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  1. For real ^^ I'm done with all my focus, can i please not have the S#&$ty focus conversion orb spawning anymorw? 😧
  2. Everytime you switch off your melee weapon channeling get toggled off again and you have to toggle it on if you wich to channel every time you melee.
  3. With all due respect did you actually read and understand the patch notes?
  4. @(PS4)Black-Cat-Jinx The only thing i would add to that is to then give me the option to equip the thrown weapon not as a secondary, but as a granade. That would be an amazing compromise i find.
  5. @(XB1)GearsMatrix301 Ok, i listened to the exact words from the devstream again, and they said: "For launch and some time after launch these will be earnable only" so i guess my point is invalid. But i'm still missing a source of them saing "Granades will never be a thing".
  6. Any reasoning? They also said Ephemeras would be earnable only... and we all know what's in the current prime access.
  7. well those are not AoE explosives persé. And my point is they should be kinda like Borderlands granades (think outside the box) 🙂
  8. As soon as the exploiter came out and we played arround with those thermia canisters i thought to my self "wouldnt it be cool if warframe has granades" I mean it would kinda just be a new weapon class that has it's own slot (which probably is a lot of weight on the database). But aside from the basic damage-, crit-, and statusmods imagine being able to mod the radius and sticky-/slidy-ness. And while this would have room for realy creative new "weapons" and mechanics, how about making the whole thing modular! Who wouldnt like that?!
  9. there is no other way of obtaining dojo lab exclusive weapons other than buying them with platinum.
  10. Do enemies use the fish AI once they enter water? Because it kinda looks like it seeing as how dumb they wander arround.
  11. same here needed to restart the game
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