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  1. This mod resets the secura penta to the OG Penta status and crit values (10% for both). It's NOT adding BASE status chance (just +30 flat after all other mods)
  2. That'd be realy handy, i just recently wrote a parser for the website, still WIP. a website with the parsed info can be found here: http://www.lootframe.de
  3. the drop rate for oxium is 100% if you kill an oxium osprey...
  4. Heyo fellow Tenno's, I don't know if ya'll know the official warframe drop rate site but i for one do very well... anyways, after a while i got really sick of the damn ctrl+f thing to find the thing i wanted, so i created a little site of my own that's literally just a better searchbar than ctrl+f. See for you self: http://lootframe.de
  5. we dont want efficency to do something else we want efficency to do the one thing more often to have a higher chance to get the rare loot.
  6. I'd rather have built forma in there. The blueprints still take 24 hours to build...
  7. With a little scrambling and a few spaces you get: the dead have debts
  8. Nope you're not, the wiki is your best friend. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Yes they do, thats the point of a looter, the more enemies the more loot. You kinda are, because the enemies are supposed to do that too, if they don't you do, thats how this works. You'll get to the point where there is a way. Go to the market in your ship and buy the blueprints.
  9. That is intended i should still drain energy when you swap to primary or sidearm.
  10. I Tested allmost every planet-boss (except for ambulas for obvious time saving reasons) and i can tell you the Lt. Kril kinda breaks if you try it in the first phase but the last phase works just fine. I'm also pretty sure (again no tests to prove it yet) that the Orb Legs and body wont work bc you need to shoot them with your arch-gun. Didnt test Lephantis and Eidolon Limbs yet.
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