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  1. This is a broader issue and shouldn't be an argument against my original proposal. The topic of hard daily caps can be discussed in other threads :)
  2. of course, like they do with all other one-time-rewards hat are currently available through simaris.
  3. Specifically these four mods can only be aquired ONCE right now and i think this is and oversight: Amalgam Shotgun Spazz Amalgam Serration Amalgam Barrel Deffusion Amalgam Organ Shatter I would really appreciate to see these in simaris' offerings to be able to have them on different ranks. :)
  4. TYPE: IN-GAME DESCRIPTION: Clients are unable to accept railjack missions once the first mission has been completed VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Start and complete one railjack mission, then pick the next one from the nav console in the railjack. EXPECTED RESULT: Clients should be able to both pick a mission themselves as well as accept or decline (i.e. vote on) any selected mission OBSERVED RESULT: Clients can select a mission themselved, but are unable to either except or deny any given mission vote. The deny button you see on the screenshot simply does nothing.
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