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  1. All of these are still not volt's speed / gauss' redline / wisp's haste mote but for parkour velocity. Those are arcanes and a mod, it cant be that hard to make a frame that can do that too can it? D:
  2. These are just 2 buff abilities I always seen my self wanting: A Buff ability that buffs the range of allied warframes (and perhaps other things aswell?) A Buff ability that gives a duration based buff to parcour velocity (seriously we have so many sprint speed increasing things but just titanias lame passive that gives extra bullet jump 😞 ) Feel free to add your ideas in the comments 🙂
  3. it appears this happens because it gets staggered by some damage aura (most likely equinox maim)
  4. ^^ title happened every run at least once so far. only the host can shoot thru the cyst and actually kill the thing... EDIT: this seems to happen due too any damag auras affecting the hemocyte at the moment it spawns
  5. Hemocyte doesnt exit the cyst 80% of the time.
  6. That's why I hate inaros 🙂
  7. so u want inaros to be even more tanky i see...
  8. 1st of: DUH! It never hasnt had any! 2nd: fix your formatting so ppl can actually read this on dark mode
  9. honestly i dont care about the others just gib me Exergis
  10. anyhow i also prefer radiation cuz basically every enemy in the game you'd want to have the advantage on is weak to it. 2nd best is prolly toxin cuz it's very flexible/versatile, meaning every elemental combo with toxin is something useful.
  11. being tanky enough for a tonkor or an ogris is hard even for an inaros but i guess with cautious shot + inaros you'd prolly survive yea
  12. that would affect the tonkor too but i think with either of those you're pretty dead if you shoot your self.
  13. i mean that wouldnt be bad either and already better than the riven reroll system we have these days lmao
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