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  1. titania is not getting vaulted. it's just her PA ending 🙂 Chroma Prime is getting vaulted.
  2. marking text basically anywhere would be an improvement .....
  3. if it is as was told on the devstream where they talked about it it should be: base mission level +100
  4. thx for adding that 🙂 didnt test it because they said it should not work. now i feel like i should test garuda's blood altar too lol
  5. First of all capping the heals at 500 over 5 seconds AND making them unstackable is rediculous and should either be changed to being a percentage based heal or made stackable. Secondly I have tested ALL the abilities and things that were mentioned to now be able to affect defense objectives and found that some just dont work the way they are supposed to going by the the patchnotes: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UStnR0X5hjVsIe8b2SFYdoRCXL7xG_KDAdFx_No9WpU/edit?usp=sharing EDIT: as mentioned by @zhellon below titanias thorns buff does work although it is supposed to not work. As you can see there are some inconsistencies and some abilities just straight up NEVER work (hydroids currative undertow augment) i'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt here and will not assume you just forgot to imprment this, but double checking would be nice next time....
  6. still? it was not doing any damage before. i was literally running RJ missions AW only because the RJ didnt do any damage what so ever
  7. I really don't. If anything he needs a rework.
  8. He's just lame... Literally the only thing ppl use him for is survive.
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