without warning, so is she. To hell with that scanner, she thought as she opened the door to the room again and driving her dagger through the sensor, hoping to disable it and take refuge within the small space. And finally they decided to work together, or at least one did. It's better than nothing, so she agreed. Behind the transference stream, she grinned. She would get to land the killing blow on all of them. This might become the most exciting stealth mass execution ever. Dagger raised, prone and ready to lunge, she watches and waits for her mark. Silent she shall be, her feet don't even touch the ground after all.
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